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    Recorded macro needs to be simplified

    Morning, I was unable to achieve what i required so had to record a macro to get my end result. I have now supplied two codes below. First code is my recorded macro which i would like to be simplified / cleaned up a little. Second code is a working macro already in place BUT would like the...
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    Recorded Macro Clean Up

    Hello! I have recorded a macro that was working fine, but now all of a sudden it is telling me I don't have enough memory. If I end the macro, and run again, it works, but I would prefer it work the first time. I've read some articles stating I need to remove the .Select from the code, but I...
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    VBA to merge data from different workbooks (Excel 2010)

    Hello, all. What I am trying to do is run a macro to merge data from different workbooks and deposit it into a "master" workbook that already has previous data. The way I originally wrote it had the following steps: Open the (lets call it the aggregator) workbook that will handle the merging...

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