1. S

    Nested For Next Loop

    I'm trying to use a "nested For Next loop" for the first time. I would appreciate your help for the following problem. Below is my code. I apologize for its length but, I thought it might be needed in its entirety to understand the issue. I'm getting a Compile Error - Next without For...
  2. J

    Code to look at open workbooks rather than in a location.

    Hello all, I've got some code that opens a number of speadsheetsand copies and pastes the data to a master list. Currently the code needs the files in a specific folder. How do I change it so it doesn't matter where they're stored, but just needs the files to be open? Ceers, Jed Sub...
  3. T

    Macro to filter by date in cell

    Hi Everyone, Not sure what ive done wrong please help if you can. I want a macro to filter based on a data in cell M1 But my current code hides all the cells can someone help me or give me a new code that works please? thanks Tony my code Sub Get_Todays_Data() Application.ScreenUpdating...

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