1. M

    Dealing with ranges of any size

    Hi Everyone, I am writing a sub that asks the user to enter a 2D range, which is then sorted, averaged and interpolated/extrapolated to find a y value belonging to an x value entered by the user. The sub needs to be capable of dealing with ranges of any length. I am fairly new to VBA so I do...
  2. S

    Assigning values

    Hi I need help in solving the below issue. I have stock of product say "X" 100 units. I have 5 different orders for 80 MT. This stock should get adjusted to these orders with certain criteria say earliest ordered date. like this I have n number of products and there will be orders for these...
  3. M

    Exporting more than one worksheet as a Single PDF

    Hi, I need two macros that would do the following task. 1). I want to save 2 of my worksheets as a single PDF file, with a flexibility of saving file at a user defined location. (SaveFileDialog). 2). Also saving these 2 worksheets separately in a Workbook. thanks :)
  4. P

    Copying data from multiple columns and pasting into single column

    Each row of my spreadsheet has a single cell which contains data. These cells are all in different columns. I need to combine these into a single column without changing which row they are in. Since I can't seem to past a freaking picture here I'll try to simulate what I am talking about...
  5. E

    VBA to Import Data from a Series of Workbooks to a Single Sheet or Access Table?

    Greetings all, I have a folder with a series excel workbooks. Each contains only a single sheet. I need to extract only 2 cells from each sheet. The first cell is fixed,. The other cell is always the last cell i.e. the last cell in the rightmost column. Is something like this possible with...
  6. G

    dynamically display pictures

    Greetings to you all. I have a workbook with list of clients and their details in sheet (index), while every client has a sheet each, on every sheet i want picture of every client to appear on his/her. i got the below code online, but it only works if the sheets were un-protected, and i need...
  7. N

    Single page sheet

    How can I create a single sheet or form that just shows the single sheet? In other words I don't want to see the normal unused columns on the right hand side. It would look like the print preview w/o the RHS cells.
  8. A

    filter tables in PQ using certain value

    Hello, i would like to know, how to filter tables in PQ using single value calculated from another table!:) Thanks in advance.
  9. M

    Pivot table - showdetail for multiple cells in a single sheet

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a way to extract source data rows to a single sheet in excel for multiple cells which have the same value with a single action instead of double clicking each and every cell which contains the value in question and then combining data from hundreds of sheets in a...
  10. T

    Extracting 2 text dates from a cell into 2 new cells

    Hi I've been away from Excel for a very long time and my attempts at mid right len formulas are getting me nowhere :( I have a single cell that contains a string of text "# Date: Oct 1 2017 - Oct 31 2017" When someone uses the spreadsheet data is dumped into the file and the cell is populated...
  11. M

    index match function on multiple worksheet

    hello, can i actually use match-function looking for a single item if it is located on multiple worksheets? thank you. Mike
  12. B

    Data selection from a table

    I'm looking for some help - I have a cross reference pricing table which based upon the selection will give a price. What I would like is to enter the criteria in a number of selection boxes and for it to lookup the correct price. i.e. in the boxes I would have selected the criteria in green...
  13. N

    Overflow Error Puzzle

    Hi. I am exploring execution time overheads using various structures of code. I came across this today - an Overflow error (on the highlighted line) caused simply by declaring data type. Can anyone explain it please? When I run the code without declaring the arguments I am passing as...
  14. R

    How to advance search

    Hi, I am using excel sheet contains about 15 columns with records. I have created advance filter using this youtube tutorial Actually I want that I can type keyword/content in single search and it search all the records and show the rows where...
  15. R

    Multiply Two Parts of the Same Number Based on Less Than/ Greater Than.

    Hello, I am trying to have a formula multiply two separate parts of a single number that is in a single cell. i.e. I have the number 14, I want a formula to know that any number less than or equal to the number 8 is to be multiplied by the Straight time rate and any number greater than 8 will...
  16. B

    Incremental Sum but with a twist

    Hello guys... need some urgent help here: I have a number "456587" <tbody> 85 458 794 239 902 395 857 292 841 516 12 </tbody> I need to write a formula in a single cell that sums 456587 with the first number, and then their resultant with the second, and then the...
  17. A

    Regular Expresions

    I'm trying to understand this pattern RE.Pattern = "^[A-Z|b]?\d+\. .*:[0-5]\d$" Is the following correct and could you tell me what \. . means ? ^ Start [A-Z|b] Any char "A-Z" or "b" ? all before zero Or one times \d+ Matches a single digit one or more \. . ???? *:[0-5]...
  18. R

    Scrolling bar in a single cell

    Hi everyone, I may not be wording my search correctly as I have not found the answer to this question. How do I create a scrolling bar for a single cell. I have a workbook with the month (R3) and would like to be able to use the scroll button on the mouse to select the proper month...
  19. D

    How to Calculate Points on Curved Line and how to find distance (Length) Between Two Points

    Good Day/Night All Gents. I can find X and Y point on Straight Line By Slop, but Curved line I cant. Sub LinesPathPoints() Dim Shp As Shape, StraightLine As Shape, CurvedLine As Shape, B As Long Dim Tp As Single, Wdth As Single, Hght As Single, FNXP As Single, LNXP As Single, FNYP As Single...

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