1. S

    Trouble with copy-append in Excel macro

    Hi - hopefully this is the right place to ask this. I'm working on coding a macro in Excel that will access IBM Personal Communications, cycle through 15-20 different screens, copy-append each screen, and then paste them all in Excel. I originally coded the macro in PCOM (version 13.0 if...
  2. D

    VBA Code, copy same data multiple times based on user input

    I am building a workbook to track training sessions. One worksheet will have fields to be completed for each training session. Some of the data would need to be copied into a log multiple times based on a couple of different factors: how many different documents were used in the training and how...
  3. S

    Have a Yes/No show up based on table data

    Morning all! Was working on an excel spreadsheet and could use your help please! Based on the table below, is there a function I could use to populate another cell with either "Yes" or "No" depending on the table's data? More specifically I have two separate sheets that are populated with...
  4. R

    Count unique values based on multiple conditions

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to count unique values in column C (session) based on 3 conditions. <tbody> Name Course Session Status Date John Writing Skills Writing Skills - May 9 Completed 09/05/2018 Kelly Writing Skills Writing Skills - May 9 Completed 09/05/2018 Steve...
  5. S

    Multiple look up in excel

    Dear All I am not a massively experienced excel user and i am struggling to do a multiple look up and return in excel. I have read some posts but have got myself completely confused - apologies for my lack of experience and understanding! I have a list of people that are assigned to sessions...
  6. P

    Connecting to Bluezone v7.1 with VBA

    Currently use BZ v6.1 web so the connection I use is the code to connect and interact with BZ Set host = CreateObject("BZWhll.WhllObj") h = 1 '== SET SESSION NUMBER '=== CHECK WHICH SESSION IS AVAILABLE ============ host.OpenSession 0, h, "S:\BlueZone\test.zmd", 10, 1 host.waitready...
  7. S

    VBA - Embed web browser and access session?

    I've got a web page that I can send a generated URL and the page returns some XML that I then parse and insert into my spreadsheet. All of the URL creation and XML parsing works but there's a problem with trying to run this in the real world. The website requires that the user is logged in in...
  8. Ramballah

    Not looping

    Hello all, Can someone please tell me why my code is not looping? It should be looping normally but it's not. Sub AddCorrectRanges() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Dim rng1 As Range Dim rng2 As Range Dim rng3 As Range Dim...
  9. S

    Randomizing groups with no repeats

    Hi there, I'm trying to randomize the forms we use for study participants for two different sessions without repeats. Specifically, at session #1 , participants are randomized to receive Form A, Form B, or Form C of the same measure. For session #2 , we want to randomize what form version...
  10. U

    Replacing lowest score that is at least 70

    Say I have 4 quizzes, and there is an optional Review Session. Student gets either 100 or 0 for attending/not attending the review session. If student attends the review, their lowest quiz scores will be replaced by 100, provided the quiz to be replaced is at least 70. Please note that there...
  11. S

    Date Error Checking

    I am implementing some error checking in a form and want to ensure that the user cannot put in dates that are in the future or where Session Date is before's my code: If CDate(SessionBox.Value) > Format(Date$, "dd/mm/yyyy") ThenMsgBox "Session Date cannot be in the future, please...
  12. O

    Finding Total Duration Based on Multiple Criteria

    Hello all, and Thank You in advance! A sample data set is below. I'm trying to write a formula that tells me the total session length for any given date. In the data set below, the output I'm looking for would be 5:17 (3:04 + 2:13). There are only two sessions, one from 8:29 to 11:33 and the...
  13. M

    Access to Excel

    How can I tell when an excel file was opened and closed and the session time?
  14. N

    IF Formulas that can return same value

    Is there a way to create an IF statement that will locate a cell and if they find text to return something particular or keep the current value? My IF statements are rusty. EXAMPLE: ColumnA ColumnB Description Contact Type Travel A Session...
  15. J

    Retrieving and transposing time data in a separate worksheet

    Hello! Currently, I have a set of raw data that has a time-stamp for each question, each session and for each individual. For example: <tbody> Subject Session Question Time 1 1a 1 08:59:22 2 1a 1 09:00:13 1 1a 2 09:01:58 2 1a 2 09:01:33 1 1b 1 08:33:24 2 1b 1 08:31:22 </tbody>...
  16. M

    Search for multiple text strings and return abbreviations if present

    In column B, the following options are available: <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>Session 1: Sunday July 1st – Friday July 6th, Session 2: Sunday July 8th – Friday July 13th, Session 3: Sunday July 15th – Friday July 20th...
  17. M

    Can I do this in a Pivot Table

    I've tried using a pivot table for the following but I can't seem to get it to work. Basically my raw data has 500 names (I've just shown a sample below), a year group against each name and an activity against 3 different sessions. I want to be able to summarise the data as shown below (so...
  18. T

    Power BI - How to Average a Sum

    Please help. I am working in Power BI. My primary data table has a variable called "Distance" which is recorded within three levels: "Session", "Athlete" and "Drill". In other words, within each Training Session, multiple Athletes participate in multiple drills, all of which have an...
  19. L

    formula in one file and data in another file.

    Hi I want to write a formula =sum() and select cells from different file as an argument to this function. Lets say I have the formula in a file called ABC.xlsx and the data in another file called XYZ.xlsx. I noticed that to do that I need to open both file in the same excel session (program)...
  20. D

    Adding rown from sheet to sheet

    Hello guys i have attached images of the file that i have: Main sheet: Data Sheet: I am collecting information from 12 departments and i need to collate them all into one sheet. Each department has it's own tab where...

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