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    If then statement failing

    Hello all, I'm having an issue getting an IF then statement to work within VBA. I'm trying to have my spreadsheet format a text to columns if A2 is blank. (meaning if it hasn't been text to columns already) I've tried a number of different formulas. It's not skipping if A2 has data and redoing...
  2. D

    With ActiveSheet.AutoFilter.Range delete question

    I have filtered only the "lasts month" cell in Col 10. How do I get about delete everything that isn't visible, keeping data that is on the screen Sub test() Columns("J:J").Select Selection.TextToColumns Destination:=Range("J1"), DataType:=xlDelimited, _...
  3. D

    Convert Text to Number

    Hi, I've spent nearly a day on trying to find a solution to my problem. I've created a data entry form which goes into an excel sheet, one of the columns is in £ and obviously the value that is entered ends up being text instead of the required format, Accounting. I've tried code relating to...
  4. L

    Text To Column VBA

    Hi, I need to input some data into Excel, the first column of the table can have leading zeros which I need to keep so I have to paste as text. I can then manually data > text to columns to spread it into it's seperate fields which works absolutely fine. I tried to see what record macro would...
  5. E

    How to shorten this code using loop?

    i have this format 08:4516:45 where both the time in and time out of an employee is inside a cell (no space) . I want to split them using column to text where only 08:45 is seen. And since i dont really know how vba works, i always use record macro that gave me the code below. The problem is...
  6. N

    Issue with macro, the columns are not sort

    Hi Guys, I just came to this forum out of millions of Excel forums, I'm quite new with VBA because I dont use that much. Well , here is my issue. I have a macro which is reading angles degrees from 0 to 360 , increment 15 degrees. The macro is reading well the file but somehow is given me...
  7. R

    Bug in Text to columns.

    Hi, I have automated a small part for "Text to columns" but recently i have noticed after doing the text to columns it is reflecting in a some other format eg. Correct data - 18110274E9 AFTER AUTOMATED - 1.181E+16. :confused::confused::confused: Please can someone help me on this.. if it is...

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