selection box

  1. Y

    Selecting Cells in a Column Based on Rows in Another Column

    Trying to make selection dynamic such that when number of rows increases or decreases the selection also gets according to it. Below is the example. What I want is: Want to select range C4:C8 as data in Column A starting from A3 is till A8. And in Table 2: Only C3 to be selected as in Column...
  2. M

    Macro to print different Worksheets in separate printjobs based on user selection

    I have a workbook with different worksheets. As these have different orientations you can't simply select and print them, as the page orientation is the same on all of them as on the first page. Now I would like to create a macro with which I can print the selected pages (which are not always...
  3. S

    VBA drop down / radio button / function to select ....

    So, I am looking for a something simple. I need to call a macro that displays a window with some options that I will pre-define, for me to select. The selection needs to be stored in a variable which I can then use later in the macro for other purposes. The issue I am having is that I can't...
  4. L

    VBA Selection Form Combo box to get list from Pivot table

    Hi all this may not be possible, I have searched threads but can't find my exact problem. I have a pivot table with 'year' and 'name'. I want to then use a selection form for a user to pick a year and name and then the pivot table will only show that data and then go on to run another macro...
  5. J

    Import specific Data from an Excel 2013 table, based on selected criteria

    Hi all. Question 1: I have an Excel Workbook that I use to record Health Assessments for a number of different companies, listed in a separate sheet in the same workbook. For each company, I then have quite a big number of employees. These are listed in a separate Excel file (all employees of...
  6. L

    Selection box via a Macro.

    Is there a way to display a selection box of available tabs that fit certain criteria to the user? I have a workbook that has up to 12 tabs. Most of which are data tabs extracted from a database that is used to populate the "Template" tab. I want to display a list of Template tabs in this book...
  7. J

    Drop down lists

    I am trying to create a form for my office. In the form I need to create a drop down list with all of my co-works names. I am using Excel 2004 and I do not want to have a source for this list, just the list with the names. Is there a way to create this list without having to validate the cell...

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