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  1. Y

    Macro for - Selecting & copying multiple tabsheets to a new excel workbook

    Hello I need a code for selecting and copying specific multiple worksheets. For example if a workbook has 10 worksheets, I need to select 5 of them based on their name and copy the complete worksheets to a new workbook. Can anyone help plz?
  2. D

    Need VBA macro code to apply to all or select Worksheets at once

    Hi Everybody, Its killing me that I cannot find on the internet how to make a simple VBA coded macro apply to all or select sheets in a workbook. The following code works and I just want to be able to apply it to all or select worksheets: Sub Add_IFERROR_Activesheet() Dim myCell As Range...
  3. J

    Select Sheet Based on Cell Value

    Hello all, While I've been an avid browser for years, this is my first posting of a question to any forum ever. I normally google search my problem, as most problems have occured before, but I'm having trouble getting this one to work specifically. Any help would be appreciated. I'm creating a...
  4. JackDanIce

    Moving specific worksheets into a new workbook

    Hi, Probably a simple answer to this but seem to be struggling thinking of! I have a workbook with the following named worksheets: Balance Sheet Filter Original Data Remaining Filter1 Filter2 Static Data The number of 'Filter' worksheets varies depending on the existing macro's output. I...

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