1. M

    vba for filtering multiple series in chart

    Hi there, I have a chart in excel with 28 different series. I have a combo box with the 28 different selections and each selection would call a macro to filter the other 27 and display 1 only. Here is the code is have: Sub PairDrop_Change() Dim c As ControlFormat Set c =...
  2. T

    Check if series of values exist within a row array

    Hi forum! I don't believe I've posted on this before, however I've been stumped on this problem for a few days and any insight would be immensely appreciated :)! I have a 3 week moving attendance data set which I update/audit weekly. There's 2 conditions which I audit for: (a) if an employee...
  3. T

    VBA EXCEL 2016 - How to add labels to points in bubble chart automatically? multiple series, Names of values in cells.

    Hi guys So I have multiple series but for each point in the serie i want to have a different name. In excel i can select these names but after closing the file en re-opening again, i will have to "refresh" all the series before i can enter new point in a serie. my code so far but it keeps...
  4. B

    Formula Need Help- Creating a series with numbers and letters

    If cell D3 has number and Letter A26 in it. I need it to populate a list ( a series) in column A starting in A5 and go down 26 rows with the letter and number to be in it as shown A1,A2,A3 etc. all the way to number 26 (A26)
  5. S

    Serial Number Logic

    Hello, I am trying to have a serial number logic, as below:- <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Sr. No. Code 1 AB005 AB005 2 AB006 3 AB007 AB007 4 AB008 </tbody> Column 1 is Sr. No., Column 2 is Code Number. Now, I am need that Sr. no. should ignore while dragging, if...
  6. V

    Using msoTrue in VBA to change series marker visibility not working properly.

    <form action="" class="usertext warn-on-unload" id="form-t3_5h19fxqoc" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; font-size: small;">I have an Excel 2016 project I am working on and have need of a check box to...
  7. W

    Not your typical Exel graph Legend issue

    Hi, So I have a graph with a legend on the RHS. If I go to design - select data and hen arrange he order of the legend to the order I want via the arrow buttons, it is not in sync with the actual legend (only one graph). If I go to the graph and click the filter button that appears (top right...
  8. P

    Correlating data to multiple parent items

    I have a dataset with multiple layers where certain data points correlate to a single piece then that single piece correlates to multiple points. I am trying to flatten the data set so that all base items correlate to the final item in the total quantities. This is how the data is currently...
  9. S

    Plot 2 time series with different dates on the same graph in Excel 2016

    Hello, I need to plot on the same graph 2 time series (format is: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) that have different dates. These time series are coming from a measurement equipment in 2 separate locations and the time records are in the same 24 hours period (00:00 to 23:59), but different time stamps...
  10. M

    Create series/line for chart from array

    Hi all, I would like to add a horizontal line at a 'dynamic' (value taken at time of chart creation and then fixed) point. I would ideally prefer to not use a range, as this will mean i have a column with the same number repeated. I think a way around this is using arrays, but I have never used...
  11. K

    Macro help to hide series in chart

    I have created a stacked bar chart and now I am wanting to hide One of the series data points. The other data point I want to show. Here is my code, but it isn't working. When I run it, it doesn't give any errors either. Sub Test() ' ' Test Macro ' ' ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart...
  12. D

    Autofill an Alphanumeric series

    I am trying to fill a series so that it shows 001D 002D 003D 004D 005D and so on. I am having difficulty completing this with the alpha character at the end. any advice is greatly appreciated
  13. M

    Continuing INDIRECT dynamic series

    Hi all, I am trying to fill a series for an INDRECT formula that links to another worksheet. For example I have 2 Worksheets: 'Overview' and 'Staff Member'. The formula I'm using is: =INDIRECT("'"&$B$2&"'!a1") where B2 contains 'Staff Member' and a1 the information in the cell on the Staff...
  14. N

    Copy/Paste a Column X number of Times

    The question seems simple but I cant find an answer. Using a macro, I need to copy and paste a column X number of times to the right on the same sheet. X is given by cell A1 on Sheet 2. The rows in the column will probably vary each time I import data. I'm using excel 2013. I cant write this...
  15. C

    If Statements and Charts with Data Series

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet, that has a graph chart. There is two sets of data within it, with 2 data sources. Within the Select Data Source, I have the two Legend Entries (Series) listed, which I want to be dynamic the Horizontal (Category) Axis Label will be static, as the data here is the...
  16. M

    Automatically update charts whenever I add additional data?

    After I add more data to my table I have to edit my chart's series's cell ranges to refer to more cells. I know I can insert some blank rows inside my data range but that makes the table look out of order. Is there a better way to do this?
  17. L

    Adding total to line graph series.

    Hi All, I want to add a total to a line graph. Is there a way i can total all of the values? Some charts might have multiple series. Any help appreciated. Lewis
  18. T

    Combine series of data from different excel files

    Hello all :biggrin: Is there any chance of combining different data on a chart? I have this series: =SERIES([sample.xlsx]Assid.!$B$33;[sample.xlsx]Assid.!$C$3:$Q$3;[sample.xlsx]Assid.!$C$33:$Q$33;1) I am calling the series from a different file and all I wanna do now is to combine more data...
  19. A

    Chart SeriesCollection error when selecting X ranges in a loop

    Hi everybody, I met a problem when creating multiple series in one chart using a macro. All the series have the same range for X axis but different range for Y axis. The number of series is a variable, and I tried to define the X and Y axis ranges for each series respectively using a loop...
  20. F

    How to find if a number lies between 2 numbers within a table

    Hello - I am attempting to review postage rates on two carriers and they make it exceedingly difficult to compare apples to apples. A solution to this will help me determine which zip codes fall into shipping 'zones'. I am having trouble finding a solution to the following: Value: 465 Find...

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