1. J

    renaming excel sheets with vba

    hi, i am trying to do some macro on an existing report in excel - its a client account statement - if the client has multiple accounts it will seperate them out into sheets and name each sheet for example John, John 1, John 2, John 3, john 4. depending on the client there could be 2 sheets or...
  2. N

    Enter formula in a range across all sheets

    Hello, I have a userform where someone can enter a multiplying factor (exchange rate). I want to use this number to multiply the contents of a range of cells (A1:A100) across all visible sheets. Can you help please! Thanks, Nick
  3. leopardhawk

    Question about data refresh

    I have four worksheets in my workbook that I wish to hide. All four are running data refresh via web queries when the file is opened and I am wondering if they will still be able to do that if the sheets are hidden? Unfortunately, I can’t test it because the updates are year-end and I would like...
  4. M

    Google sheets - trying to convert formula to a script

    Good afternoon Demigods, I have the following formula in google sheets: What i am after is the formula converting to a google script. Any ideas please? Best regards manc
  5. R

    Multiple matches from multiple sheets if criteria is true for multiple sheets

    Hi, I have two spreadsheets with the same columns names with similar data. i am try to find the difference between each sheet vs the other based on if a certain value is the same on each sheet in a another column. See below my example sheets for reference to what i am trying to achieve and the...
  6. D

    How do I move code from sheets to modules?

    At the moment, all my code is stored in two sheets and I want organise my code a little better by moving some of it into modules. I don't know how to move it to modules and have it still work, for instance, have the command button still run the code when it is clicked. How do I do this?
  7. Z

    Copying a range of cells from one sheet to another not working

    Hi! I'm trying to copy a range of cells to a second sheet and then delete the row from the first sheet. It seems like it should be pretty simple but the code is throwing an unknown error and highlighting the line "Sheets("Sheet1").Range(cell1, cell2).Copy" Any ideas why this would be happening...
  8. G

    VBA to insert values into multiple sheets, with range variable

    Hello I have a workbook with 8 sheets (sheet1 to sheet8) in cell A1 on sheet I have a variable number eg 3 i want this number to be used as a column identifier eg 3 = column C, 4 = column D etc So i then want select sheets 2 to 5 and select range C8 to M8 and enter the value "0" in that...
  9. V

    Macro to group rows and columns based upon each Row/column for multiple sheets in workbook

    Hi VBA champs..need help in designing "Macro to group rows and columns based upon each Row/column value in corresponding cell value for multiple sheets in workbook " 1. Each row should group independently for particular cell value say(0) in column "B" of same worksheet and ungroup for "1"...
  10. H

    Percent (%) displaying on linked sheet on one PC but not on another

    I have a workbook, where I have several sheets that links to items on sheet 1 Sheet1 contains values as well as percentages The values and percentages are displayed correctly on the linked sheets on My PC, but the percentages are displayed as values on the linked sheets when copied on to...
  11. H

    macro to convert negative values with Brackets

    I have values and percentages in Col D:J on sheets 16 to 25 I would like a macro to convert the negative numbers only eg -125, -128,965 etc in these columns and on these sheets with a bracket eg (125), (125,965) etc Your assistance in this regard is most appreciated
  12. A

    Excel found unreadable content

    I have a workbook with three sheets. It was created on computer A. If copied to Computer B and C, an attempt to open results in message: Excel found unreadable content. Do you want to recover the contents of the workbook. If I answer Yes, the workbook opens normally. If I then save it on...
  13. A

    Sorting multiples sheets

    I have multiple sheets with student score data in cells C1:AP9 No headers sort from left to right using row 9. Largest to smallest I tried using a macro with no luck. Any ideas or a VBA??? Thanks
  14. H

    Copy part of sheets to new workbook

    Hi all, Tried to find a solution for this but it seems I'll be the first to attempt it. I have a workbook containing several sheets, there are 7 permanent sheets that I have renamed as Sheet01 to Sheet07 and a growing number of other sheets. A macro allows the users to create a new set...
  15. A

    Excel VBA Copy & Paste Format & Values to new Workbook without Protection

    Hello, I am new to the group, thanks for letting me join. We have a tool we use for estimating that I have been automating with VBA. When we win a project I need to take some of the sheets and copy them to a new workbook for a handoff document to project managers. The trick is that I would...
  16. M

    How do you protect a sheets or cells or columns in a workbook, instead of the whole workbook?

    Hi, I have a few sheets in a workbook, which have macro`s, formula`s. When someone wants to input information they can do in the main sheets, where there are no formula`s, only input information. How can I lock or password protect the sheet or stop keying in the sheet, protecting the cells...
  17. C

    How to rename a newly copied sheet using a userform?

    Looking to have a masterworkbook that when I go to a job, i can add sheets and rename them as I go since all sites name gear different. I have a set of template sheets hidden within the wookbook that I draw from, but I was hoping to have a userform with a simple text box pop up, type in the new...
  18. K

    Very Hidden Password Protect Worksheets

    To start, I have no idea how to write or run macros. I know that I want to have 37 of the 39 sheets in a file I made to be VeryHidden so they are as protected as possible when the workbook is opened, with a prompt to enter a password to reveal the sheets. I've seen macros that I guess have...
  19. K

    VBA to hide sheets when save button is pressed

    Is there a VBA or macro that can hide certain sheets when the save button is pressed? Thank you
  20. T

    control your sheets data filter with one sheet

    i have 4 sheets each sheet has a Filters with data i want to combine this sheets in one Worksheet so i can control & modified them easy without getting to them Exemple like in the picture

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