1. A

    Copy paste from Sheet1 to Sheet2

    Dear Excel Experts, I have a Data in Sheet1, I want to copy some columns to Sheet2 as per below condition. In Sheet1 from cell AC15 Employees Date of Birth, I want to copy columns C, D, E, F, I and AB from 15th row and paste to Sheet2 of column B, C, D, E, G, And F respectively to 10th row if...
  2. A

    skip the blank cells

    Hello Excel experts, I use a formula in Sheet2 from B10 to B100 cells. =IF(DATEDIF(Sheet1!C10,Sheet1!$F$9,"Y")>=59,Sheet1!B10,"") i want to skip the blank cells in Sheet. Sheet2 protected only B10 to B100 cells are not protected. Thanks in advance.
  3. B

    Match all values in one column and return consolidated results from matched rows

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with multiple sheets. Sheet1 Column A has alpha numeric values in it like M1, M2, L1, various words, various numbers, etc. along with empty cells between them. There may be duplicates values as well which is normal for the data and I need those duplicates accounted...
  4. H


    i need a vlookup formula let us suppose data is in sheet1 in column A and there is a data in sheet2 in column F formula will be placed in column K of sheet2 the result will be either true or false what i need is if data of column F of sheet2 does not match with column A data ( not with...
  5. A

    Repeating same range of data

    Hello, How can I dos this? I want to repeat a range of data which contains 3 colums and 70 rows 20 times. First colum contains a reference number, same for all 70 rows, second column a vale which doesn't change and third colum the name of 70 different countries. I want this range to repeat again...
  6. J


    Good morning!! To start, I understand that columns can be hidden/unhidden via the Format function on the toolbar. What I need to have happen is to use IsDate to search F2:F40 for a date, none particular, but a date. If not, in the row containing the False return, look at the contents in column...
  7. masud8956

    Extract all unique values from a range (multiple columns and rows) to another location while counting the number of entries

    Hi, I have 2 identical ranges (A25:BT44) in two different sheets (1 & 2). Users are allowed to enter data in any cell of the range A25:BT44 of Sheet1. The purpose of the same range in Sheet2 is to stamp dates of data entry. So I have the dates of each data entry in the corresponding cells of...
  8. N

    Insert same value for many rows, depends on number

    Hello, I have a userform that contains a lot of controls One of them is "cmdSubmit" that contains many actions (I finished them all instead the following) I already have piece of code that copy a range and paste it in sheet2 (this range contains (Name, ID, ...)(Doesn't contain the Number) ex...
  9. J

    Compare and highlight cell next to duplicates of two sheets

    Hello, I am seeking a macro to compare columns (column 9, starting at row 6) between two sheets, Sheet1 and Sheet2 and then dumping the entire row with the duplicates in sheet 3. For example: Sheet1 has on row 6 and column f,g,h: 1 // a // X Sheet2 has the same items on row 15 So sheet 3...
  10. B

    Appending a Value to Each Element of a Range Array

    I have a workbook with 2 sheets: Sheet1 and Sheet2. In Column A of Sheet1 I have a short uninterrupted list of product IDs: <style><!--table {mso-displayed-decimal-separator:"\."; mso-displayed-thousand-separator:"\,";}@page {margin:.75in .7in .75in .7in; mso-header-margin:.3in...
  11. G

    Lookup Subject to Conditions

    Hi, In A2:A1000 in Sheet1 I have series of consecutive month-end dates (31/07/2012, 31/08/2012 etc). In A2:A700 in Sheet2 I have a series of consecutive month-end dates and in B2:B700 the associated monthly sales values. In A2:A700 in Sheet3 I have a series of consecutive month-end dates...
  12. J

    find last occurence of x

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for the easiest way to find the last time "X" occured in a column via a module I'm calling test for now. Specifically, find the last time "X" occurs in col g on sheet2 lets say, if true, offset(7, 0) and then put "X" in that cell from the offset. TIA
  13. L

    Combine matches

    Hi On Sheet1, I have the following columns of data <tbody> A B C D 1 DATE NUMBER NAME TYPE(S) 2 01/01/2019 123 J Bloggs A,B 3 01/01/2019 456 D Smith A 4 01/01/2019 789 P Jones B,C 5 02/01/2019 123 J Bloggs B 6 02/01/2019 789 P Jones D 7 03/01/2019 456 D Smith A,B,C 8...
  14. B

    Code for copy rows from sheet2 to cheet1

    I wonder how to copy values from sheet2 raw 4 column A, to sheet 1 row 4 column A. I will update the values form sheet2 to sheet1 with a button and want it to overwrite sheet1 everytime I uppdate. The range is between A4 to A299. PLEASE HELP Bengt from Sweden
  15. A

    Looking for a tutorial for data entry

    I want to create a data entry form on sheet1, and then have the information saved to sheet2. I do not want to use the built in Excel forms. The data entry needs to have vlookups that pull in a description, which then needs to be modified and the modification saved off (not the original...
  16. H

    Change fill color based on the value on sheet2

    Sheet1 is data Sheet2 is data with fill color Abit hard to use conditional Formatting as i have at least 411 data with fill color Is there anyway to do it?
  17. T

    Sumproduct and offset issues

    Hi, I managed to have certain cells of my sheet1 reference others from sheet2 If a condition was met by using sumproduct. I managed to get this reference by using offset as I wanted to automate it by having it index numbers every 4 columns. it went smoothly while I was using no column offset...
  18. V

    VLOOKUP of values COLUMN 1 and COLUMN 2

    Hi you have shared very useful excel formula which was very helpful to me. I have some issues in applying VLOOKUP. If possible pls help to resolve the following; I have 2 separate excel sheets both have same data in multiple columns but not in the same sequence. I paste the sheet 1 below...
  19. A

    sum data of multiple sheets

    hi, experts i have two sheets contain data sheet1 begins from range a5: e and sheet2 begins from a4:g i need code sum data the sheet1 from b5:e with sheet2 from c4:g and the result show in sheet1 from L5:O (NOTE: the topics header sheet1 from a4:e and sheet2 from a3:g
  20. T

    Desperate in need of help with VBA macros

    Good afternoon Gurus, I serached forum and nothing came up close to this. I have workbook with sheet1 and sheet2. I have hundred of rows of data. I shorten it in the example in the link. Please help me out with creating macros that would copy sheet2 to sheet1. Example on sheet2 column D...

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