1. S

    Share Custom Ribbon Tab without sharing Quick Access Toolbar

    I am trying to share a custom Excel 2010 ribbon tab, but everytime I export and the other user imports, it overides their quick access toolbar as well. Is there any way around this, or do I just need to setup the quick access toolbar again? Thanks!
  2. Y

    Share Excel Worksheet and Collect Responses

    Hi, I want to share a blank Excel worksheet to multiple users and collect their responses. I looked into SkyDrive and Sharepoint. With my limited knowledge of the two, it seems like all my users would need to have an account to the program and they would be able to see others response, which...
  3. B

    Sharing Access database via online storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc). Can it be done?

    Hello! I am trying to do a simple database for a small, but very busy, company. I have decided to make it in Access after a lot of reading... there's a huge debate out there in the web related to Access and SQL and I would like to avoid any discussion in this post if possible. We currently...
  4. R

    Issues locking and protecting cells

    Hi everyone, I am having some problems with locking and protecting my worksheet. I have an excel table with 7 columns. Column 1 has data validation; a dropdown list which references a hidden worksheet with a table of values linked to Access. Column 2 has vlookup formula, which looks up the...
  5. S

    share excel sheet with drop down lists by email

    i have an excel template that requires people to make choices using drop down lists. how can i email this template in the message body so that the recipient can then choose from the drop down list and then submit by email. i know i can send them the file as an attachment, but i want to send it...
  6. G

    Sharing a Template for Multiple Users on Terminal Server

    I have about 10 users on a terminal server running Excel. Office is not installed on the server, just Excel. There is a custom spreadsheet that access various databases that they need to use. I'd like to save the spreadsheet as a template, si I can update, secure, and maintain it in one...
  7. N

    Macro to check files in a directory if they are shared

    Hi! I need a macro to check if .xlsx files in a specific directory are shared, as we have need them always shared, but the users forget them to share after some editing. It will be very cool of the macro could make the unshared files shared, but this should be hard work. The most important...
  8. G

    Save to a read only file.

    Hi, Using VBA I need to be able to update a workbook whilst other users are using the file, As the file contains Pivots I cant simply share the file (using XL 2003 - upgrading is not an option). I thought I could lock the sheet down by making it read only password protected however the code...
  9. F

    Random numbers / percentages between numbers

    Hi, I'm using a random number generator in excel to create values between 17.0 and 21.0 to one decimal point. Currently using =RANDBETWEEN(1700,2100)/100 to achieve this. (It will give me 18.3 / 19.4 etc etc). I'm then using this to create 100 random numbers between 17 and 21. What I want to...
  10. N

    Email Multiple Worksheets w Links to Master Workbook

    I have searched for about an hour in the threads looking for an answer to this, and have had no luck. We are a small group spread out all over the world trying to work on some excel sheets. The master workbook has links to other workbooks. Is there a way to force all of the links to only...
  11. P

    Stock Return Calculation

    Dependent Variable: Date Changing Variables: Values in two different columns I'm calculating return for a stock (-5, 5), (-2, 2) and (-1, 1) days from the date of announcement of a deal and doing the same for a market index. As you would have figured by now, the date of announcement...
  12. F

    How to share part of workbook

    Here is my sample data. I want the sales rep can only see their own records and update the status in the third column. I tried the workbook share option. It seems that all sales reps can access the workbook at the same time but also see other's record. Any sugguestion? <TABLE...
  13. J

    2 wkbks- share and add info

    I have WKBK #1...and I want to create WKBK (#2) which will always pull info from WKBK #1. In addition to that, I want to be able to edit WKBK #2 and add info w/o affecting WKBK #1. Creating a 'backup file' and adding info to the 'backup' does not work... HELP!! HELP!! HELP!! HELP!! HELP...

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