1. B

    sequence with jump in specific month

    hi, In column B1 I have =sequence(1,36,1,1). This gives the months for 3 years. In B2 i have some date which starts at 10 and increases by 3. =sequence(1,36,10,3). great. But every year in month 9 i want to add additional 7 and then resume adding 3. So the first graph shows what I have...
  2. W

    SEQUENCE function in opposite order

    Hello all, The SEQUENCE function is new in Excel. It can be very useful, certainly when we use it as input in other functions. (MrExcel has a cheap e-book on the topic of the new dynamic array functions) Now my question: SEQUENCE generates a sequence of numbers row by row, and on every row...
  3. O

    Date look-up and dynamic fill numbers.

    My workbook contains an 'inputs tab' where i will have 3 inputs: "date", "amount" and "number of months." In my 'output tab' i have row 1 filled with all the month end dates. I.e Jan 31, 2020, Feb 28, 2020....etc I want to have a dynamic formula in row 2 that will match the "date" from...
  4. ibmy

    Identify which row or cell, the start of value 0 be the most appear in sequence.

    Hi, My interest value for the data is "0", zero. The value 0 must be the most appear in sequence. (sorry for my bad english) Example: ________| Column A Row 1 : 2 Row 2 : 0 <- Row 3 : 3 Row 4 : 0 <- Row 5 : 0 <- Row 6 : 0 <- Row 7 : 0 <- Row 8 : 4 Row 9 : 0 <- Row...
  5. N

    Mock Draft Accuracy Functions

    I need help figuring out what function to use in order to assess the accuracy of a mock draft based on a point system I found online. I created 2 sheets: Sheet 1= which contains the actual results of the upcoming NFL Draft (which I will update as picks are made) and Sheet 2= the predicted...
  6. DRSteele

    Function SEQUENCE is producing errors.

    The new Excel function SEQUENCE seems to be producing errors. I want a sequence of values from -50% to 50% with a 5 point step. Put this in a cell and evaluate it in Edit mode by pressing f9. =SEQUENCE(21,,-0.5,0.05) Not only is the 0 a wonky exponent, some of the other values near zero are...
  7. ibmy

    Most number repetitive/duplicate occurring in SEQUENCE

    Hi, Can someone help me, sorry for bad English since it is not my native language here. Ok, I want to find what number in column show "most repetitive/duplicate in SEQUENCE". Im dealing about 100 000 data in a single column. Here what i have tried: (1) I tried use the "most frequently...
  8. DRSteele

    Create a Dynamic Calendar with function SEQUENCE and some formatting

    Let’s create a dynamic calendar in Excel the quick and easy way. We can use the clever new Excel function SEQUENCE in Excel 365 Insider. Mr. Excel (Bill Jelen) sparked this idea with this video and I enhanced the concept so that all we need is a date to make the calendar matarialise in the...
  9. M

    PowerQuery > create a modulo sequence

    Hi I am trying to consolidate about 30 documents into this one master database with Power Query. When expanding all my tables, it seems like the Item column isn't populated for some of the documents. The Occupancy(%) column is organised in a sequence of 5 items for 3 KPIs. > I would like...
  10. P

    Pull the subsequent data for repeat values (Vlookup/Index - Macth)

    Hi, I have a large data set with more than 15k rows. in one file (Say: File A) there is an SKU and Bin Location for all rows. And in the new file that I'm now working (Say: File B) contains the SKU number and I require to pull the corresponding Bin location. The challenge is that in File A both...
  11. S

    Multiple Cell Check without VBA

    Hi, I have an hard time being able to figure out a solution to my issue and would like to see if anyone can help or has ideas of how this challenge can be resolved. I am trying to find a formula that is able to tell me if a cell has changed from a number to a text (horizontally) resulting in...
  12. DRSteele

    All Permutations of Three Variables

    In order to generate all the permutations for three variables, put the variables in an Excel Table (which is called Inventory here). You can add as many rows to the Table as desired and you can fill in all or just one of the rows for each variable. The exemplar here will spill down 60 rows, the...
  13. H

    Excel struggles to respond with certain formula

    I enter the number 45 into cell A1. A2 formula: A1+1 (Returns "46") A3 formula: A2+1 (Returns "47") A4 formula: A3+1 (Returns "48") I have this sequence for about 200 rows. I understand that you are able to just drag down to continue the sequence of consecutive numbers although this is in...
  14. A

    Add Sequence numbers Based on Dates

    I have one excel file where data is entered, and then transferred to another excel file with macros. On the second excel file I would like a macro that inputs a sequential number for each day in column A, and a sequential number for each week (or Month if week isn't possible) in column B. The...
  15. M

    Sequence Function

    I am not sure this forum is the right place to ask about this. I use Excel 2013 and have been looking for a downloadable add-in of the sequence function. Is there such an add-in? If so where can it be found?
  16. D

    Letter Sequence in Columns - AA AB AC AD AE etc

    Hi, I have the following formula in cell K1 =LEFT(ADDRESS(ROW($AA1),COLUMN($AA1)+(COLUMNS($K1:K1)-1),4),2) I need to copy & past this formula 6 rows to the right each time (i.e. Q1, W1, AC1 etc) And return the following sequence in the cells; K1 - AA Q1 - AB W1 - AC AC1 - AD The formula...
  17. A

    Conditional formatting based on several cell values

    Good day! I have dataset that looks like this (let's assume that "Name" is column A and "Sequence" is column B): <tbody> Name Sequence BUNNY 1 BUNNY 2 BUNNY 3 BUNNY 4 TIGER 1 TIGER 2 TIGER 3 TIGER - DOG 4 DOG 3 DOG 1 DOG 2 </tbody> I am in the need of a simple...
  18. S

    Determine Sequence

    I have a list of Invoices with a Date and Email Addresses from a sales database. I have counted the number of invoices per email address...but now I need to mark each invoice as "First / Second/Third, Fourth, Fifth Order .. basically what sequence.... I am trying to calculate the number of...
  19. R

    Find Max value, then subtract based on several conditions

    Hi All, I have the following data set: ID Sequence Type Time R0000039 0 Manual 03:11:45.014 R0000039 1 Manual 03:11:45.018 R0000039 2 Manual 03:11:45.441 R0000059 0 Manual 03:14:33.857...
  20. V

    Formula for autopopulating sequence numbers upon change in names

    This site has helped me in years past and am stumped again. I have a spreadsheet of many rows. Column A is list of names Joe SMith Joe Smith Jane Doe Jane Doe Jane Doe Rick Smith Rick SMih I want to be able in column B to put in a sequence number so that both Joe Smiths end up sequence 1...

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