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    Code Particular Strings As Numbers, Then Sum Numbers

    Hello, I'm trying to assign numerical values to a set of particular strings; and then add the numbers. It would work something like this -- Category A = 0 Category B = 1 Category C = 2 Category D = 3 -- with "Category A", "Category B" &c. in a dropdown list. Then, a cell with this formula...
  2. S

    Viewing Old subscribed threads: Seems removed

    Hello Where can i see my all and old subscribed threads. ? Only last 2 months threads i am able to see and before two monthe the threads am not able view I sincerely request Moderators of this forum to help me retrive my old subscribed threads. Thanks and Regards SamD
  3. S

    Big Shoutout!

    Hey, I just wanted to take a moment to give a big shout out to everyone here on the forum. I really appreciate your time and assistance throughout the 1+ years that I have been on the forum. The amount of support and quick responses, not to mention clear and concise responses, has been so...
  4. P

    Scoring Stats

    Hello, I am trying to create a final score ie... the team won 2 - 0 or 15 -5, however, I have tried to customize this different ways and Excel keeps defaulting to random numbers. Please enlighten me. Sincerely, Cristine

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