1. M

    Rename a sheet based on data in a cell

    I'm trying to relearn some VBA and hoping someone can help me out. I'm trying to make a macro that will do the following: I want the macro to change the old sheet names in column A to the new sheet names on the column B Column A has a list of current sheet names (length of column unknown but...
  2. B

    Rename Multiple Work Sheets using Macro based on a single Data Validation Drop Down in one Work sheet.

    Hello, I work for a construction company that does a variety of different projects, and we are trying to streamline our bidding document to cover all city locations as well as all types of projects that we construct. I am trying to create a VBA that renames the worksheet tabs based on the type...
  3. B

    Create sheetnames based on imported filenames without extension

    Hi everyone, As part of a bigger macro I want to create sheetnames based on imported filenames. I use this code: Dim fs As New FileSystemObject Dim fo As Folder Dim fi As File Dim WB As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet Dim sname As String Sub loadall() Set WB = ThisWorkbook Set fo =...
  4. J

    Sheet Name Combo Box

    Hi I want to create a combo box (or anything with hyperlinks) that will list all active sheets in a workbook. This could alter as I have another macro that allows the user to add a new sheet so you could have Continuation(2) all the way to Continuation(100). But I need this macro to ignore...
  5. G

    Make sheets visible/hidden based on in box dropdown

    Hello, I have seen similar questions to this in the past but i have one slight difference. I would like to use a drop down selection box which will make a sheet either visible or hidden based on the selection of "yes" or "no". On sheet 1 I would like to list all the sheet names in the...
  6. N

    Macro to add text to sheet names in single workbook

    Hi All, I have a workbook that has around 100 sheets each with a different name and I need to add the month each sheet name so basically it will be 'current sheet name - Month' the month will obviously change each time and so I don't mind having to change the macro to tell it what to put in...
  7. K

    Formula to Return Excel Sheet Name

    =""&MID(CELL("filename",Sheet1!$A$1),FIND("]",CELL("filename",Sheet1!$A$1))+1,256) 1. Change filename to the your workbook's filename. 2. Change Sheet1 to your current sheetname where you have pasted the formula. This formula below which I found on many forums doesn't really work because...
  8. C

    Macro To Copy & Paste To Sheets

    Hi all, I have a master sheet of billing information with 1,000 lines of data for 30 different clients and I have 30 sheets with the names of each client as the sheet name. I need a macro, which will copy and paste each client's information from the master sheet into the client's worksheet...
  9. K

    array formula with sheetnames

    Hello, This is probably pretty easy for many readers. I have a master metrics workbook with days, weeks, month: sheet 1 = month sheet 2 = week 1, (sheet 10 = week 2, ...) sheets 3-9 = weekdays; 1, 2, 3, ... data is entered into the weekdays sheets and summerized with array formulas in the week...
  10. 9tanstaafl9

    Can I assign a sheetname to a variable?

    How would I assign an unknown sheetname to a variable so that I can go back to the worksheet again in my macro when I don't know what the name of the sheet will be (the sheet is being added during the macro?) I was trying to do someting like this, but I keep getting a Runtime Error 9 subscript...

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