1. B

    formula to get the value of the same cell but in different sheets

    Hello, I have a workbook with plenty of sheets named 'name 1', name 2', name 3,... One sheet is supposed to be an overview of the inputs from all those different sheets. So for example I want the value of cell B2 of all the sheets 'name....) in the overview sheet. Is this possible without a...
  2. V

    Rename part of multiple sheets if it meets my critera

    I already have a script that does most of the mumbo jumbo of what I need, however at the very end of that script, I want to add the part to rename part of some of my sheets to something else I have multiple template sheets and a master sheet within a workbook, those need to remain untouched...
  3. spacecaptainsuperguy

    very hidden sheets add-in

    Hi everyone, I used to have an excel add-in that had a form that allowed me to select multiple sheets from within that spreadsheet and select whether to hide, unhide or make very hidden the selected sheets. I recently upgraded my machine and office and that old add-in no longer works. I've...
  4. S

    [VBA] Only run macro in certain column

    Hello, I have what is probably a simple question - I have this code I grabbed from elsewhere, I want it to only run in column A on all sheets (rather than on all columns as it does now): Sub DeleteRows() Dim WS As Worksheet On Error Resume Next For Each WS In Sheets With WS.UsedRange...
  5. F

    VBA: Insert formula with variable number of sheets

    Not sure how to get the right syntax here to represent a variable number of sheets. Sub TryThis1() Range("G2").Formula = "=AVERAGE('1:4'!E2)" End Sub The 4 in the formula is the variable part. Whatever number is in Sheets("CtrlPnl").Range("H12") is the total number of sheets. In this...
  6. W

    Find and Replace

    Hi all, I have created a macro which reads column B and then creates separate sheets based on the values-text found on that Column. I obviously get an error while new sheets are created. The 1st one is when text is over 31 characters. This is resolved. The 2nd one is when i have the 7 sin...
  7. T

    Rows not moving in sync with data from Master Sheet

    Hello, I have had an excel person working on combining sheets without our company, so one master sheet would be used to automatically transfer data to 6-7 other sheets. The issue, as we add data, the linked sheets update, the row going across does not stay consistent all the way across...
  8. V

    Delete all sheets that meets my critera without prompt

    I'm looking for a script to delete any sheets that meets the following critera and without promtp: If sheets contains the text: "PrixMax" "6po" "Quote" Then deleted them Sheet name can be "PrixMax-250", "6po-Viny", "Quote-101018" Along with those sheets, my workbook contains a "Master" sheets...
  9. spencer_time

    Use variable within excel function

    Hello, I have some test code that I can't get to work correctly. I am trying to figure out if it's possible to use a variable within an excel function, and if so, the proper way to do that. The following is what I currently have, it is not working: Sub embedVarFunc() Dim rng As Range...
  10. K

    Timesheets and Userform

    Hi All, I built our weekly/daily time sheets some years ago in Excel using mostly formulas to do the calculations. This worked great, but since I started to learn more about vba and userforms I am busy streamlining it to use userform inputs and vba to send the information to the relevant...
  11. V

    In need a VBA script to create sheets from 3 different template sheets and more...

    Hello all, first time here! I'm not proeficient much with VBA, hopefully someone can help me. I need a VBA script to create a dynamic amount of sheets at once based on 12 different cells value, from 3 different template sheets (I need to keep those 3 templates formula intact) and based on some...
  12. V

    Complex function

    Good afternoon Dear All, Firtsly i would like to apologize if my question contains any misunderstandings. I have a workbook where there are many sheets with many informations but i want to take a specific value from all those sheets. Imagine that there are lists of products per category in...
  13. R

    Pivot Table from Multiple Sheets

    Hello there, Can we create pivot table from multiple sheets? I have 5 sheets in a workbook and their column orders are identical. I need to create one pivot table using all 5 sheets as source data. I can't combine the 5 sheets into 1 due to the volume of data. Thank you!
  14. J

    Compare Sheets

    Hi, Can somebody please help me to modify the code below instead of changing the sheets name to compare in the code every time want to compare sheets instead to prompt for the sheets names to compare. Code: Dim sh1 As Worksheet, sh2 As Worksheet, c As Range, f As Range, mydiffs As Long Dim...
  15. H

    Excel file opening in sheets mobile not updating

    Ok I found the solution I'm just posting hoping that if someone else has the same problem they find this. I have an excel file that I use on my mobile (which opens it in sheets) that was refusing to update to the new version. I had verified that the updated version synced to from my...
  16. M

    Code sometimes not working on Workbook_SheetChange

    I am trying to make it so if the user copies & pastes anything in my workbook, it will only do a Paste Values. I found an answer to a post on Stack Exchange from a few ago that recommending putting the following code in the Workbook_SheetChange sub. Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh...
  17. L

    solution without using VBA. Sheet creation from master list and template

    Can this be done? essentially my template references a row with 7 columns of data. whilst i can simply create my many many sheets from the template with Copy,Create Copy, Move to end manually. the sheets all reference the same row but i need each consecutive sheet to reference the next row down...
  18. R

    Help adding data from multiple sheets

    Hello, I have a workbook with multiple sheets. Each sheet is one 'job'. Each job can have several different employees in column A, and then the rest of the columns are for hours worked (example col B is Monday day shift, C is Monday afternoon, D is Tuesday day shift, etc). I want to be able to...
  19. E

    Copying Sheets Into One

    Hi all, I have a macro that copies different excel workbooks into one workbook, except they all have their own sheet. When the files get copied into the one big file and get their own sheets, the sheet names are Sheet 1, Sheet 1 (2), Sheet 1 (3), etc.... I need help writing a macro that then...
  20. D

    Average over multiple worksheets

    Looking to get the average of a single cell over multiple worksheets, but I need it to always go to the last worksheet as I will be adding more sheets. =AVERAGE(Sheet1:????!A1) Thanks

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