1. A

    Copy paste from Sheet1 to Sheet2

    Dear Excel Experts, I have a Data in Sheet1, I want to copy some columns to Sheet2 as per below condition. In Sheet1 from cell AC15 Employees Date of Birth, I want to copy columns C, D, E, F, I and AB from 15th row and paste to Sheet2 of column B, C, D, E, G, And F respectively to 10th row if...
  2. L

    VLOOKUP look for last cell

    Hi all, I have a workbook that has two sheets. Sheet1 and Sheet2. Sheet 1 will have employee names in column "C" The name will appear on sheet 2 in column "C" as well The times I want to lookup are in columns G and H in sheet2 I am using this formula below in column M and N in Sheet1 to find...
  3. TAPS_MikeDion

    Cell/row sorting - data from two locations

    Hi everyone, Hopefully this can be done, and hopefully you follow what I'm trying to do. Sheet1 (for argument sake, columns = A - G, rows = 2+header) <tbody> LAST FIRST MON TUE WED THU FRI Jones Bob 5 5 5 5 5 Smith Ann 8 8 8 8 8 </tbody> Sheet2 (just references from sheet1...
  4. V

    how to add "numbers and ad" with some condition in same cells

    Hi, Please check the following and update how can we do that Sample data Excel 2010 32 bit ABCDE 1Sample 2 3 4 5 61 72 83 94Yes 105Yes 116YesYes 127YesYes 138YesYes 149Yes 1510Yes 1611 1712 1813 1914 2015 21 Sheet: Sheet1 Result Data Excel 2010 32...
  5. B

    Match all values in one column and return consolidated results from matched rows

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with multiple sheets. Sheet1 Column A has alpha numeric values in it like M1, M2, L1, various words, various numbers, etc. along with empty cells between them. There may be duplicates values as well which is normal for the data and I need those duplicates accounted...
  6. iggydarsa

    SUMPRODUCT with MIN and MAX?

    Hi All, I have a table on Sheet1 that looks like this: Company --- User --- Count --- % CompA --- UserA --- 100 --- 0 CompB --- UserB --- 50 --- 25 CompC --- UserA --- 75 --- 10 CompD --- UserC --- 50 --- 20 CompE --- UserB --- 25 --- 25 CompF --- UserC --- 50 --- 10 CompG --- UserB --- 10...
  7. V

    Modify / Edit in Formula - Match and Result

    Hi All, We have the following sheet Excel 2010 32 bit ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP 1DanialChrixRockyRickylogghunDanialChrixRockyRickylogghun 2RonaldoPamelaDonaldmessysanjusafiRonaldoPamelaDonaldmessysanjusafi 3shikarghurandyjohnvijjurodishikarghurandyjohnvijjurodi...
  8. B

    Find all matches and consolidate them

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with multiple sheets. Sheet1 Column A has alpha numeric values in it like M1, M2, M3, etc. along with empty cells between them. There may be duplicates but that doesn't matter. I need a formula that I can put on Sheet2 that will generate a consolidated list of what...
  9. Trevor3007

    email & attachment

    good evening, can someone help me with some VB to send to a certain email (ie and attach the worksheet (sheet1) Thank you all for your time and assistance. KR trevor3007
  10. V

    Formula or code for combines numbers with comma

    Hi All, We have the following sheet Excel 2010 32 bit ABC 1 212575 323674 436571 544572 65827 763637 875964 985498 109527 1110148 1211581 1312472 Sheet: Sheet1 We want to combine the data B2:C13 in D2 and its paste special value in E2 something like this...
  11. H

    2 Sheets - Unique Values add and delete

    Hi All, - My source data is Sheet2 Columns A-C - My destination is Sheet1 Columns A-C I need to perform two functions: - Find unique values in Sheet2 Column B against Sheet1 Column B. Copy unique rows Columns A-C into next blank row in Sheet1 Column A. - Find unique values in Sheet1 Column B...
  12. V

    Code/VBA pls

    We have the following sheet Excel 2010 32 bit ABCDEF 11224205218230218 2211210610094105 335158594649 442224222727 55111212129 6681010812 7722201 8803133 9911 10102 1111 1212 1313 1414 1515 1616 Sheet: Sheet1 now we want to check the cells A1:F16, which coloumn...
  13. M

    CopyPaste data from multiple excel files

    Hi Team, I need a macro to Copy and Paste (values) data from multiple excel files to Common Excel file. I have below files which need to get pasted in Main.xlsx file I have a New file called CopyPaste where I will update the file names and range details of copy and paste as below...
  14. C

    Update cell based of powerquery result

    I have a button to update a powerquery on Sheet 2 from another workbook. the number of rows of data will vary. Now i want to include VB script on the button to update data on Sheet1 based off the data imported. What I am trying to accomplish. if Sheet2 column A has an entry that MATCHES Sheet1...
  15. H

    Either of 4 cells equals a value then get the desired result

    How to formulate: IF EITHER of B2 or D2 or F2 or G2 is EQUAL TO 1 THEN I2=100 ELSE “” I am using Excel 2007. Sheet1 <colgroup><col style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; WIDTH: 30px"><col style="WIDTH: 33px"><col style="WIDTH: 33px"><col style="WIDTH: 33px"><col style="WIDTH: 33px"><col style="WIDTH...
  16. V

    VBA Formula

    Hi All Thanks in advance, I have the following sheet Excel 2010 32 bit ABCDE 1S.No.25689365478256925698 22564214514251478 3 41255820 5230101023 6335201226 7440301429 8545401631 9650501833 107551936 1186039 1296541 13107042 141143 1512 Sheet: Sheet1 and need the...
  17. H

    Match The Switch & Grab The Value From A Range

    My Data Range is B2:G9 (contains values) with ‘headers’ in B1:G1 (Non -numeric) ‘switches’ are in B12:G12 which are EITHER 0 OR 1; AND at a time ONLY 1 ‘SWITCH‘ FOR ‘UNIQUE’ HEADER WILL HAVE 0 OR 1 ‘MATCHING SWITCH’ is in I1:L1 Output is required in I2:J9 as: MATCH THE SWITCH & ‘grab’ the...
  18. S

    How to remove unmatched cell values using VBA

    Hi Friends, Looked on similar posts on this forum but did not find suitable solutions to my need. Here what I am looking to get this done by vba macro. I have list of data in Sheet1 and sheet2 with values to find in sheet1. VBA macro to find matched sheet2(ColumnA) data in sheet1 anywhere and...
  19. J

    Clearing multiple ranges from multiple worksheets efficiently

    I have a large worksheet used for creating daily reports on a monthly basis. I am trying to create a macro that will clear the data entries in order to create a blank worksheet that can be used as a template. The workbook contains a lot of pages but the ones that are currently giving me a...
  20. B

    Code for copy rows from sheet2 to cheet1

    I wonder how to copy values from sheet2 raw 4 column A, to sheet 1 row 4 column A. I will update the values form sheet2 to sheet1 with a button and want it to overwrite sheet1 everytime I uppdate. The range is between A4 to A299. PLEASE HELP Bengt from Sweden

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