1. M

    VBA List Separator

    Hello Everyone! I have a question about List Separator, so it is possible to change list separator via vba code? I know the decimal can be changed via vba, but I didn't found anything about list separator. Thank you for help!
  2. T

    VBA Excel - Saving .csv with semicolon as separator

    Hi everyone, I came across a problem with the task currently at hand: I need to save a file as .csv with a semicolon as separator. My Windows regional settings also have a semicolon as list separator. When I manually save the file as csv (or even manually save a macro generated .csv before...
  3. G

    Delete thousand separator

    I want to automatically delete the thousand separator in this value. Can someone pls. help me with a Excel formula? 1.500.00
  4. T

    UDF Request Concatenate(C1,D1) Placing D1 After a specific word if its in C1

    Input:C1 Mary went down the and hurt her head D1 hill Desired Output: Mary went down the hill and hurt her head Below is the best what I can describe the logic as: (If C1 contains "keyword") (Separator " ") concatenate [D1] as "[C1...Keyword][Separator][D1] [Rest of C1]" Below is the...
  5. B

    Combine 2 different number cells with thousands separator

    Hello, I want to combine 2 cells with numbers and keep the thousands separator. A1 = 1.500 B1 = 3.000 Result in C1 with =A1&" - "&B1: 1500 - 3000 I want the result look like this 1.500 - 3.000 Is this possible? Thank you.
  6. S

    Expected: List Separator or ) Error: SYNTAX

    Greetings, I am receiving an "expected: list separator or )" on the following line. C =, "A"): Cells(G, "A")).Rows.Count I am trying to set an integer variable for a range of cells defined by other integer variables. Where is the error?
  7. T

    Compile Error: Expected List Separator or ) when trying to get a range

    This is giving me an error Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A" & i&":B" & i).Cut Compile Error: Expected List Separator or ) please help
  8. L


    Can anyone explainto me what is wrong with this Formula. =SUMIFS(F760:F841,B760:B841,"A",I760:I841,"B",J760:J841,"C",K760:K841,"D") On a worksheet it works without issue. When I try it in VBA it gives the following error. Compile Error: Expected: List Separator or). The colon between F760 and...
  9. muhammad susanto

    Custom Number Format to Determine hundred, thousand, million and billion

    hi all... i'm looking for in Custom Number Format to determine number with separator hundred, thousand, million and billion in Indonesia Format.. mark dot (.) is not decimal but separator <b>Excel 2007</b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px...
  10. M

    Concatenate cells (non-adjacent) asking for separator

    I would like to be able to select different cells, like A4, B2, C1, E5 and have them concatenated in 1 cells whereby I am asked for separator to be used, like space, or comma, or semi-colon separated So, instead of manually adding " " each time in =CONCATENATE(A4, " ", B2, " ", C1, " ", E1)...
  11. B

    Format numbers

    Dears, How can I do the following "number formatting" using VBA: If I write, 118.25; the system will write 118.25 If I write, 18.25; (without the first 1) the system will write 118.25 If I write, 11825; (without the decimal separator) the system will write 118.25 If I write, 1825; (without...
  12. I

    Determine the number of search results upon using different sets of separators

    Dear, I would like some help on the formulation of a formula in Excel in order to compare the total number of search results upon using different sets of separator characters. As I have multiple columns with content, as in the example below, I thought it would be possible to Count the...
  13. P

    Change decimal separator format in a wokbook

    Hello! I'd like one of my workbooks to have a different decimal separator than usual. my system (spanis) uses "," as decimal separator, and "." as thousand separator. I'd like one of my workbooks to use the oposite, (the usual english format, ".2 as decimal and "," as thousands; but only this...
  14. poitbot

    Macro to use cell references and text to replace words in workbook

    Hello, I have data listed in a worksheet that contains text in the first column that needs to be replaced throughout the entire workbook. The data looks similar to this: Sun, $D$8#Home, $B$42#WWB, $B$3#Definitions Earth, $D$18#Summary, $B$3#Page 1, $B$42#Classroom Ball, $E$27#Home, $B$4#WWB...

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