1. I

    How to use Windows regional date format in Excel vba

    Dear all, I have made a vba macro code to get date from Excel cells in a special format to be used for follow up. ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=TEXT(RC[1],""ÅÅÅÅ-MM-DD"")" ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=TEXT(RC[1],""YYYY-MM-DD"")" In Sweden, Windows regional date format is ÅÅÅÅ-MM-DD. The letter Å...
  2. R

    Unable to publish tablein Outlook

    Hi All, I am getting publish error (.Publish (True))in below code in Clinet enviornment, However it working fine on my system. Even if i am trying to creating a HTML page manually, it is showing as "Page can't be displayed". Can anyone suggest here what setting needs to change for fix this...
  3. J

    Setting Userform textbox value from Worksheet_Change

    Hi, The following works fine (I'm currently using Userform1 with vbModeless) Userform1.Textbox1.Value = Target I just want to know what affect this has when the Userform hasn't been loaded. It seems nothing happens but is it using memory? Or a bad idea? Can I check whether the Userform is...
  4. C

    Setting a cell to be blank or a minimum value

    Hi, So the title of this thread is probably not the most helpful but I could not come up with anything better - suggestions are welcome. I have a formula like this: =IF(SUM(E9+H9+K9<=8),8,SUM(E9+H9+K9)) which basically says if the sum of the values in cells E9, H9 and K9 are less than 8 then...
  5. A

    Slicer Settings Do Not Show Custom Sort Option

    Hello I made a pivot table add to the data model of the query Connection. There is no use custom list when sort in my slicer setting and I have encountered sorting problems. thank you for any help you might provide
  6. D

    Enabling macros

    Why do some worksheets request permission to enable macros whereas others don't? I can't seem to find any consistency, so must be missing a basic setting. Thanks!
  7. E

    VBA: I cannot find the "correct" Backcolor setting for a worksheet checkbox

    Through intellisense, I cannot find the backcolor fill setting for a checkbox shape within an Excel spreadsheet. I've used the "With" statement to make sure I'm selecting the one-and-only checkbox on the spreadsheet as well as the entire workbook. I'm not sure why this doesn't work? With...
  8. S

    Find By Column - fails

    Using Excel 2010 Sometimes, when I have it set to Find By Columns, it will only Find By Rows. Any idea why? Toggling the setting doesn't help. Maybe closing and re-opening the xls? I don't think that worked.
  9. J

    Excel Keyboard shortcuts

    Hi Guys, I have office 365 insider. My question is that for Power Pivot the keyboard shortcut should be Alt + B + M. Instead I have to use Alt + Y4+ M. is there a setting I should do?? can I change the Keyboard Shortcut?? For me it is 1 key extra. Thanks for your help.
  10. E

    making list from calendar

    Hello, May i seek help for the formula I can use to make a list of activities from the given calendar setting?
  11. A

    Headings Row 1 Text alignment

    Width is set to 45 and col names are centered. Somehow I've managed another effect which I can't repeat. The names are vertically aligned so they're about 1/16 of an inch above the bottom of the cell. Not bottom, centered, or any other setting offered by the Alignment tab (Format Cells). Any...
  12. L

    Setting multiple values of a cell based on other cells

    I have two cells F6 is a number value, L6 is text either "Personal" or "Public" I need to out put either "Very minor" "minor" "Serious" "Major" based on the values of F6 and L6 First part i tested is below but i cannot get any further as got stuck on addition checking of values in F6 and L6 and...
  13. V

    Setting a second filter with VBA

    Hello all This line of code is part of a larger piece for emailing out a group email with an attached workbook which works fine. The range is column "C" to Column "Z" It filters on column "W" (Field 21) and the criteria is "Out" I need to add an additional filter on this if possible In...
  14. D

    My border won't appear

    My border won't appear. What setting do I need to change to get a border appearing?
  15. S

    Automatic Filtering

    Hi there, I need a VBA code to check for the date in the AI4:AI9999 and to move the entire row of oldest date right to the top, ideally setting it all up in the order from the Oldest to the Newest date. All my data is in C4 to AQ9999, Any ideas? Thanks
  16. P

    Simpler loop

    Hi All and HNY2019 Is there simpler and cleaner way to code this to make the Status Bar appear to flash? Sub StatusFlash() Do Until c > 5 Application.StatusBar = "Setting up - " Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("00:00:1")) Application.StatusBar = "Setting up -...
  17. W

    Automatic Date Updating

    Hi I'm doing a summary table for the data that I have. See sample below. I was just wondering if there's a way to make the dates change automatically depending on the selected setting (first box) without having to make a really long if statement. For example, the setting now is for September...
  18. B

    Autocorrecting +1 to 1

    Hi, I cannot for the life of me figure out what I need to do to stop this from happening. I am working to edit some VBA that a colleague has created. There is a simple error in a line where the current text is .row 1 This needs to be +1, but everytime I type +1, it autocorrects it to the...
  19. B

    Pivot Table Layout - setting a default on Layout-Format tab

    For some reason on the Layout and Format tab, under the Layout option, the "Merge and center cells with labels" is checked when I first create a new pivot table (it seems to be a default setting). I looked in the backstage options on the Data tab (I'm running 365 on my computer) but I don't...
  20. S

    Column/Row Header problems, Font and Font Size

    If you receive a workbook where the document was created with an undesirable default Font/Size, what can be done to change it, other than editing the documents XML? Setting the Font/Size for headers is done under: File\Options\General... When creating new workbooks Make it a nightmare by...

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