1. A

    Formula To Increment Alphabetical Letters ?

    I use this to drag down alphabetical letters: =CHAR(CODE(A1)+1) It works, but only up to Z! What do I use to continue the sequence through to double letters like this: AA AB AC AD Thanks for your help!
  2. N

    Auto Assign Sequence Number on Entry

    Good morning. I am trying to find a way to automatically generate a sequence number when data is entered. I have to report out of a large spreadsheet which tracks tasks completed. The spreadsheet is used by a half dozen people from a shared location. They can be in and out of the...
  3. M

    VBA colour number of sequence with 3, 4 different colours

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> Require VBA which can colour number of sequence with 3, 4 different colours </SPAN></SPAN> 0 = no colour, all 1=single colour, rest 1+2, 1+2+3, 1+2+3+4, max sequence I got </SPAN></SPAN> 1 to 14 </SPAN></SPAN> Here is an example... </SPAN></SPAN> <b></b><table...
  4. DRSteele

    Loan Amortisation Scedule with new Spiller functions

    The revised calculation engine for Excel365 includes new functions that spill and allow for dynamic arrays. Using this new technology, it's easy to create a loan amortisation schedule that omits the need to create the correct number of rows or complex formulas to account for the correct number...
  5. T

    Referencing a cell adjacent to the first and last instance of a reference value: please help

    Hi, I'm trying to formula that returns a cell value from a column that's adjacent to the first and last instance of my reference cell. Here's a sample of the data: <tbody> Date Order # Sequence 3/15/2017 301330920000 20 12/13/2018 301358930000 10 12/13/2018 301358950000 10 1/9/2017...
  6. C

    Sequence a number only if another cell changes

    OK real simple one I just can't think how to do it... I have a column A which is where I want my numbering to count up Column B has company names In All the company names are In order but there are multiples of the same company name so: Abc Abc Abc Abc Def Def Ghi Ghi Ghi And so on...
  7. D

    UDF for sequence function

    can anyone come up with a replica for the sequence function for Excel 2016? not the type which spills over, but rather one you can use in 1 cell. Lets say MyCustomNumber = 4 for example, instead of doing =ROWS(INDIRECT("A1:A"&MyCustomNumber)) to generate ={1;2;3;4} when evaluating [F9] in...
  8. L

    "Name" and "Reports-to" Sequence Project

    Subject: Automate the reorganization of two columns based on the unique identifier "Name", and a corresponding "Reports-to" column. Version: Office 365 OS: Windows 10 Urgency: Low Examples Included So I have a project that I am trying to work on in my free time (but could use some help with) to...
  9. V

    Assigning sequence of numbers to visible cells only using VBA code (avoid hidden rows)

    Hello, I am having difficulty with assigning a specific sequence of numbers (seat numbers listed below) to specific records whilst keeping the order. For context, I have a running order of graduands and those known to be attending are marked as attending in column C as well as the row being...
  10. B

    VBA or Formula to autofill down

    I have a sheet that I need to autofill down from a cell value. So item A to repeat its name 40 times starting on sequence 1 than immediately after Item B 10 times and so forth. The order of Item A-D will change as well since sometimes I may want Item B first than Item A etc. Thanks for anyone...
  11. G

    Adding rows in between varying group sizes

    To set the scene: I have 800 or so products, each with a unique identifier. These products have associated notes on a system, each with a varying number of notes. These notes are managed on an Excel document. Therefore, on a spreadsheet, I have groups of products. Some are in groups of 2, some...
  12. T

    alphanumeric sequence ranges

    Hi all thanks in advance for answering. Is there a formula that will give a sequential code to a range of alphas and the sequence resets to 0001 when the alpha changes? I.E a customer code file would generate the following: ABCD0001 ABCD0002 ABCD0003 DEFG0001 HIJK0001 HIJK0002 HIJK0003...
  13. I

    Dynamic array formulas

    Hello to everyone. I saw these new features on microsoft office web sites. Are not available yet? I Use office 2016(365). FILTER function RANDARRAY function SEQUENCE function SINGLE function SORT function SORTBY function UNIQUE function
  14. J

    Function and collections

    Hello everyone. I am trying to create a function that runs smoothly. Currently i am using a bunch If/Then statements to return values (about fifty) . The tricky part is i need to return strings from numbers. For instance if the value is 1 return apple. The issue i am having is the keys are not...
  15. H

    Problem Using Filters to Show Item Rows that match Sequence Number of different type

    Hello Friends, first time posting here as I have a frustrating excel problem at work. It is so simplistic to explain that I couldn't find any similar problems on the search tools here, and I am sure the answer will be embarrassing to me. I have a example sheet to provide but it says I can't...
  16. A

    Extracting A Set Number Sequence From A String

    Hi guys I am trying to extract a set sequence of 12 numbers from various Ebay URL's. Here are a few working examples...
  17. M

    MISSING Alphanumeric Sequence

    Greets, I am trying to determine the easiest way to find a missing alphanumeric, alpha, or numeric sequence in a excel. I believe the functionality is already there in excel just not sure how to do it or where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Use Case: I am trying to find all the...
  18. L

    Formulas: Count If the same value & Sequence Order

    Good afternoon, May I please ask for your help with 3 formulas? Below is a tabwith sample data. The highlighted columns are the ones requiring the formulas. Unfortunately this seems to be beyond my excel knowledge Formula 1 (Cntl Cnt - column C): I would like to have formula to count lines...
  19. JazzSP8

    Look for a sequence of numbers and letters in a Cell value

    Hi All Scratching my head a bit with this one. I've code that loops through some cells and look for a certain sequence of letters and numbers and if found, copies it. The sequence used to just appear as the first 7 characters so I could just check for it there, however a recent change to...
  20. T

    How to save files in date order eg 1 Sep, 2 Sep without doing them individually

    Hi I'd be thankful for any help. I am wanting to write 01/9/2018 in cell A1 then save it as 01/09/2018. I then want to open a new spreadsheet and write 02/09/2018 in cell A1 and save it as 02/09/2018 Then 3rd Sept etc all the way down to 30 September. Etc Etc. At the moment, i am having to do...

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