1. K

    Issue with Shared Workbook (not co author)

    I have a shared excel spreadsheet (no co-author as my work is still in the dark ages) My issue is I can’t fully edit it on a computer other than the one I first created it on and neither can the authors I added I can share/unshare and edit as I please on the original computer, but If I go to a...
  2. U

    VBA - Replacing cell values based on specific range

    <tbody> A B C Oct 2019 % Share Vegetables Apples 10 50 Lettuce 10 50 Total 20 100 Fruits Oranges 10 50 Blueberries 10 50 Total 20 100 </tbody> Hi guys, little bit of an involved question here. The above is an example of my table for sales. I currently have two...
  3. K

    Rounding with exponent

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I consider myself an intermediate skill-level with Excel, and I use it at work quite a bit, but right now I'm stumped. In the simplest form, I'm trying to figure out a formula that will multiply a cell by a another cell which is a percentage, then round...
  4. H

    Download data from website that requires login id and password

    I want to do a macro (hopefully record macro) and need to extract data from a website that requires a password. However, my colleagues have their own login ID and password, and i do not want to share my login ID and password with them. What should I do such that i can retrieve data from the...
  5. D

    Tex & Hyperlinks Sharing Single Cell?

    Hello, Is there a way for one single cell to share both text and a hyperlink? For example, I want a cell that describes something, and then after the description, I'd like there to be a hyperlink that would access a webpage extending the topic? So the text body is separate from the hyperlink...
  6. N

    Employee "About you" Directory

    Long shot on this but i really could use some help! I'm looking for a template or someone to help me build an employee directory. I'm not sure if excel is the right medium. Currently I have A Table of contents with names listed and linked to a tab with their info. Basically a self portrait and...
  7. M

    Examples of slow/expensive to calculate spreadsheets?

    Hi, I'm conducting a performance comparison between various versions of Excel. I'm looking for real world examples of slow or expensive to calculate sheets. If anyone knows of some examples they could share that would be great. Thanks, Mark
  8. R

    No Share workbook in the review tab - protect group

    Hi , I can see only 'unshare workbook' which is greyed , how to get it to 'share'. I am unable to fix it going to the options
  9. L

    Sharing Workbook Ideas

    Hi, I have not had a viable solution to share a workbook. Does anyone know how? Thanks
  10. Jym396

    Hyperlinks for other users

    When creating a hyperlinks for other users, upon looking further, hovering over the link it shows the directories, the file path of MY computer. i'e. file///C:\Users\User\Documents\Excel\filename.xlsm. No wonder I can't share it. Thanks, ~Jim
  11. A

    Sharing a Workbook that can be filtered

    Please help! I have been searching for days to find an answer. I'm sure that I am not the first person to want to share a worksheet and allow each user to filter to their needs. There has to be a solution. So I have a worksheet that has several macros and VBA's that I would like to share and...
  12. M

    How to share Excel on Office 365 Business with some staff without email to them

    I am using Office 365 Business and my Excel file is on OneDrive. I want to share it to another staff but I do not want auto email sent to him. Is this possible Thanks
  13. A

    Share workbook that has macros and VBA

    I have a sales list that I have been working on. It has several macros and VBA to sort and filter data. I am wanting to share this list with another person to be able to update/change information. Is there a way to share my workbook and keep all of the macros and VBA functioning for both people...
  14. D

    Difficult Excel Formula - Populating Data from Drop Down Menu

    Hi All, I am trying to create a formula to have data populated from a drop down menu but I am unable to get it to work correctly. <colgroup><col><col><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Depending on which department you select, the data should automatically populate, but I am not sure...
  15. W

    sharing workbooks

    on excel 365 how do I share a wb so several ppl can view it at the same time?
  16. P


    Dear All, Just wondering about the new function in Excel for Co-Authoring, is it possible to Co-Authoring a file in the local share drive rather than cloud like onedrive? Or we need to use the old way to do the share workbook? Cheers, Peter
  17. R

    Share workbook from cloud.

    Hi all Can I share a workbook from the cloud but prevent people from downloading it or copying it? Thank you! Russ
  18. F

    Dynamic Share Array Issue

    I've got an issue with how to pull out the sum product of a value (X) set based on the share of presence of A and B respectively. The main problem is that I can't actually see A and B explicitly as shown below. Instead I've got a reference that tells me that A runs from 11/4 to 12/30 and B runs...
  19. B

    Revenue Share - Excel Question

    Hi - I am trying to create a formula to determine revenue share for a company I work with. The initial revenue share percentage is 5%. On a yearly basis, Company X will receive 5% of Company Y's revenue until a $12 million cumulative number is hit. Once $12 million is hit, the revenue share %...
  20. D

    Sharing Custom Ribbon

    I have a very large, complicated workbook that I created back in the pre-ribbon days that we use every day. Each day, it creates a new worksheet and when the workbook is closed, it renames the sheet based on the date and saves it as a separate workbook. Then, 5 days later, the new workbook is...

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