1. B

    Hide/Show rows in a different sheet based on Yes/No responses

    I am trying to build a macro that will hide or show a group of rows in the Options sheet (shown below) based on the Yes/No responses from the Questions sheet. Essentially, someone will fill out the Questions sheet to narrow down what they actually need to see and then further define their needs...
  2. E

    processing data

    Dear Colleagues: hope you are fine. I'd to ask you to help me with the excel sheet that contains many words, so these words need to show as pop-up messages on the desktop. could please any person help me by guiding me to code or programs deal with a sheet. Thanks
  3. M

    Please help!! Need help with specialized formula.

    Hi everyone, Thank you in advance for your help! <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> <colgroup><col style="width: 142px"><col width="142"><col width="142"></colgroup><tbody> A B 1 10/24/19 =A1+10 2 #b7e1cd[/URL] , align...
  4. J

    Power Pivot/DAX: Problem with Like for Like Sales Figure

    I am trying to build a DAX measure in a Power Pivot to show the Like for Like sales figure (LFL). LFL is simply a measure to show the sales if the customer also had sales during the same period last year. I can not get any figures at all for this, and this is due to the previous year not...
  5. A

    Show results based on 3 Data Validation list

    Hi community, I have big table of monthly spending, i wanna know how can i show results based on Data Validation list choice, 1-List shows Models ( E:E ) 2-List shows Department ( B:B ) 3-List shows Month I need formula to return matching all 3 list, can anybody help me please?
  6. D

    IF/VLOOKUP formula question

    Hi all, Probably a really simple answer to my question. I've written the below formula to give me a tel number in a cell if one is held on another sheet and to show no tel held if it isn't there. The final part of the formula works fine but if i hold a tel number is gives me #value ! error...
  7. C

    Conditional Formula

    This would probably be a very simple question, but I can’tseem to get it right. What I need is a formula in a cell to say if this cell = a set of months i.e.January, April, July and so on then show this list of tasks and if the other monthsshow another set so example. =IF(C5=January,Feb,Mar)...
  8. J

    Edit chart category axis data items visible in VBA

    HI all, I have a workbook that crates a group of charts on a single worksheet. Each chart is based on 39 weeks' of data, but I want to show the last 8 weeks only, or be able to switch all the charts to show week 7, 15, 22 etc (it is school data, so weekly for now, but eventually the end of each...
  9. L

    VB colors name list

    Hi I have seen values like vbgreen, vbblue,vbred etc. Is there any list that show all VBColor list? like the list below but more colors. Thank you very much souce:
  10. U

    Userform display control

    Using the following code to show/hide Labels and OptionButtons on a Userform UserForm1.Label5.Visible = False UserForm1.OptionButton2.Visible = False They still show, any ideas ?
  11. A

    Show Pivot Table data connection name

    Is there anyway to show the name of the data connection either in or outside the pivot table?
  12. JTL9161

    Sumproduct with an IF statement

    I have this formula below. I need to add and if statement to it that if the total is less than 4 (<4) then just put an 0 but if 4 or greater (>4) then show the number. =SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(R2:U2,B$192:Q$192)) Thank You, James
  13. H

    Increase / decrease arrows based on what user types in

    Hi. I have a RAID log and we wish to allow risk owners to indicate when a risk has increased or decreased in severity (in their opinion). So they would review each risk and for any that they felt had got better or worse, they'd be able to say "this one's getting worse", "this one's gotten...
  14. R

    Calculating time

    Hello, I have been racking my head on how to solve my time issue on my train sheet. I have a train time sheet to show if a train is on time or late Ex; if a train is set and ready to go at 01:30 and the crew is ordered at 03:30 i can show it to say 2:00 on time between these two times. but...
  15. D

    Count cell between dates by user

    Hello all, I have a tricky problem that I can't solve, and I would like help from more experienced people. I have a gantt chart to show the progress of tasks by user. Bar colors are made by conditional formatting, but each cell that is painted also has a value of "1" (while unpainted cells...
  16. H

    Pivot Table Sub Total

    Afternoon kind folks. I have a pivot table which I want to add a extra subtotal to. The pivot table shows a list of Business Reports in rows then the columns show the percentage complete by how well its done good/bad/not started etc. Currently I have to add an extra column on the worksheet...
  17. A

    Adding the date automatically when an input is inputted

    Without using Macros and VBA, is there a way for the date to automatically come out when a cell already has something inside it? For example: Let's say I want A2 to show today's date if some information is inputted in cell A1. =if(not(isblank(A1)),today(),"") will not work because it will...
  18. B

    Formulas displaying as text. Show Formulas NOT turned on. Fast fix for entire column?

    I've got a bunch of formulas displaying as text, instead of showing the value of the formula- "Show Formulas" is NOT turned on! I know the fix for a single cell is to click into the cell and hit the "Enter" key. is there a fix for an entire column, or range of cells? thx!
  19. G

    Screen Refresh

    On one worksheet I have a group of buttons (not actually grouped, but just adjacent). When I click one of the buttons is unhides another worksheet and hides the first worksheet. The buttons show as an image on the second worksheet and the real buttons on the second worksheet are not visible...
  20. D

    Charting Data

    I am trying to take data with random dates 9/5, 9/12, 9/19, 9/26 on the X axis and graph them and when I do the axis with the dates is reading all dates in between is there a way to only have the dates specified show up on the graph rather then all dates in between?

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