separate data in cell

  1. S

    How to break a part lots of data in one cell into many and look pretty

    So I have huge file of test data for a students from a program. The file has one column that has all of the most important data I need per student: <tbody> User_Meta <tbody>...
  2. B

    Macro for moving data

    Hello All, Let me start by saying I tried to search the forums for this but I know excel but not all the lingo associated with it. Up until now I just used excel for the basic, now with my new job I am using Vlookups and realize that we can use some macros for the day to day tedious stuff...
  3. O

    Lookup multiple values in a single cell (separated by commas) and then return the values to a single cell (also comma separated)

    <tbody> Purple! Pink! Gold! Nude! Orange! Yellow! Brown Ivory! Black! Green! Silver! Purple! Pink! Nude Purple! Pink! Gold! Nude! Orange! Yellow! Brown </tbody> Above are values & we have another sheet of categories. In categories there are numbers like below <tbody> Red 17 White 18...
  4. K

    Separate data in a cell to different cells

    I have a data set in below type in a column. How can I extract & put them into separate columns. <tbody> <tbody> Code:1+Name:Book+Size:200pg+Price:100+Vendor:Abooks </tbody><colgroup><col></colgroup> <strike></strike> <tbody> Code:2+Name:Pen+Size:Standard+Price:10+Vendor:Abooks...
  5. A

    Separate cell data ( based on color)?

    Hi, I have downloaded the data in the table, and it came with the percent numbers (in grey) stuck to the volume numbers (in black). I have 400 rows like this and need two columns - one for volume numbers and the other for percent numbers. Because I have various numbers of characters in each row...
  6. J

    Extract data from one cell into another, but FIND character is one of two choices

    <tbody> I'm trying to extract everything after the L or R (at the end) of the cell below into another cell. <tbody> Column D GL 480+32.2L32 GL 489+01.3L32.1 GL 2+00R32 GL 3+00R32.5 so that Column E will show L32 L32.1 R32 R32.5 </tbody><colgroup><col></colgroup>...
  7. U

    Data in cells separated by commas

    I have about 3,000 cells with data separated by commas that I need to extract. For example in a single cell I have the information: "Cell 1A" Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I need to extract this info from this cell so that the same row but in three cells (columns) "Cell 1A" Monday "Cell 1B"...
  8. M

    Parse APT, #, Suite from Address

    In Excel 2010 need to have the apt number removed from the address 1 and stored in address 2. EXAMPLE: "8562 WASHINGTON AVE # 8" needs to be separated into two cells. I'm using the function below but need to address "APT" and "Suite" also somehow...
  9. F

    Need A Macro that Will Remove Comas and place Data in multiple Cells

    I have a sheet of data with large amounts of information contained in just one cell. All of the numbers are separated by comas though, and I hoped to see if anyone could help me organize the data. I'm relativly new to Macros, so I was drawing a blank on what I should do. thanks.
  10. S

    separating addresses into separate fields

    <TABLE style="WIDTH: 329pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=438 x:str=""><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 329pt" width=438><TBODY><TR style="HEIGHT: 12.75pt" height=17><TD style="WIDTH: 329pt; HEIGHT: 12.75pt" class=xl63 height=17 width=438 align=left>I have a...
  11. S

    Separate text in a single cell into multiple columns - Writing a macro

    Hi All, I have a *.lis extension file opened in excel. The text is in a single cell and I wish to separate the information into separate columns. Part of the text is delimited by "|" but some isn't. It is a GL output which someone runs everyday, I wish to write a macro to separate the info...
  12. T

    How to separate a line of alternating Text/Numbers into Columns

    I have thousands of lines of data that are of the following form: Jackson, TN 9623 BCBS TN 98 UnitedHlthCare 2<o:p></o:p> Jacksonville, FL 3577 Aetna 47 BCBS FL 37<o:p></o:p> Knoxville, TN 3796 Cariten 44 John Deere 41<o:p></o:p> Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL 2165 UnitedHlthCare 31 Aetna 29...
  13. C

    How do I separate data into separate columns

    I have about 20000 entries on 1 line in this format <TABLE style="WIDTH: 203pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=270 border=0><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 203pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 9874" width=270><TBODY><TR style="HEIGHT: 12pt...
  14. J

    Taking data from a cell

    Hi there I have a cell that has a full address in it and I would like to separate it out into Name, Address1, Address2, City, Province, Postal COde and Contact name. Does anyone have a quick way to do this? THanx Melanie

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