1. O

    loop through specific sheets and copy entire row into one master sheet if data is in column

    Dear VBA wizards, Can someone please help me – I have been going through this for a while I have about 25 sheets in total in an excel file of which 10 sheets (one tab is called is AGV, one other tab is AGR etc) has some data and I would like to copy the entire row in each of these sheets if...
  2. R

    Prints Sheets and SaveAS Macro

    I want to create a macro that Prints 3 sheets from my workbook and then launches the saveAs window The 3 sheets I am looking to print are "Team 1" "Team 2" & "Team 3" Is this possible to do in one macro since there are windows that will pop up for both printing and save as?
  3. F

    VBA input box help

    On: Sheets("Players") I have a command button, when clicked this runs: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim Player1 As Variant Player1 = InputBox("Enter Player 1") ActiveSheet.OLEObjects(1).Object.Caption = Player1 ActiveSheet.OLEObjects(1).Object.BackColor = 49152 End Sub On...
  4. S

    Move sheets to another sheet if condition meets

    Hello Team, I have workbooks stored in the folder with the different names, i have to create a master out of those in one workbook. Workbooks stored in the folder contains name starting from Apples_x.xlsx ddd_Apples_Y.xlsx CCC.Apples.xlsx Grapes_dd.xlsx Grapes_PP.xlsx Each workbook contains...
  5. D

    Find duplicates across sheets

    I have searched Excel Questions and have not found an answer to my question. I have a spreadsheet with five sheets, I need to see if there are duplicates in column A on three of those sheets. (I am comparing sheet 1 with sheet 2 and sheet 1 with sheet 3.) By the way, column A is social...
  6. B

    Opening a Message based on file name

    Hi Gang, I have a excel sheet that opens with a message box. The sheet is a template and is used to create other sheets with different variables. My question is this how do I have this box open whilst the sheets name is "Auto Blank feed sheet" and not open when the sheet has a different name...
  7. W

    Copy sheet with same row values to another sheet

    Hi, I'm a newbie when it comes to excel, to be honest all I know was the basic stuff, I just learned the word macro earlier this day from my boss, currently reading some of it. I was tasked to sort/clean output of data to our sheets, I would like to ask on how to copy the rows with the same...
  8. C

    Get cell value from another sheet in same workbook

    I have multiple sheets in the same workbook and would like to get a cell value from a specific sheet and specific cell. How would this be accomplished
  9. H

    Macro to copy all sheets from source workb

    I have a source workbook with several sheets. I would like to copy each sheet with the data into the destination workbook and to create sheets if these do not exist I am looking for code to do this Your assistance is most appreciated I have also posted on...
  10. T

    Copy and rename sheet VBA

    Any please help me on Excel VBA code that will open and new workbook and copy all the 2nd sheets from multiple workbook there whilst auto renaming the copied sheets based on the previous workbook name. :(
  11. F

    Saving PDF to specific folder

    Hi I've built a code that searches through a list (rngWB) of excel workbooks and produces them as PDFs. The code works well, but insists on saving the individual PDFs to my Documents folder. I want them to be save to a folder in my documents, but that is further named by the contents of a...
  12. Q

    Reference Multiple Sheet Names on one sheet

    Hi All, I have about 15 sheets in one workbook, which are named using numbers eg. 12345, 54321, 65432....etc. I'd like to reference/link the names of all these sheets on to one main summary sheet. This is different from referencing the sheet name within that same sheet. Is there some way to...
  13. R

    Sum cells in different sheets - do not update relative location if cell moves

    Background: I am trying to build a rough what-if tool for team resource planning. I have separate sheets for different projects. I have a summary sheet that has totals. I can sum cells for a given resource across the sheets to show all planned work by person for a given time period, however if...
  14. L

    grouping sheets and inserting a picture/shape

    Hi I wanted group several sheets and then insert a picture or shape in one sheet and hoping it will appear on all grouped sheets but when I group sheets, insert picture or shapes options are grayed out. Is that by design? Thank you.
  15. V

    VBA macro to save different sheets as seperate excel file changes my cell format?

    Hello, I'm currently generating sheets based off 3 templates For the most part (not all but almost the exact same range for all templates) J21 to J50 is set as accounting When I generate my sheets, all the ones created still have J21 to J50 format set to accounting Then I use this script to...
  16. P

    Date order on multiple sheets

    Hi Please help, I have the code below where I have multiple sheets rows from A:Q and the source is B which is the date what I want from oldest to latest, B1 is the header so it should start from B2. I am gettng an error on the 'Next' Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Dim wksht As Worksheet...
  17. M

    VALUE error when using a range of sheets in formula

    I am trying to use a formula to SUM the values from a the same range of cells on multiple sheets and could do with some help please A formula that works is: =IF(C8="","",SUMIFS('Month (1)'!D$8:D$400,'Month (1)'!B$8:B$400,C8))+SUMIFS('Month (1)'!G$8:G$400,'Month (1)'!E$8:E$400,C8)...
  18. V

    Detect if worksheet exist, and if it does ignore the rest of the script

    I need my script to detect if worksheet(s) exist based on some critera and if 1 or more does, ignore the entire script. I want to add this part at the start of a current script I'm using. If any sheets already exist, it is causing me trouble... Of course this might not be the ideal way to...
  19. K

    Find last row value from multiple sheets and copy those values to another sheet

    ok got this far and the masg box shows last row values but having trouble on figuring out how to put those values in Sh5 column O , so it finds the last row in sheets 1 -4 , just want to paste the last row value into 4 cells starting at O1= lastrow hS1, O2=lastrow Sh2,O3= lastrow Sh3 and O4=...
  20. M

    Auto Lock Workbook Complete

    Hello, I am new to this form and excel . i have one question I want to lock my workbook complete after specific date or time. Workbook Have 3 sheets all three sheets i want to lock down after some specific time. my sheet1 have formulas so i already lock few cells which have formulas...

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