1. A

    Copy workbook sheet to a network located workbook then rename page to todays date

    i am trying to copy a worksheet from a workbook that connects to an oracle database and then paste that sheet in to a network located workbook then name that sheet to todpays date. i am getting an error and when i hit debug it gos to the activesheet shapes line. i will be summoning this with a...
  2. S

    Scheduling Possibilities?

    Hello, I have Power BI Pro installed as part of our E5 license and I am trying to evaluate it in thoughts of using it instead of our current IBM Cognos setup (that we pay extra for) fo rquerying our SQL server tables... However, the one concern I have that I do not think Power BI can do - but...
  3. S

    Need a Power bi Dax function to giving missing data in related table

    Hi All, I HAVE 2 tables. Table 1: CMDB Table 2: CPUutilization report Table 1 is static report with list of unique Server name Table 2 consist of data for entire month with date, Server name and it's Avg utilisation % for each day. The issue is Table 2 will have some Servers missing on daily...
  4. J

    Finding Excel files with external links

    All, My administrative department has a bunch of Excel files with links to other Excel files in a variety of network folders. They want (need) to move the files to a new server. I'm thinking that if they move to the new server, all of the links will be severed and they'll need to re-link them...
  5. M

    Access Split Database Issue

    I have a Front_DB_A with a table called RS and another Front_DB_B with a table called RS_Hist, both are split databases and have tables linked to the Front_DB_A database. My dilemma until we can move it to SQL Server which we are waiting on is that I have a run a query that will combine both...
  6. bythecshore

    Can't use Excel - "There was a problem connecting to the server" error.

    I'm away from my office traveling, and trying to get some work done. Unfortunately, every time I open Excel I immediately get an error box that pops up saying, "There was a problem connecting to the server xxx," with xxx being the name of a server I sometimes connect to when I'm in the office to...
  7. O

    Too many formulas, need a VBA solution for COUNTIFS

    I have a data feed that contains roughly 3500 rows. Columns are servername, OS, and multiple columns of software names. The data contains the version of software installed on each server. For example as below: <tbody> Servername OS Software1 Software2 Software3 server1 Windows Server 2008...
  8. M

    Comment column with updated or inserted

    Hi All, I have a excel sheet with the connectivity with the sql server. I use this sheet to insert,Update, delete data from the sql server. Now I'm trying to add a column in this which says if the row was inserted or updated in the database. Can anybody please guide me ho to do this? Thankyou
  9. M

    Changing Connection via VBA (Loop through queries)

    Hi I've never really played around with Power Query before. I've written a large number of queries and someone very helpful has gone and moved the database to a different server. I would normally think that you would declare an object variable (let's call it qry) and then run a loop something...
  10. nikio8

    Delete server connections from excel

    Hi all, recently there seems to be a problem in excel where it constantly crashes. I am trying to make it as simple as possible with as few features as possible. The spreadsheet has few "workbook connections" to a local server. When I open data / connections/ they are there, but there does not...
  11. M

    Return multiple cell if lookup matches a string

    Hi, I've been searching for 3 days now for the below requirement but couldn't find an answer. i tried combining multiple VLOOKUP formulas but no luck. i have big data below that is used to forecast when a server will reach memory consumption of 70% B1 to IC1 list of Server names. A2 to A330...
  12. N

    Automate Export Data from Excel to SQL

    I am trying to export (and automate) a VBA excel file to SQL . So I tried to configure an Excel data source as a linked server But I got the following issue: Failed to retrieve data for this request. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: An exception occurred...
  13. J

    Query linked SQL Server from Excel VBA?

    We have a set of Excel files that query a SQL Server database. They were all created from a template and all use the same connection string. Now that server is being decommissioned and the new server will follow a different naming convention, so the server name will change. The problem is that...
  14. J

    Insert # into SQL server text datatype

    Hello, There is a ID or identification field that has either text or number. I want to insert this data into a char or varchar data type in SQL server. How do I do it in VBA, can I convert the number into text and insert. And how do I insert blanks into a number data type ? Please advise
  15. C

    IP Scheme Excel Sheet

    The company i support has standardized IP schemes, IE the server for each site always ends in the same octet, workstation 1 for each site ends in the same and so on, what id would like to create is a sheet where a user can put in the ip for the server and it figures all the other IPS out, so say...
  16. G

    Find string in cell

    I know this should be simple, but for some reason it's not working for me. I'm trying to locate in a cell the following phrase "5. IS THIS A COMPLIANCE SERVER, IF YES ICD MUST BE PROVIDED:" in a cell that looks like this: PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING, ONE SERVER PER TICKET PLEASE. 1...
  17. D

    Find matching row in Column based on value in another column

    Good Day, I am having a bit of trouble finding a solution to this one and I think that my main problem is that I don't know exactly what to search for. I’m sure that this question has been answered previously but I can’t see to find it after searching. My issue is this: I have a...
  18. azizrasul

    Deleting a SQL server table

    Does anyone have any VBA code that deletes a SQL server table?
  19. K

    COUNTIF ignoring certain text

    Hello, I have the following COUNTIF that works well, but recently realized it's not useful given there are duplicates, thus throwing off my numbers. =COUNTIF($A$1:$X$145, "*"&A213&"*") I have a table of text spanning from A1 through X145 of server names. Given the server, the exact name could...
  20. V

    Winsock library on Windows 10

    Hi I'm trying to build a solution in excel that will enable 2 excel workbooks on 2 different computer to chat with each other. I have download this solution from a blogg and it needs winsck.ock (WinsockLib) to be chosen under Tool/References. Unfortunately, I get an error when trying to call...

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