sequentail numbers

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    Next number with text and leading 0's VBA

    Hi all, i have the following code which puts a sequential number in column P, which is fine. My question is how do i prefix this with the letters VOMH and then have leading 0's (zeros) in the column, ie VOHM0001, VOMH0002 and so on. Any help appreciated Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() If...
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    Sequentially Number copies of template worksheet

    Hello, I am using the following code to create multiple copies of a template, based on the "number of copies required" which is determined by a formula in cell D10 on the "Staffing Plan" worksheet. If D10 = 5, then it will make 5 copies. It then renames the worksheets to give me: Report 1 of...
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    How to number sequential items and put number all numbers into a cell with a delimeter

    Please help me write a vba that can create the data in the second column. Any help will be appreciated. There will be a large amount of tickets, and each individual may purchase as many tickets as they like... probably no more than a few hounded. <tbody> # of tickets ticket # 4 1,2;3;4 3...
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    HELP! Formulas assistance

    i have an excel formula below that i need to add a column to after each day of the week,. How do i write/adjust the formula to give me what i need...

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