1. D

    Can you make pictures jump to the following page

    I have a spreadsheet with lines that get inserted into a table. At the bottom I have signatures that need to be pushed down if the new lines added to the table reach them. Is there a way to make the signatures remain stationary until the lines meet them and then get pushed to the bottom of the...
  2. D


    How do u make a signature? it says sorry, you are nor eligible or something like that?
  3. M

    Inserting a drop down box with printed names, then adding electronic signatures to the selection.

    HELP! I am trying to create a drop down box with a list of employees "printed names". Then when you choose the printed name have an electronic signature (probably a picture format) automatically post on the following signature line. I am trying to edit a previous employee's method and I...
  4. zploek

    bored question: where is my signature button?

    this is about this board, i can't seem to find a way to make a signature. I can only see the option to switch it on or off, but not a way to add or edit it. pls hlp
  5. Grizlore

    Digital Signatures in Excel 2007

    Am I missing something? Why apply a 'digital signature' to your VBA code anymore? In Excel 2003 your could digitally sign code and then the Users were prompted to either ENABLE, DISABLE, or install the certificate and then always trust the signer. In Excel 2007, they user can't ENABLE, unless...
  6. B

    digital signatures for part of workbook

    Hi I'm trying to figure out a solution to be able to digitally sign a portion of a document, but leave the rest open for editing. So maybe user 1 would enter info into sheet 1, then sign sheet 1, then pass the document to user 2. User 2 would enter some info on sheet 2, then sign sheet 2, pass...

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