1. M

    Macros to generate sequential numbers based on value entered

    Hello, I have been tasked with using excel to create a macro to auto-populate and generate the next 100 numbers based on values entered, after this is generated I would also need the functionality to be able to hit print and the Sticker Printer Number Convention should be: eg: LP011000000000...
  2. ibmy

    Sequence of Up->Down->Up-> repeat until....

    Hi, Is this possible to detect this kind of sequence in 250k-750k row data. 1) Count start at least the sequence of up-down 2) Stop the count if next value is not in squence of, increasing(up)-decreasing(down)-increasing(up)-decreasing(down),.... , example: i- up-down->down ii-...
  3. E

    Formula to return sequence (e.g.: AA + 1 = AB; AZ + 6 = BF)

    Although this is similar to other resolved posts, I was unable to find one that matches my specific need. As the title states, I need to be able to specify a starting string, and increase the sequence by a specified number. For example: If starting string is AA and The number to increase by is...
  4. J

    VBA to add a sequence of Row numbers and to transpose the Column numbers into those rows

    I'm trying to create a row of numbers from an existing table and transpose the associated column numbers into the new sequence. There are over 300 rows in the existing table to convert. Thanks. Existing Table: 1000 100 100 50 75 55 1001 0 20 30 40 0 1002 30 40 0...
  5. Y

    using SEQUENCE to spill the content of a single cell over a range

    Setting Suppose I want to have the numbers from 1 to 10 generated in the range B1:B10. I can store N in A1 and type =SEQUENCE(A1) in B1. A dynamic array is generated that gets the job done. My problem I have an arbitrary computation in A2 that I want to copy 10 times in the range C1:C10. I...
  6. M

    Count when number moves to next full number

    10 years + Excel experience and consider myself to be 'advanced' but can't crack this one for the life of me! All help is greatly appreciated. See attached spreadsheet.... I have a cumulative tracker of 'packages sold' in row 54 and 55 (in green) In row 71 and 72 (in yellow), I would like to...
  7. Z

    Dynamic Arrary - Generate long table iterated through multiple columns using sequence

    Hi everyone, I'm so excited to join this group. I recently watched some videos on the dynamic array function in Excel and I think this is gonna change a lot of things. I'm looking forward to learn more from all of you. Here is my problem: As the pictures show, Table 1 is a simple...
  8. S

    How do I cause excel to skip number sequence using colour?

    I have an example I would like to make a reality with a formula for Column C. In Column B, I have used a formula to create a naming convention using Column A (check the formula bar in the picture above for reference). Column C is what my desired result should be at the end. I have just typed...
  9. B

    Dynamic Column Name Identifier Formula (USING MOST RECENT VERSION OF OFFICE 365)

    File: Dynamic Column Identifier Formula.xlsm I created this formula to dynamically return the column name based on the corresponding column number. That said, it works intermittently once you get to Column AA. I could understand if it was broken completely at Column AA and beyond, but I cannot...
  10. B

    sequence with jump in specific month

    hi, In column B1 I have =sequence(1,36,1,1). This gives the months for 3 years. In B2 i have some date which starts at 10 and increases by 3. =sequence(1,36,10,3). great. But every year in month 9 i want to add additional 7 and then resume adding 3. So the first graph shows what I have...
  11. W

    SEQUENCE function in opposite order

    Hello all, The SEQUENCE function is new in Excel. It can be very useful, certainly when we use it as input in other functions. (MrExcel has a cheap e-book on the topic of the new dynamic array functions) Now my question: SEQUENCE generates a sequence of numbers row by row, and on every row...
  12. O

    Date look-up and dynamic fill numbers.

    My workbook contains an 'inputs tab' where i will have 3 inputs: "date", "amount" and "number of months." In my 'output tab' i have row 1 filled with all the month end dates. I.e Jan 31, 2020, Feb 28, 2020....etc I want to have a dynamic formula in row 2 that will match the "date" from...
  13. ibmy

    Identify which row or cell, the start of value 0 be the most appear in sequence.

    Hi, My interest value for the data is "0", zero. The value 0 must be the most appear in sequence. (sorry for my bad english) Example: ________| Column A Row 1 : 2 Row 2 : 0 <- Row 3 : 3 Row 4 : 0 <- Row 5 : 0 <- Row 6 : 0 <- Row 7 : 0 <- Row 8 : 4 Row 9 : 0 <- Row...
  14. N

    Mock Draft Accuracy Functions

    I need help figuring out what function to use in order to assess the accuracy of a mock draft based on a point system I found online. I created 2 sheets: Sheet 1= which contains the actual results of the upcoming NFL Draft (which I will update as picks are made) and Sheet 2= the predicted...
  15. DRSteele

    Function SEQUENCE is producing errors.

    The new Excel function SEQUENCE seems to be producing errors. I want a sequence of values from -50% to 50% with a 5 point step. Put this in a cell and evaluate it in Edit mode by pressing f9. =SEQUENCE(21,,-0.5,0.05) Not only is the 0 a wonky exponent, some of the other values near zero are...
  16. ibmy

    Most number repetitive/duplicate occurring in SEQUENCE

    Hi, Can someone help me, sorry for bad English since it is not my native language here. Ok, I want to find what number in column show "most repetitive/duplicate in SEQUENCE". Im dealing about 100 000 data in a single column. Here what i have tried: (1) I tried use the "most frequently...
  17. DRSteele

    Create a Dynamic Calendar with function SEQUENCE and some formatting

    Let’s create a dynamic calendar in Excel the quick and easy way. We can use the clever new Excel function SEQUENCE in Excel 365 Insider. Mr. Excel (Bill Jelen) sparked this idea with this video and I enhanced the concept so that all we need is a date to make the calendar matarialise in the...
  18. M

    PowerQuery > create a modulo sequence

    Hi I am trying to consolidate about 30 documents into this one master database with Power Query. When expanding all my tables, it seems like the Item column isn't populated for some of the documents. The Occupancy(%) column is organised in a sequence of 5 items for 3 KPIs. > I would like...
  19. pvkvimalan

    Pull the subsequent data for repeat values (Vlookup/Index - Macth)

    Hi, I have a large data set with more than 15k rows. in one file (Say: File A) there is an SKU and Bin Location for all rows. And in the new file that I'm now working (Say: File B) contains the SKU number and I require to pull the corresponding Bin location. The challenge is that in File A both...
  20. S

    Multiple Cell Check without VBA

    Hi, I have an hard time being able to figure out a solution to my issue and would like to see if anyone can help or has ideas of how this challenge can be resolved. I am trying to find a formula that is able to tell me if a cell has changed from a number to a text (horizontally) resulting in...
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