1. B

    Error 438 Object does not support ”with VBA-Selenium

    0 <button class="js-vote-down-btn grid--cell s-btn s-btn__unset c-pointer" title="This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful" aria-pressed="false" aria-label="down vote" data-selected-classes="fc-theme-primary" style="margin: 2px; box-sizing: inherit; font...
  2. G

    Is Selenium worth using?

    I spent a while trying to find out if there is an up-to-date version of the Selenium add-in, but haven't had much luck. It's an add-in that allows VBA to manipulate Chrome and Firefox as object models just like IE. This would be tremendously useful since IE is not able to navigate some...
  3. R

    Usage of a table class in selenium for VBA

    Hello I have stumbled upon a strange class called "Table" inside the selenium for VBA. Does anyone know the usage ? I tried many different ways to pass somehow the values ,objects or table element from HTML without any luck. Even reading through the C# source code doesnt reveal any clues...
  4. S

    Using Excel VBA to perform repetitive web browsing tasks...

    I would like to write a macro to go to an internal company website to download data and import it into my spreadsheet. The website requires me to login and do a series of mouse clicks to download the data as excel spreadsheets, for which I already have developed a macro to merge these...
  5. Nelson78

    Selenium type library not found

    Hello. I'm triyng to use Excel connected with Firefox. I've already downloaded Selenium Ide 2.9.1, but I can't find the library (ALT+F11, Tools and then References). I use Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Firefox 46.0 Any ideas? Thank's.
  6. B

    VBA Selenium

    I am unable to find the proper syntax for passing an argument to a JavaScript function in Excel using the Selenium VBA wrapper. What I show below works with VB.NET, but does not work with VBA. driver.ExecuteScript ("document.getElementById('ctl00_Content_lblSepID').innerHTML = (arguments[0]);"...

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