1. T

    Selecting every picture in an active cells row

    Hello all! I'm new to this website and have been scouring some forums on here to try to get a VBA code to work that selects every photo, pictures, or shape that is in an active cell's row. What my code does so far is insert photos from the file explorer but I'm trying to keep those inserted...
  2. M

    Can you save a sort in a Custom View?

    Okay, I've sorted my sheet the want want to view something, and have saved it as a Custom View. When I remove all of the filters, and test the view by selecting it, everything works except for the sort. I'd like for it to sort from smallest (number) to biggest. Is this possible?
  3. K

    Error when selecting range of variable size.

    Hi- I haven't had much need to write VBA code in a few years, so I'm pretty sure this is straightforward. I'm trying to copy paste a range of variable size and am getting a '1004' error when selecting to the right. Basically, I have input data, and then output data which applies formulas to...
  4. L

    adding $ before a number vs selecting currency/accounting format

    Hi Is there any difference/problem if I add $ before a number manually, I mean I type $ then the number after vs selecting Number formatting-->currency or Accounting? Thank you.
  5. J

    VBA: Selecting Last Row only of first range of row data

    Hi, I'm probably being really stupid here but I have two different sets of data on the same worksheet. I know how to find the last row of data on the entire worksheet even with empty cells. I know how to find all rows of selected data for the first range, e.g. B2:B10 has data and B15:B20 has...
  6. G

    Filtering Missing Data

    Hello, When I apply a filter to this document I'm using, a lot of the data suddenly goes missing. I've got a lot of two digit codes that I'm sorting by and when I sort A to Z it only brings in the codes that are numbers and remains blank for all the other two digit codes that have letters...
  7. T

    Is there a way to find a lost chart object?

    I created a chart but can't find it. Is there a way to find charts? It just has a generic name like "Chart1", "Chart2" etc. I thought maybe the selection pane would help. On it i've tried selecting or double-clicking the objects that are listed, but nothing really happens when selecting an...
  8. mumps

    Macro slows down with each use

    I have a Worksheet_SelectionChange event that runs very quickly the first time it is triggered after the file is opened. Selecting a cell brings up a calendar and upon selecting a date in the calendar, some data is processed. Each successive time the macro is triggered, it slows down even...
  9. R

    Help Selecting Every Column Without Text

    Greetings ~ I have a sheet with records and the rest of the sheet (all the way out to column WXT) has some sort of formating so when I try to get a column count it brings back 16112 columns instead of the 64 with actual data My approach is to simply delete the cells in row 1 which lie...
  10. J

    vba regulate row height

    Hello, in a workbook it is possible to adjust the height of the rows only if clicked in the cells of column C / F / G not selecting the whole row? I hope I explained myself john
  11. P

    Selecting Second to Last Row in Table

    Is there a way to select the second to last row in a table utilizing VBA coding in a Word Document? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. M

    VBA to Refresh Data of PowerPoint Charts linked to Excel

    I have a PowerPoint with many slides that have charts linked to data in Excel. Periodically the excel data will be updated - instead of manually going through each slide, selecting each chart, and selecting "Refresh Data", I would like to create a macro that automatically refreshes the data for...
  13. M

    Remove Read Only Pop-Up Message when Opening a Worksheet

    I had password protection added to a workbook so other viewers could not make changes. I removed the protection and re-saved some of the worksheets. Although a password isn't required to open any of the re-saved worksheets, a pop-up appears on opening advising the user that selecting Yes will...
  14. T

    Selecting a preset format

    Hello, Working in Office 365 I am looking for how to format a table area in my worksheet without having to convert to a table. There used to be options that would allow you to pick preset formatting for your worksheet, but can't locate. I like a format in the Format as a Table, but don't want...
  15. P

    VBA error on selecting a whole column A1:A

    I was sent a workbook that had macros selecting columns of varying length. The debugger showed me it did not like the selection (A1:A) Once I changed it to (A1:A1000) far more cells than I'll ever populate, the macro works fine. The question is why does my Office 2016 not like it but many...
  16. 8

    I need a sort macro used to sort same fields in different range of data

    I have a data field between C8:j350, need to sort on C, then G, then I on different selected ranges when selecting fields between C and J any help will be appreciated
  17. M

    Range selection VBA

    Hi I'm trying to select a range in VBA (from cell A2 to M2 down to the bottom of the range of data), but the Sub is going to the bottom of column A instead of selecting the range. Can someone please clarify why? I used this code: Sub R1() Range("A2:m2").End(xlDown).Select End Sub
  18. G

    SUMIFS with Range Determined by Formula

    Hi, I want to use the SUMIFS function to add the values in $AS$1:$AS$2000 based on the criteria_range $A$1:$A$2000 and criterion in cell AZ1. Rather than selecting the sum_range and criteria_range directly (e.g. by typing in or selecting the range with the mouse) I would like to build these...
  19. L

    selecting rows

    Hi The code below sometime works and some other does not. Specially when I change worksheets(1) to worksheets(2) but anyway now it does not work and I have 2 sheets in this workbook. Thank you so much. Sub myrow() Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1).Rows(2).Select End Sub
  20. H

    Range is not selecting what I want

    Hi, I have a small problem with my range option. I am trying to run mycode and it has to format some precise cells. My code seems to be good but when I run it, instead of selecting the range that I want, my macro is selecting the whole sheets so it detroys what I did previously.. Could someone...

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