shape object

  1. T

    Drawing Shapes in Excel 2010 using XY Co-ordinates and Calculating the Subsequent Area of the Shape.

    Hello All, I am looking for a method of, having input a finite no. of XY coordinates in Excel 2010, to produce a shape (using straight connectors). I would then like the area of this shape to be calculated. Is there a method that I can use in Excel 2010 to do these? I have a rudimentary...
  2. B

    Find text in shape

    I am trying to use cube shapes to make physical a inventory system. I have named each of the cubes their location on the shelf and added text to each of those shapes defining what the product is on the shelf. I am a code the search for the text in the shape and resturn the name of the...
  3. F

    ShapeRange Group

    hi, I want to select two shape: CheckBoxes (ch) and Buttons (bt), and then simply group them. How can I select both??? 'ActiveSheet.shapes.range(array(bt,ch)).Select - but something is wrong here :( Selection.ShapeRange.Group.Select
  4. tweedle

    Lock my shapes from user resizing

    So I'm creating a bunch of shapes via vba that need to maintain their size as created, but allow the user to drag around (move) if need. I've been digging through shape properties and ShapeNodes but haven't found how to lock the shape from resizing. I need some direction/examples ... if...
  5. W

    Excel 2007 Selection.Characters.Text 1004 Error

    All, I have a macro that does some error checking on the user's input, changes the control/shape text and assigned macro, and then save the file to a SharePoint site. The problem arrises when the macro changes the control/shape text; for some people it works without issue (like myself) and for...
  6. P

    Macro command button gets Deleted

    I am new to this forum. I have an excel file with macros.I group all the shapes on a sheet.The command button and check boxes also gets included in it.When I delete the shape group the command button gets deleted.I just want to delete the shape group without the button and check boxes Any...

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