sheet copy

  1. D

    Copying sheets to existing workbook, workbook name is cell.value

    Hi all!! Very new here. Having a hard time to debug.. I am currently trying to make the macro work as the following: create new sheets and rename it to cell.Value in range, and if there is a workbook (also named as the sale cell.Value) in the same folder as the macro, copy this sheet into the...
  2. U

    Copy Paste Multiple Columns To Another Sheet

    Hi Guys, Need some help here. So I have a workbook with filename "Master Data" with tab sheets namely "Main File" and "Final". Main File Data look like this" <tbody> Name Stat 1 Stat 2 PrevStat Subject1 Subject2 Subject 3 Eve 9 6 10 Math Science PE Mon 7 5 15...
  3. E

    Active sheet name to change in sequence by macro

    Hi there, I've got a workbook with two spreadsheets named "WT-1" and "CL-1" (it could be more of them with diff. names). When i.e. "WT-1" is active, I would like to be able to (by using a button with macro assigned to it) copy this current (active) spreadsheet and rename it in sequence like...
  4. A

    Formula to get data from 1 sheet to other

    Hi All, I have an excel workbook with with more than 40 sheets. Sheet 1 is the main Master Sheet where I paste the data from the other sheets as and when I want 1 after the other. I have worked out a macros for the same but am looking out for a shorter way to get the data. Sheet 1 - Master...
  5. H

    Excel actively copy data from other sheets

    When I want to actively SUM data between different spreadsheets I simply select =SUM('Sheet-Start:Sheet-End'!B2), then, If I create new sheets I do it between Sheet-Start-and-Sheet-End, so the new sheets are also including in the SUM. However, what I want to do now is, in a new sheet, COPY into...
  6. J

    Locating a cell in a row with a specific name

    Team, I am trying to use an excel spread sheet copied into a Sheet in excel to input information. Example: Sheet 1 Cell A2(in cell A2 =desired number) I want information to be filled with units sold by Location1. The location information will be in Sheet 3. The difficult thing is the...
  7. M

    Copy sheet from pat to specific sheet

    Hi all, This is a lot to ask but i am really stuck at this point. I almost completed my file but I am looking for a solution. I have a partlist for every product (named as Aricle 1,2,3,etc). This file contains 1 sheet with like 20 rows of data. I am looking for a way to copy the data from...
  8. M

    Automatically Update my masterworkbook when i add stuff to my babyworkbook

    Hello so here is problem I have a masterworkbook(marcgoproject4.xlsm) it has five(5) sheets all has headers sheets name : sheet1=ADDITEM sheet2=ITEMLIST sheet3=RECEIVED sheet4=SHIPPED sheet5=STOCK now the problem is i also have a babyworkbook(in.xlsx) that gets updated regularly only has...
  9. B

    Copy a sheet from a specific workbook with VBA

    What i need is to copy a specific worksheet at the current workbook i'm working, I know that i can use move or copy tool but i want to do a macro and add it to and excel add-in, i tried this code and it works, the thing is that it should be executed from the workbook where i want to paste the...
  10. M

    Copy a spread sheet with reference to the "next" sheet

    I have a weekly report that accumulates numbers YTD. Easy example: Sheet 1 (name "week 1") A1 = Sales for week 1 B1 = A1 Sheet 2 (name "week 2") A1= Sales for week 2 B1= Week2!A1+Week1!B1 Sheet 3 (name = "week 3") A1= Sales for week 3 B1= Week3!A1+Week 2!B1 Each sheet is...
  11. K

    Code for a button to add sheet duplicated from existing sheet and auto-name from sequential list?

    Seems complex, but can a single button code; 1) add a new sheet (preferably at the front of the worksheet list), 2) the new sheet will be a duplicate of an existing sheet, 3) the new sheet will be auto-named based on the next sequential cell from a list on a master-data sheet in the same...
  12. W

    Copy Worksheet while keeping incremental formulas

    In my workbook, I am calculating the collection of oil and water on an hourly basis and subtotaling on a 24 hr basis for several days/weeks in a row. I need the subsequent sheets after the first 24hr sheet to continue their formula and 'carry over' the previous sheets data. I've done this...
  13. D

    Combine workbooks - importing sheets from multiple files into one

    Hello everyone, I have been searching around the forum and the internets for a while now and still have not found the answer to my problem which is the following: I have many (around 70) .xsl(x) workbooks, each containing one sheet with the same name and headers but completely different sets of...
  14. E

    Copying and (re)naming sheets with VBA?

    I have a worksheet that I need to copy 54 times to the same workbook. Ultimately, I need to have 11 series of sheets each containing 5 sheets. I propose naming them 1A, 1B, 1C, (...), 11E. I have two questions: 1. Is there a way to copy and name all these sheets automatically, e.g. using VBA...
  15. G

    complex vairable copy paste

    Hi to all: I am trying to copy a named range from a sheet that contains a field named month and year. These fields are not to be copied. What I am trying to do is use the year field to identify the worksheet (ie 2010 so I have a worksheet named 2010) and the month field is controlled by a list...

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