1. K

    Converting date and hours format

    I have a cell that contains a count down to a specific time. The count down appears like this: 10d 23:18:43 Is it possible to write a formula that will convert the count down to hh:mm:ss? In the above i would expect: 263:18:43 Note that if a single day is left the cell looks as such: 1d...
  2. C

    Tabular Pivottable grouping issue

    Hi, Im wrangling a pivottable based off a single table. Its displayed in a tabular format. The table has property sale document number, price, sale date, buyer, seller, land description (e.g. Lot on Plan), certificate of title and I have got calculated fields for total area and, number of lots...
  3. M

    Power Point VBA code

    Hi all, I am working on a presentation & I want to show a number that decreases (like a counter) & after looking on some YouTube videos I think it could be achieved much easier with the VBA loop. However, I am having an issue with the below code where it will start with 10 (in presentation...
  4. M

    Is there a formula that adds, subtracts, multiplies, and or divides two digit numbers in a single cell?

    Are there formulas that will add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide data from two-digit numbers in a single cell? I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you in advance.
  5. T

    Protected worksheet - filter on one column only?

    Hello, I was pointed in this direction by a colleague who told me if I needed an answer to an Excel question, then this was the place to be. So here I am :) I have a spreadsheet (Office 365). One of the worksheets is 99% protected - there are a couple of cells that the users can enter...
  6. muhammad susanto

    Combine 2 Argument into Single (for Lookup)

    hi expert.. i need your help, how to combine this 2 argument in single argument : INDEX($L$2:$L$31;MATCH(A17;$K$2:$K$31;0)+IF(master!F2>0;0;IF(master!F2=0;2;1))) i want this below formula can be inserted in above formula =VLOOKUP(I2;master!$A$2:$O$5;6;FALSE) i have trying to combine it but...
  7. J

    Macro keeps creating a charts for interger 2 rather than looping down a list.

    So I have a basic Macro to select some data and create a chart - this works perfectly. The problem I have is that I need to create 78 of these charts. I am trying to get Excel to update the chart data for each estblishment based on a single reference cell that drive a host of VLOOKUP and...
  8. M

    Conditional Format of Cell Range "A" Based on Value of Cell Range "B"

    I have a need to apply conditional formatting to a range of cells based on the value of a corresponding value in another range. I have managed to do this for a single cell, but can not figure out how to apply it to the range below is the formula that works on a single cell =$J$7<TODAY()-30...
  9. L

    Adding a comma between single digits in a cell

    I am looking for a way to add a comma after every single digit in a cell. I found some formulas on the web but since the number of digits is not equal in the cells, I can't get the result I need. For example, in column A: 12345 12 135789 135 etc. What formula can give me the result I...
  10. A

    Speed up Excel when opening and first editing

    Hi, I have a 60MB workbook that takes 8+ minutes to open on my quad core laptop. It opens only using a single core (20%cpu). After the workbook opens the first few adjustments I make causes the Excel to hang and takes a few seconds (3-5) to respond. After I save the initial edits it's faster...
  11. M

    VBA convert all single code numbers into 2 digits.

    Hello, Column "D" how I have codes with single and double digits, i want a VBA which can covert all single digit into 2 digits as per result column E Example file... <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px solid;border-collapse...
  12. B

    SUMIFS question

    Hi all, How do I modify part of the below formula ‘Doors’!T:T to reference just one cell ‘Doors’!C4 If I change this reference to a single cell I geta #VALUE ! Error rather than the single cell value. =SUMIFS('Doors'! T:T,'Doors'!$B:$B,'Buildings'!$B42)*(1+$E$2+$G$2) Steve
  13. M

    Multipage Mousemove Event

    Hi. Looking for guidance on how to use mousemove event on a multipage? Im trying to have a image as a button, and hover over changes colour. Below code works for a userform mousemove, but can find a solution when over a multipage instead Thanks Sub ExitButtonInactive_MouseMove(ByVal Button...
  14. 6

    how to see the complete content of floating point numbers

    Const test1 As Single = numero + 500 Const test2 As Single = numero + 800 MsgBox (test1 = test2) It display "False" although test1 and test2 both are shown as "2,147484E+09" in Locals Window. How can I see the complete content of test1 and test2? (eg. in binary code)
  15. B

    Random Numbers with no repeat

    I have a macro which allows me to allocate a random number between 1 and 100 between cells A3 and DV3. The random number selected is never repeated in row 3. The iteration is currently set to only 1 row but the macro currently allows me to add more rows by changing the iteration (I do not need...
  16. B

    VBA Filtering/Shorting Assistance

    I am looking for assistance with the following VBA code I have written to filter all data in my selected column to be applied to filter more than the single date that it’s giving. Sub SortDataWithHeader() ActiveSheet.Range("E1", Range("E1").End(xlDown)).AutoFilter Field:=5...
  17. W

    Finding a needle in the haystack!

    I am trying to reconcile a bank statement that has a single dollar amount and that dollar amount is made up of potentially 100 individual deposits. My list of single amounts is approx $116k and the amount that cleared is $106k Is there a macro that will test,in a loop fashion, the sum of...
  18. A

    Making the dates uniform in excel

    Dear All, I have a large data set with 16,000 values. I need to extract the start date from the column. However, the dates are in different forms. Some have a single date wherein some contains ranges like 06-06-2019 - 08-06-2019. Is there a way wherein I can convert these into a single date...
  19. B

    Single Cell to Rows

    Hi I have an excel sheet - the Data in the sheets are as - a single cell contains multiple lines of data - I wanna split the lines within the cell in to separate row - <tbody> Phil Ross Mc Lean David Ross Andrews Matthew Anders Sandra 21359877 25789563 4879652 2147631 24178965 email1 email2...
  20. A

    Pivot table calculated field not correct???

    folks, i have a pivot table in which i wish to show the value of sales amount (calculated field) which, for each item, is the product of number of items sold and sale price. i have copied it to an adjacent part of the page to simplify the display for this post. also added the "should be" column...

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