1. T

    Skip columns from a cell

    Hello, I am trying to jump columns in excel from a cell, could anyone help? I'm trying through For sub test () For i = 1 To 5 Cells (i) .Select Next i End Sub What I need is to start in cell A, then jump every 10 columns until it's over.
  2. C

    Using VBA code to prevent a button from making duplicate entries

    I am trying to crate an inventory tracking spreadsheet. I have made a button that moves entered information to another sheet. The button takes the information in cells A6:F:6 individually and applies the information entered to a list of parts on another page. The code I am using to do this is...
  3. L

    VBA to copy and paste pivot tables as pictures sometimes crops image

    I built a macro that copies portions of pivot tables and charts and then pastes these onto a tab as pictures one below the other. At the end of the macro the worksheet with all the pictures is copied to the clipboard and then is easily pasted into the body of an email to be sent out. The...
  4. B

    How to not require a sheet to be 'selected'

    Hi team, I've gotten into the habit of creating code like so, which requires the .select behaviour. Which is all well and good but I now want to not have to make tabs visible due to the limitations of my code. How would you suggest I get the same output, without the use of .select which...
  5. H

    Help With Error in VBA CODE

    Hey I got a weird Problem with my Code (Clean Sheets Cells) I have Picture on my sheets to press on and Macro Running as it should everything in the Code Works ok BUT BUT when the code is running from sheets 2 Clean Specific cells and then Jump on to sheets 1 and Clean specific cells as it...
  6. S

    Set Range as Variable

    I am trying to create a macro to enter a formula for the average of all the cells I have selected in the cell immediately below the selected range. I can not seem to find the correct syntax. Here is the code I have thus far. Sub Test()Dim x As Range, y As Range Set x = Selection With...
  7. P

    Remove .Select from Sort

    Hi, can anyone help? I want to remove .Select from the Sort to make things run more smoothly .Range("A2:K" & lRowA).Select .Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Sort.SortFields.Clear...
  8. D

    Offsetting cell without .select command

    Is there a way to offeset the cell selection without using .select? I have a macro that requires a lot of cell offsetting as it runs, but the .select commands are slowing things down to much. I've read a lot about ways to remove .select, but with all the copying and pasting this macro does I...
  9. T

    Why am I getting Error Message 1004?

    Hello Can anyone please tell what is wrong with my code. When I run this Sub CalcWriteMisc() everything works perfectly. Sub CalcWriteMisc() 'Calculates and writes misc. items to MiscItemsDB Dim ws2 As Worksheet: Set ws2 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("DataEntryItemsDB") Dim ws3 As...
  10. Z

    Need help on cleaning up this vba

    Hi this works for me fine. I know I shouldn't be using .Select and a lot of other stuff in here. I tried cleaning it up not using .select and active paste, but when I do so the code doesn't run the same. Some always gets placed wrong. I can definitely use a clean and efficient vba code here and...
  11. G

    HowTo optimise use of .select and reduce the 10 min that it takes to collate 600 tables into 1

    Dear friends, I have the following issue with a macro that collates near 600 tables (5x13) and paste them in different sheets in order. In other words, the macro builds a DB with hundreds of tables distributed in several sheets. Because it needs to copy and paste so many cells the macro became...
  12. J

    Select Cells using STEP in VBA

    Hello, I would like to select every other (or ever third/fourth) cell in a row using STEP (or a better method if there is one). Every other cell needs to be selected at the same time (similar to holding ctrl and clicking on multiple cells). My end goal is to create a line graph (without...
  13. epslugger

    ThisWorkbook.Select traits help

    Hi all, I am a self taught VB programmer that is new to this forum so bear with me if my question seems simple, but it should be easy to answer. I have been creating a macro in file called "converter.xlsm" that converts a database file (example: data.csv) to one that I can input into an assembly...
  14. P

    How do you optimize the process of gathering data; getting away from .Select

    Hi VBA people, I know that many advanced VBA users advocate getting away from using selects. It seems there are many work arounds. However, I have a project where a .select might be best. I would like to get the user community's feedback on how optimize and improve this process: ' Copy the...
  15. J

    VBA works in Windows XP, but not Windows 7

    I've recently received an upgraded computer at work. Yay! However, it's running Windows 7 and several of my applications are not working properly anymore. resultsSheet.Rows("11:" & maxrow).Select is the statement that fails. I need to select all of the data from row 11 down and create a...
  16. A

    Please help me remove unrequired .Select from my code

    Hi everyone, As I learn more, I am trying to streamline some pieces of code. I am currently working on .Select code. I have this extract of code: (let me know if I'm better off posting the whole code) Note: the red comments are ones I have added into the post...

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