1. M

    Mega Quick VBA Amendement

    Afternoon all, Really quick one. I have some code (below) that generally works fine (to filter sheets), however, I don't want it to run on a new sheet called 'Summary' and I am getting a debug error. Can someone add a line to basically say 'ignore Summary sheet' and run only on "Sheet 1"...
  2. M

    Simple VBA Amendment

    Hello all, A really simple one for you folk I'm sure. I've got some existing code which I need to adapt ever so slightly. 1) The code currently runs on all sheets except 'Summary', but I need it to run on all sheets except 'Summary' and 'FAQs' 2) The other tabs have an autofilter on row 4...
  3. D

    New to Excel need very simple help, thanks

    I'm guessing this is very simple but cant seem to figure it out, I need to total the tonnage of each different type of product and put it in the table to the right. Can only seem to get it to tally the products , how do i get the sum of each product's individual tonnages? So i get a total...
  4. L

    Lock filters

    Hi Guys. Is there a possibility in excel to lock the filters? Meaning that I do set up some filters for certain columns and I want prevent other file users to modify it ? Note - I do not want to lock cells to be edited, just filters. Or maybe is there a simple clever macro that would show a...
  5. S

    Calendar day coloring

    Good Morning, I had a few ideas but most of them involved recreating the calendar and I haven't done that yet...anyway A user came to me asking about formatting a sheet he's got. The workbook is a simple "Planner" for work tours: He inputs a day, then inputs the number of days he's going to...
  6. S

    Simple VBA if

    Brainfarting because obviously this isn't right. Ears are open. THanks If Worksheets("Developer").Range("I46").Value = "'Network" Then dpathname = cpathname Else: dpathname = bpathname End If
  7. L

    Resetting table based on day

    First off, I'm really not experienced at all, just downloaded a free template from a website and just edited it and added a few simple formulas to suit my needs. So, I've got a timesheet that supposedly tracks the start time, end time, project name and all those things, mind you, not a weekly...
  8. B

    Drop Down List Pulling From Range From Different Workbook

    Is there a simple way to have dropdown look to a range in a separate workbook?
  9. M

    Template to be save in simple worksheet.

    Ok I have make template in excel. i want that when somebody use the template and save it. it should be save in simple excel sheet and only sheet 1 will be save without the formulas. or is it possible to save it in jpg only ?
  10. S

    Rounding while still seeing ".0"

    Good Morning, I'm trying to use a simple rounding formula but I don't want to lose the ".0" when a number, say 14.96, is rounded up to 15. I cannot format the cell itself. Ideas on how to do this. It's probably super simple but I've been brain farting all afternoon/evening....
  11. M

    multiple fields on multiple sheets

    Not even sure if this is possible. I have a workbook with 31 sheet and want to st up an extra sheet that pulls all the data from A22 to h42 into a list to look like 1st A22 B22 C22 E22 F22 G22 H22 1st A23 B23 C23 E23 F23 G23 H23 and then so on that I can then drag to change the "1st" to...
  12. O

    VBA Macro to Fill Down a column(s) with the same data

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. To keep it simple, is there a simple code line(s) that allow me to fill down automatically one column, with the value from a specific cell (I3 here), until the end of data (variable number of rows)? I have 600 files and the number of...
  13. B

    Simple Algebra calculation for variable

    Looking for a way to run this in excel. x*1.05*1.1+10 = 500 Any suggestion for this?
  14. M

    If blank cel then dont calc Networdays - Formula Not working

    Hi, Any ideas why this simple formula wont work: =IF(COUNTBLANK(I10:J10),"",NETWORKDAYS(I10:J10)) ? Many thanks
  15. R

    Error, must be simple trick

    Hello, Good day Mr. Excel users! Sheets("OB Raw").Activate Above code works fine. Sheets("OB Raw").Activate Sheets("forBacklog").Activate When I add Sheets("forBacklog").Activate, it doesn't work. But if I run below code, it works just fine. Sheets("OB Raw").Activate...
  16. D

    XML Import Confussion

    Hey all, First time poster here, but i've lurked on the site for a while. I'm looking to import an XML in to Excel but i'm having issues with it. I've used the Import wizard and feel like i'm most of the way, but i'm missing something probably simple. The XML is a few hundred records and has...
  17. S

    Simple Loop for Formatting Headers

    Hi, Beyond new to VBA and macros. I'm trying to put together some simple code to loop through all sheets, excluding sheet 1, to format a varied range of cells in each sheet (if the cell has text, format it). I've been reading through all the forums and it seems like it should be simple. But...
  18. R

    Simple Scanned Inventory in Excel

    Hi, If this isn't appropriate, please forgive me and let me know. I have a small business and am looking for a simple solution to taking inventory at the end of my season. I would like to be able to scan barcodes to enter the info. I would also like to be able to scan an item 3 times, for...
  19. G

    Sum of sum criteria

    Hi all, Sure this is simple for an expert. Below is the formula to return the value of A3 if the values in row C add to zero. =(IF(SUM(C3:F3)=0,A3,0)) How do I sum the total of all of all the values from A3:A15 that meet the criteria using relative cell references for column C criteria? Thanks!
  20. S

    Simple question in regard to pivot table

    Hello, I am attaching pivot table with a problem that I didn't manage to solve. I need to summarize amounts per document number and I did that. What happened on the line with Doc No. P1900101? Here is the file: I would be...

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