1. E

    Lookup specific values that occur in sequence

    In a data set, I'm trying to identify a way to lookup the first instance of a transaction type and its corresponding date and the first instance of a second transaction type (and corresponding date) that occurs after the first transaction type. In the enclosed example (click on image), in the...
  2. B

    Impossible to make a recurring sequence of strings with skips?

    Hi, I've been trying to make a list in excel that looks somewhat like this. Week 1 ...... Week 2 ..... Week 2 ...... Week 3 .... Week 3 .... Week 4 .... Skip Week 1 Week 4 ..... Week 1 ..... Skip But I've run amuck every single time. It's hard because i'm trying...
  3. E

    Weird Sequence Bug ??

    I have seen a discussion in the forum dated 2021 about this weird behaviour (bug?) of the function Sequence: Sequence(Randbetween(1,50),1) gives a #Spill! Error in Excel 365 most of the time. Sequence(A1,1) when A1=Randbetween(1,50) also gives a #Spill! error most of the time. I was hoping that...
  4. ibmy

    Find Sequence Pattern ( + - ) in Data

    Hi Mr Excel, Before I give data sample, let me explain the sequence pattern in picture and the criteria. Criteria of Sequence Pattern : (1) Must at least starting with postive number, follow by negative number. ( + - ) (2) Keep assign "1" the cycle until 'invalid' happen ( + - + - + - +...
  5. N

    Sequence formula on every second row for Calendar type view

    Hi, is it possible to adjust the =SEQUENCE() formula so that only every second row is filled? I am trying to create a calendar within excel so that the dates automatically populate in the correct cell relevant to the day of the week. Picture attached. However the sequence formula spills...
  6. R

    Sequence Values In order but need to be Unique

    Data dump fills out cells. In Column P the data will give the start time of certain shifts. Column AG will have a sequence of numbers 1 to whatever the total number of start times there is that day. Column AF fills out after macro is run to copy and paste the start times. Column Q returns the...
  7. E

    Formula to apply sequential value - based on category and ordered by date

    Hello, I would appreciate your help with the formula or VBA code for the following function. In the 'Used/unused item number' column I need to apply a sequence of numbers. If the item in the 'Used/Unused' column is 'Used' the formula should by order of 'Date' apply the sequence from the...
  8. C

    Excel macro to sequential numbering base on initial and final number

    Hello all! I am new to programming in general, and I know very little of Excel VBA / macros. I need help inserting a sequential number from A6 to a dynamic number based on a previous number. Example: I have an initial number(B1) and a final number(B2), and finally, the amount between the...
  9. C

    Need Help Limiting the size of a Unique Filtered List, aka Combining UNIQUE, FILTER, and SEQUENCE(?) together?

    I have been successfully using this formula: =UNIQUE(FILTER(pp_tasks,(wbs_Hire=1))) with great success to apply an auto filter to a set of unique values. In a certain use case, this data set is still too large and I only want it to return the first 200 values. This formula: = INDEX(...
  10. B

    Finding values in Excel based on user input

    Hi, I have a problem that I could use some help solving. I have an Excel workbook that calculate prices. The workbook has about 250 different products. All products are priced based on measurements, both width and height. The user enters the product number, number of products, width and...
  11. M

    Filter that uses search text from a range or column

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to extract data from sheet1 into sheet2. One of the columns in sheet1 contains a personal identifier along with other text. On sheet2 I use a filter function to extract data from sheet 1 by referencing cells in sheet2 column (i) that lists the personal identifiers...
  12. L

    Formula for a Repeating Sequence

    Hello, My situation is, I have meter readings that come in daily and are ever growing. Equipment is serviced based on the meter readings and the type of service depends on a sequence. Presently this is all done manually. My question is, if I have a repeating sequence of 16 services spaced at...
  13. Saher Naji

    How to create a consecutive between 2 number in excel

    for example, I have 33 in cell A1, and 40 in cell B1, I want a formula in cell C1, to write an arithmetic sequence from 33 to 40 like this: 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40
  14. T

    Variable Sequences

    I am trying to make a formula where I can generate the following variable sequence depending on the value in A1. If A1 = 2 the formula would cycle between A1,A2,B1,B2,A1,A2,B1,B2, and so on, but if the A1 = 5 it would cycle between...
  15. J

    Filter formula to search on postcode or suburb

    Hello, I really need some help breaking down this formula please :) I currently have a document that I am working on where I have created a field that allows you to search for the relevant information below by entering in the postcode and the suburb. The screenshot below is a sample of the...
  16. M

    Count up a value and then reset

    Hi there, I am banging my head against a wall trying to have a formula that would instantly count from 1 to 100 and then reset infinitely. I assumed I could do 1 to 100 twice and then use the fill handle but that causes excel to assume I want 1-100, 1-100, 200-300, 1-100 etc Now...
  17. M

    Macros to generate sequential numbers based on value entered

    Hello, I have been tasked with using excel to create a macro to auto-populate and generate the next 100 numbers based on values entered, after this is generated I would also need the functionality to be able to hit print and the Sticker Printer Number Convention should be: eg: LP011000000000...
  18. ibmy

    Sequence of Up->Down->Up-> repeat until....

    Hi, Is this possible to detect this kind of sequence in 250k-750k row data. 1) Count start at least the sequence of up-down 2) Stop the count if next value is not in squence of, increasing(up)-decreasing(down)-increasing(up)-decreasing(down),.... , example: i- up-down->down ii-...
  19. E

    Formula to return sequence (e.g.: AA + 1 = AB; AZ + 6 = BF)

    Although this is similar to other resolved posts, I was unable to find one that matches my specific need. As the title states, I need to be able to specify a starting string, and increase the sequence by a specified number. For example: If starting string is AA and The number to increase by is...
  20. J

    VBA to add a sequence of Row numbers and to transpose the Column numbers into those rows

    I'm trying to create a row of numbers from an existing table and transpose the associated column numbers into the new sequence. There are over 300 rows in the existing table to convert. Thanks. Existing Table: 1000 100 100 50 75 55 1001 0 20 30 40 0 1002 30 40 0...

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