1. K

    How to find and SUM Multiple Column Data by two criteria?

    <style type="text/css"> table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px solid #CCC ; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #CCC ; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #104E8B ; color: #FFF...
  2. A

    Excel large sheet: Want to bring right side coloumns visible when needed

    Dear Friends I am new to this forum and need a solution to my problem: I have a large sheet and have about 50 headers on coloumn on right side. I need not to scroll to right side and need to bring each coloumn in front of me with one click. At the same time I need some fixed cells always in...
  3. rjplante

    Open and space two folders

    I would like to open two windows folders on the screen and have them appear side by side on the monitor. I have the code below to open both folders and that part works fine. I just need to know how to size them and move one to the left side of the screen and one to the right side of the screen...
  4. C

    Split Collums by Category

    Hi everyone, I need the example below to look like the example right of the arrow. I only want to take the Ashleigh data and all the numbers under Ashleigh and have that data to the side. Can anyone help me understand how to do this?
  5. A

    Identify position based on voltage data

    Hi, I am using an accelerometer to determine a patient's position on a bed. Five positions need to be identified. In the table below, corresponding accelerometer voltages were measured in each of the five positions. Orientation Vx Vy Vz Supine flat 1.666 1.68 1.007 Supine 10˚ 1.657 1.88...
  6. jimrward

    Create side by side report from single list non vba with criteria

    Looking for a method to produce side by side list either double triple or quad I have a csv list from an external source for example containing in date order Date,type,item,count To save paper either in portrait have two lists from source Sourcerow1, sourcerow2 Sourcerow3, sourcerow4 And so...
  7. J

    Removing everything outside brackets in a cell

    Hi!! I have a bunch of cells which contain data similar to "0.120 (3.048)". I want to delete everything out side the brackets. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks in advance
  8. E

    Copy 3 Dates from one worksheet to the next

    Context: The dates that I'm trying to copy are side by side. I am getting an error message when I run the code: Public wsMT As Worksheet Master_File = ThisWorkbook.Name Set wbM = Workbooks(Master_File) Set wsMT = wbM.Sheets("AllGridTemp") wsMT.Range("C2:E2").Copy 'im getting an error here...
  9. P

    Combine Strings With Variable that references a formula with VBA

    I am trying to put a string into my formula (which I know would need double quotes). However the formula is already the cell value, please see the below. Cel.Offset(0, 3).Value = "=""String "" & Cel.Offset(0, 3).Value" The Cel.Offset(0,3).Value on the right hand side of the = sign is...
  10. J

    Is there a way to count the most frequently used words in a worksheet? And also to add 3 words to either side, and to be able to see how many times th

    I have a worksheet full of data, across which I'd like to gauge what words + 3 words on either side appear most frequently in that set of data. To begin, I'd like to see what words appear most commonly in this data. And then to search for some of those words + 3 words on either side them. So...
  11. H

    Color on Multi page in User form....

    Hey Excel Guru's I need some Help to change Colour if Multi page is Activated By Double-click on Specific cell.... All the Function with Double-click works it's the Colour Part i need... example I Double click on Cell "B1" then the Multi page side Should Change Background - Colour So that...
  12. M

    Expanded Table for Many To Many Relationship?

    Dear Team, I have a Data Model that contains a Many To Many Relationship and a Bridge Table. Here is the picture of my Data Model: I have started to create an Expanded Table Diagram. Here is the picture of my...
  13. H

    Pasting image at the end of cell

    Hi All, In the below link of my data, I have to compare the values of the two cells side by side. Now I have to place an arrow(image) for the values in column A which are greater than that of B. Is this possible to automate via VBA? If so, kindly help me on this. I...
  14. Z

    Countifs specific word in column a and if specific word in column b

    Hi, Need your help please... I am looking for a formula, I need to count only if NOT DEFINED in one Column and IMPLEMENTED in the next Column, the information is side by side within a range. =COUNTIFS('2019-2020 LIST '!$I$2:$I$76;"NOT DEFINED";AND IF; '2019-2020 LIST...
  15. R

    Scrollbar window in Userform

    Hi there, I have a userform which has a large amount of user inputs on the left hand side. There isn't much room and everything is a bit small and difficult to operate. The right hand side of the userform has some other controls which need to be visible at all times. Is it possible to embed my...
  16. T

    can you run a compare macro when using side by side viewing

    I have 2 workbooks open that I want to compare using view side by side function and also synchroinous syncing . Is there anyway that I can create a macro so that it looks down the two workbooks comparing data and if missing from 1st sheet it highlight it. I want to look in the 1st sheet on...
  17. W

    Average of the Sumif result ?

    Hi everyone there is my problem; i have 2 different excel file. First one is BW, second one BI. I was using SUMIF formula for my second excel. it was fine until repeating numbers came up. As you can see its summing for each repeating numbers and i don't want that. I want the average of the sum...
  18. J

    Highlight duplicate cells in multiple ranges random on single sheet

    I am trying to figure out how to highlight duplicate cells in 15 different ranges on a single sheet. Example: Ranges are: A1:A20, A30:A50: A60:A80, D1:20, D30:D50, etc. The ranges are not side by side but scattered across the sheet. I am attempting to do a bunch of loops to do this , but realize...
  19. L

    moving to next cell

    Hi I selected cell A1. I want to go to cell A2. I used the down arrow, but to my surprise, it wont move to A2 but the whole sheet will go down (it is like I am screwing down using the screw bar in the right hand side). Why this situation happened? Thank you very much.
  20. R

    How do I extract 2 characters from the right after the nth space in a cell

    I am trying to create a conversion tool for data I get in a PDF. I have a rows worth of data that all shows up in the same cell when pasted into Excel. I am trying to use formulas to separate the data to make the process repeatable in an easy fashion. (Paste into sheet 1, auto converted copy...

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