1. J

    Set Focus on last entry in Listbox

    Hi everyone, I am wanting to set focus on the last entry in my listbox, after I have added to the database. Currently my listbox only displays when an entry has been made. The listbox shows the complete database which is fine, but I am wanting to set focus on the lastline as this is the...
  2. albertc30

    setfocus function not working...

    Hello you all, good people. It has been a few years last time I have been around. I have been dwelling with the code bellow and the setfocus function is driving me nuts, as it's not working. Instead, the cursor is moving to the next field in the form. What am I doing wrong please...
  3. D

    SetFocus to newly visible TextBox

    I have a UserForm with the first TextBox that if any text is entered then two new textbooks become visible. The problem is that I cannot get the Focus to move to the first of these just visible Textboxes. I have tried many things but unsuccessfully. Any help or ideas would be welcomed. My...
  4. W

    Disable SetFocus on ListBox

    Hi, I have a long ListBox and I have to scroll the UserForm to get to the bottom of the ListBox. Problem is that when I scroll down the focus is moved to scrollbar and when I click the bottom value on the ListBox the focus moves onto the ListBox and scrolls all the way up again. I would very...
  5. B

    Preventing incorrect data entry

    I need to prevent users from entering incorrect values. Everything works except SetFocus. Any suggestions? Private Sub TextBox2_AfterUpdate() CheckBox3.Value = True If (Me.TextBox2.Value) <= (Me.TextBox1.Value) Then MsgBox "Value Cannot Be Less Than 1st Flight", vbCritical TextBox2.Value =...
  6. M

    Adding File Path to Hyperlink textbox

    Hello, I have the below code that will open the insert hyperlink box. Is there a way to add the file path location once the insert hyperlink box opens? code: Private Sub cmdLink_Click() 'SetFocus to hyperlink field Me.txtHyperlink.SetFocus 'Run command to edit hyperlink...
  7. E

    SetFocus causes intermittent error

    This appears to be very strange I have a line in code which reads NewPassword1TextBox.SetFocus It was working just fine, now it causes an error If in Debug, I delete SetFocus press Ctrl+space and repeat SetFocus, the line continues without error and sets the focus correctly. When I run the...
  8. N

    Userform Textbox Focus

    Hi everyone, I am making a simple userform with a couple text boxes and 2 buttons. I am having a terrible time setting up the userform to set the focus of the cursor to my textbox after pressing enter - I want the focus set to this textbox every single time I press enter. This is my code, my...
  9. T

    Set Focus to Particular Cell

    Hello Friends. If i enter data from A1-A5 when i Press enter in A5 how to set focus to B1?. Kindly let me know all possible way's Thanks in Advance With Regards
  10. TitusandNero

    VBA userform number generator defaulting to wrong spreadsheet need help setting focus please?

    Hi again, (operating on Excel 2007) You guys have been terrific but I come to you yet again with another glitch in my database. I started as a newbie and from learning on here and watching youtube vids. I've managed to create a multipage userform that populates an excel sheet re-named 'Data'...
  11. P

    How could I stay my focus on certain Userfrom textbox , don't follow Enter key jump to another botton

    :confused: Suppose I have a Userfrom GUI , there are 3 Botton and one textbox on it. And I want to Scan a barcode and show it on the textbox. Unforturntly , my barcode scanner will add a Enter keyboard key while it finish the barcode scan everytime. Once I Scan any barcode and write down...
  12. A

    runtime error 2110

    Still new with VBA, using only what i have learned online and on these forums lol. I have created a multipage userform in excel. i entered a code to set focus on blank text before moving on to the next page when clicking "next" however i keep getting Run-time error '2110' "Cant move focus to...
  13. M

    Treeview Control will not set focus

    I have a form with many controls on it and the main one is a treeview. I have some code that brings up another form for the user to give some information and then run some simple code on the treeview, but the problem is when the code is ending and I ask it to set the focus to the treeview. I...
  14. bs0d

    Clearing Focus or SendKeys ESC Equivalent

    Through execution of my macro, I've had to activate a chart, and chart series - which leaves the focus on the chart (selected). I'd like to reset the focus to nothing - the equivalent of hitting escape; but I can't use SendKeys "{ESC}" because it causes other problems. How have others worked...
  15. M

    problem with setfocus

    I'm having problems with setting focus on a text box from a textbox_change() event. What I want to happen is when the text in the box gets to a certain length it triggers an event, clears the text box and sets the focus back on the now blank text box. Here's the code: Private Sub...
  16. T

    SendKeys to another Form

    I'd like to put a button on Form2 that sends a key combination to the Browser Object on Form2. Ideally, I'd prefer to have it not visually jump to the other form, but if the focus has to be switched that's not that big of a problem. ('BrowserWindow' is a Microsoft Web Browser Object) I tried...
  17. R

    How to setfocus on modeless form

    Hi, I'm trying to do data validation on a text box on a modeless form (ShowModal = False) the following code works when ShowModal = True, but due to the interaction I need the form to be ShowModal = False. How do I get around this problem??? Private Sub MazeH_BeforeUpdate(ByVal Cancel As...
  18. R

    Selecting another Textbox

    Hi, I have a TextBox on my UserForm (TextBox119). I having difficulties selecting another TextBox once I validate the entry in TextBox119. I've reviewed many posts and tried many variations but to no avail. Whenever I enter a value and press enter or tab, the cursor goes to a ComboBox in the...
  19. 03856me

    UserForm Textbox.visible tab order doesn't work

    I have a userform with textboxes/labels that are hidden unless certain choices are made in a combobox. The code is working as expected with one exception: The exit event triggers the correct boxes to become visible and clears and hides the right ones - in the tab order they are directly after...
  20. C

    Highlighting selected textbox

    2003 / w7. I have a series of textbox(s) in which the user enters data. I'm using the data that the user enters to control whether I advance to the next textbox in the series using SetFocus. It works great but...... the cursor is not (setfocus vertical line flash) is not easy to see, I'd...

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