1. R

    Help with Excel to Outlook Macro

    OK, I'm pretty new to VBA but I have been able to piece this code together and now I'm stuck. What I would like is a code that will open a new email in outlook, insert cell values in to the buy and display for me to double check. I have everything figured out excel two things. 1) I would like...
  2. S

    Combining two VBA codes (adding outlook signature)

    Dear colleagues ;), What I am trying to do is to combine 2 vba codes. I have a vba that automatically prepares personal emails with attachments (newsletter). The thing is that I really need it with default outlook signature. So , another vba that I have is vba that opens new outlook message...
  3. G

    [URGENT] Outlook Signature

    When I open a New Email in outlook, I imediately see this: Att, <tbody> Gustavo Magalhães Roriz Analista de Finanças e Controle Gerência de Relacionamento e Divulgação de Dados de Estados e Municípios – GERED/COINT Telefone: +55 61 3412-3001 </tbody> as a signature. I want a...
  4. H

    Is it possible to assign InkPicture background image from the clipboard?

    I have a signature form on a tablet that takes the input strokes and then displays them as a picture object (as opposed to an ActiveX shape, which I try to avoid because they can drastically slow down the underlying code). A second technician can add his signature by opening the form, which...
  5. A

    Emailing - Outlook signature not displaying properly

    When I include the outlook signature file, it shows a ton of data that looks nothing like the outlook signature (.html). Using Office 2013. My email signature looks like a bunch of this...
  6. blaksnm

    Macro: Mail attachemnet and text problem

    Hi I have borrowed this macro from Ron de Bruin (thanks Ron ) to genrate a new ail and a insert default signature. Problem 1: I have a Range("ExistinFile").value to find and attach corresponding file to the mail Problem 2: I have 25 celles - named text, text2 .... aso tha should be the text in...
  7. M

    Email Range with default signature block?

    Hello all, This is my first post and i'm a complete beginner, so be gentle! I'm trying to run a macro that sends a range of cells as an attachment in an email. But, I also need the default outlook signature at the end of the email. This is probably an easy one but it's driving me insane! Thanks!
  8. D

    Add signature from file to this VBA code

    hello, please can anyone help me with my issue. I have simple vba code to sending emails from excel and I need add the signature from signature.htm file to the end of email body. I tried whatever I found but nothing works for me. Thank you.. My basic code is: Private Sub...
  9. L

    Using Outlook object to write mail - can you append standard signature?

    Hi, I've done a lot of searching on X Google X Bing and the like, but found no definite answer. I'm creating emails with the Outlook.application object, but can't find an option to insert the standard signature. Sure you can just click the option on the menu to insert it, but by default "new...
  10. A

    Signing a document

    I have a document that I would like to have the user sign but I cannot find a way to do this simply enough for the common user to figure out. I was hoping that there was some kind of UserForm that would allow the user to draw there signature and then insert into the document but I could not...
  11. E

    No option to create signature line

    I read somewhere on the board that we would find an option to create a signature line under "Quick Links", but the option isn't visible for me. I also searched all around the user control panel to no avail. Please help.
  12. J

    Signature Lines?

    Where can I edit a signature line to add append to the bottom of each post? I'd like to put : Excel 2007 & WinXP Pro At the bottom of each post. Thanks in advance!
  13. zploek

    bored question: where is my signature button?

    this is about this board, i can't seem to find a way to make a signature. I can only see the option to switch it on or off, but not a way to add or edit it. pls hlp
  14. Y

    digital signatures

    Can someone explain to me digital signatures in laymen's terms? For example what is the difference between digital signature and digital certificate. And where does the "trusted publishers" come into it at the Trust Centre. And is this true you need to buy them from an external source? I have...
  15. D

    Need another function that can hadle images for signatures

    Hello, I am using Ron de Bruin's macro for creating a PDF-file from active worksheet, creating a new mail in outlook, attaching the PDF and add the company's signature, which consists of an image and contact information (as a .htm document). The problem is that the function I use to process...
  16. A

    emailing excel workbook using macro with signature on outlook

    Hi all I've created a form on excel and used a macro found online at i've got it working perfectly but i need the senders signature to be included when sent back to me. at the moment, it sends the attachment on its own. the email will be sent...
  17. T

    Lotus Notes automated e-mail

    I have sourced much code of the internet to be able to send e-mails via lotus notes from excel, although the code is likely to be very crude it seems to work fine apart from 2 small issues that i hope someone might be able to offer me guidance on. The issues are: 1: In the sent items folder, no...
  18. G

    Macro-driven workbooks for download

    I have developed a number of macro-driven workbooks (Excel 2003) which are designed to assist parents help their kids learn basic mathematical concepts. For example, one has multiple macro buttons, each of which will present the user with a different table of mathematical exercises for...

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