1. G

    Clear Columns from "F" to the Very End

    Columns("F:XFD").Select Selection.Clear Hello All, The code above is working to clear all the cells. However, I would like to use another way instead of just referring to Column XFD to find the very end column. Is there another way to select all columns from "F:to the end" and instead of...
  2. D

    Strange "Out of Memory Error" on Close

    I have two files open. Both are pretty complicated with lot's of graphs, Shapes, pictures and formulas. File2 is the Active Workbook. When I simply Save File 2 from the "File" tab - No problem Then, I have a "Button" on File2, that calls a macro in File1, simply: Sub CloseFile2()...
  3. B

    Time format / formula

    Im trying to create a worksheet for tracking time and am having a little trouble with how I enter the time.. Simply I enter the start time in C3 and the end time in D3 and E3 (formula in E3= =D3-C3-0.5/24) shows the elapsed time. Is it possible to customize the way I enter the date like the...
  4. redspanna

    Help with formula to include all data rows - =SUMPRODUCT maybe?

    Hi all I'd like some help with formula to calculate sums for all data rows. I have them for just 1 row but unsure how to change them to incorporate data through whole sheet as required so data is held on sheet called Bets and very simply it looks like this.... Bookie Back Odds W/L...
  5. S

    "there's a problem with the clipboard, but you can still past this content within this workbook " error

    I know this is old news, but maybe someone knows a workaround for this error. I copy and paste up to 10,000 entries to an external program. I have reinstalled and tried every fix I've seen on the web. I simply cannot use excel with this error. I have had to switch over Open Office and it works...
  6. T

    cell is starting point of range of values

    Hello How to place a large data block at a chosen cell I know I can copy the range and paste it at the chosen location, but I would like to simply use block = Range("BB1:CC50") Range("A1").value=block currently all I get is the first cell into A1. I would like the entire block to appear...
  7. D

    vba in outlook

    sorry, I know this is an excel forum, but I was wondering if anybody knows if it's possible to create a link/button macro within the body of an e-mail of outlook. i want to send to a bunch of separate reports to various people, and I want to make it easy for them to approve the report after...
  8. K

    Copy array

    Hey Guys, Haven't worked with VBA in Excel for years and its slightly frustrating...(considering throwing my computer out the window at this point) here is the super ridiculous simple thing i want to do: Sub Array_Formula() Sheets("Pantebreve").Range([indirect("A1000"]).Formula =...
  9. E

    Conditional formatting a Ratio

    Hi everyone, I'm using Excel 2016. I have a spreadsheet that is calculating a ratio with this formula: =ROUND((C3/D3),1)&":1" In C3 I have the value of 1 In D3 I have the value of 0.07 When the formula is applied in cell F3, the value returned is 14.3:1 I have other values that I'd like to...
  10. P

    Replacing everything within [ ] with something else

    Hi I have formulas referencing different spreadsheets.... [9U_Observations Tracker1.xlsx]Selection'!CX3 ,... in sharepoint that seems to be broken through out the entire form so I want to replace everything within [ ] with a new file linked. I can not simply replace the 9U to 9I for example...
  11. C

    Error .... but why?

    Hi, Hope someone out there can help. I keep getting an error message but I don't understand why. I have a formula is cell B3 which is =IF(FIND("",A3,1),MID(A3,4,99),A3) Cells in column A will contain a string which starts with xx\ or just yyyyyyyy What I was hoping the formula would do was...
  12. K

    Changing cell value through VBA

    I have empty worksheet where I created a module with following Function ChangeValue() Range("B5").Value = "Hello" End Function It was my belief that entering =ChangeValue() on A1 would be enough to change value on B5 to "Hello" But instead cell focus simply move to B1 and doesn't do anything...
  13. U

    Take all the values with a specific text in the next cell?

    <tbody> A B C 1 Original Type Result 2 67 a 98 3 98 a 87 4 238 b 5 9 a 6 98 c 7 45 b 8 87 c 9 9 a </tbody> I want to have only values of type c end up in the results column. I know I could simply use an if statement, but that'd leave empty cells where it isn't type c...
  14. auto.pilot

    Seeking method to name a worksheet, limited to 31 characters

    I have this small bit of code which is part of a much larger project. It simply re-names each worksheet to the value of cell B1 on that sheet. For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets ws.Name = Range("B1").Value Next ws Today, I came across a value in cell B1 that is...
  15. E

    Consolidating worksheets

    Hi, I have a number of worksheets that are all identical in terms of format, structure, etc. They are templates and have numbers in them. I have created a summer sheet so I can sum all the numbers in to totals. This summary shee is simply one of the templates but blank. I there a easier way...
  16. M

    Software for Excel to compute using GPU

    Is anybody aware of any software that would allow Excel to use the GPU for computations? I'm currently working on a project and even when trying to optimize the sheets they will simply take too long to calculate. If you have any info I would greatly appreciate your comments. Thank you MM
  17. H

    Talk to me

    Hi All, I was wondering if it is possible to ask excel a verbal question via microphone and have excel respond verbally. Example..... You create a data table concerning your customers, rather than use a vLookup function you would simply ask a question and excel would simply answer its...
  18. H

    VBA to Retrieve and Insert Cell Value

    Hi, I have a range of cells (let's say cells D2:H2) that can either be formula-driven or user-inputs. In cells D1:H1 there are drop downs that determine the type of formula that should be used if a formula is chosen over user inputs. I can't simply use an IF formula in D2:H2 because a user...
  19. tourless

    Object Defined Error

    Hi Folks, I'm not sure why the following line of code fails... wsCustomerReportCard.Cells(10, LastRow(wsCustomerReportCard)).FormulaR1C1 = "=(8, LastRow(wsCustomerReportCard))-(9, LastRow(wsCustomerReportCard)" I'm simply trying to subtract with a last row reference as this included in a loop.
  20. Johnny C

    Does anyone use class modules?

    I've been coding VBA since (ahem) 1993 or thereabouts. When the VBA interface came in there was always this pesky option of a class module, I never knew what they did because I'd never needed to use them (and I've done some hefty modules in my time, 1,000+ rows of VBA) I recently thought...

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