1. T

    WithEvents for a Shape

    I am trying to find an event for a shape but this does not work: Public WithEvents ShapesEvent As Shapes because VBA doesn't recognise Shapes. What should I declare it as? Thanks
  2. A

    Creating dynamic list in shapes

    Is there any way to create a dynamic list in shapes? For eg. I have a table with follow up dates against the companies. I want to insert a to do list in the dashboard where the user can select a date and he can view the list of companies that needs to be followed up with on the given date. I am...
  3. A

    Creating Dynamic Shapes in Excel Macro

    Hello !!!! I have this code which creates a module based on values put in excel columns. Basically, I have the name of a division on column 2, an actual number of employees on column 3, a calculated need of employees on column 4, and the difference on column 5 which the box changes colors...
  4. M

    Defining shape dimensions

    Hi Dears, I am trying to draw a 3d box (shape type 14) with VBA, but I cannot find the required parameter to define its depth. The width and height parameters are very clear, but I am unable to change the default depth of this shape. The command used to draw the box is; DIM MyShaep as Shapes...
  5. D

    Excel VBA assign onaction to shape

    I have created a tool that presents charet views based on which shape or combination of shapes is selected by user. Each shape is a toggle that turns a chart element on or off. The tool is replicated for multiple data sets. The shapes will not accept an onaction assignment. The problem is...
  6. S

    VBA Grid of Shapes

    Hi all I have this macro that creates a column of circles, one for each cell in the range selected. I don't know how to edit it to make it so that the result is no more than 5 columns wide and then x amount of rows depending on how many cells are selected. Can someone help, please? Sub...
  7. K

    Cleaner code to hide/show shapes based on cell input

    I have a file that has 60 different shapes that I want to show or hide depending on 60 different cell inputs. Is there a cleaner way to accomplish this other than the code below which shows the first 6 shapes. Thanks! Sub Macro1(ByVal Target As Range) 'Show shapes If...
  8. N

    Shape Colour based on Value or Cell Fill color

    Dear All, I have an excel sheet having some 30+ shapes which is making a map. I have given names to all the shapes as you can see in the below picture. What i like is that i would like to color the different shapes based on their value in a table. Excel File...
  9. R

    Copying a button from one sheet to automatically run code when copied to new sheet.

    Hi I am struggling with getting a macro to run when I create a new button on a sheet. I assign the On Action to the button and the macro runs without debug, but... the OnAction doesn't run the Macro "Test". The Button being copied to Sheet2 is on Sheet1, then the Macro should automatically run...
  10. Jaafar Tribak

    Shapes Context Menu

    Is there a way of adding a new menu entry to a shape right click commandbar ? Regards.
  11. C

    Creating floor plan, duplicating shapes

    I once used a document which I think was created on excel which was like a weekly planner but had shapes/icons listed in a key. You could drag and drop these icons in to the planner as much as you needed without it affecting the key. I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on how this was...
  12. C

    Using Shapes as Toggle Buttons

    This is originally asked on here is the link: The goal is to have about 20 shapes that are tied to each other, where if you select one "On" you can choose which shapes are...
  13. A

    Trouble With Deleting Shapes From A Worksheet

    I have a worksheet with 4 macro embedded shapes on it. I'm am trying to get code to work that will delete two of the 4, but I'm not having any luck. Dim Shp as Shape With wb2.Worksheets(1) .Unprotect For Each Shp In ActiveSheet.Shapes If Shp.Name = "Group12"...
  14. A

    Removing Shapes Pasted during Copy / Paste operation

    I have copied a range of rows and pasted them onto the same worksheet. I have 4 macro assigned shapes that are also copied as part of the copy and paste operation. How can I avoid repating these shapes on the worksheet, ie not copy them, not paste them or remove them once pasted?
  15. A

    Deleting all shapes (except 2 rectangles that have macros assigned)

    I have written a macro to draw many on shapes on a sheet, plus another to delete the shapes. I have then assigned the macros to two button on the worksheet but unfortunately my macro to delete the shapes also deletes the macro buttons. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  16. A

    Hyperlinks Buttons in Excel

    Hi, I have a dashboard of 40 worksheets. I have a menu with hyperlinks to the 40 different worksheets with shapes. I have put within the cell to give it a nice three dimensional look. I want to keep the 40 worksheets hidden until someone clicks on the hyperlink with shapes . Is there any way...
  17. J

    VBA for creating shapes

    Hi, I am working on an existing vba script - the shapes are currently uniform & the existing script is as follows: Select Case sRAG Case "R", "Red" Selection.ShapeRange.ShapeStyle = msoShapeStylePreset38 Selection.ShapeRange.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = RGB(255, 0, 0)...
  18. M

    Convert a Shape to a Command Button

    I'm sure this is an age old problem. The difference in Command Buttons and Shapes. And while you can run Macros by clicking a Shape, you can't run VBA Code by clicking on a Shape. Am I right? I've written workable VBA code for Command Buttons. They work fine. But, the look and shape of some of...
  19. G

    [VBA] Delete shapes with values

    I have about 20 sheets, each with about 400 shapes (rounded rectangles). These shape values (ex. "=A32", "=B12", "=E24") are referencing 8 columns and 50 rows in the sheet. These referenced cells are using INDIRECT to pull data from another sheet, which is using IFERROR(INDEX..., so there is...
  20. J

    VBA Shape size based on data in range of cells

    I currently have static sized shapes, vba as follows: If Not WorksheetFunction.IsNumber(ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Configuration").Range("B25").Value) Then CheckConfigItems = CheckConfigItems & "The Shape Size Value is Missing from the Configuration Sheet (Cell B25)" & vbCr & vbLf Else...

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