1. J

    VBA Code To Copy multiple text strings from buttons for single paste?

    What code do I need to use to instruct a VBA form to copy one or several text strings to clipboard at the activation of one button? Essentially I want to compile different text strings then paste in (any other) application with single <ctrl+v>. I have figured out how to write the code to copy a...
  2. kelly mort

    Sum up all digits in a given number

    Hello, I need help with this algorithm. I have a cell say A2 that contains a given number and I want to use these rules for it: (1). Sum all the characters up (2). If the result form the sum is more than a 1-digit number, then we sum the characters of our result up again till we get a single...
  3. R

    Auto fill Sumifs not progressing

    Morning all, I've setup a Sumifs to compare dates and split the sum value based on whether it is before or after the date. The date is in column sheet2'!BZ and cell sheet1'!x5. This works on a single line however when I autofill this to the bottom of the spreadsheet, the formula won't...
  4. M

    Moving specific cells to a different sheet according to criteria

    I'm basically trying to get specific reports from excel data. I have a table with data that has to be downloaded from the internet and I want that data to be placed in separate sheets according to specific cell qualifiers. ie if column C is Yes, I want A:B and T:V, copied to a sheet2. I can...
  5. S

    Loop through Range

    When using Worksheet_Change event, I see that if the user pastes a range of cells at once the values are input as an array. How can I loop through the values of the array, but also catch if a single cell is changed? What I have right now, this works for single cell changes but not pasted lists...
  6. S

    Combine Sheet1 from Multiple Workbooks into Single Workbook/Sheet

    Hi all, I've found some VBA online to fulfill my requirements, but I cannot get it to work. Let me explain what I have and what I'm looking for: I have ~150 .xlsx Workbooks, with the exact same format (which might be irrelevant): Sheet1 row 1 is a header row. Column A is a data validation...
  7. T

    Excel Refresh Connection to Access very slow

    Hi, I have a table in Excel that links to a table in Access which is taking a very long time (>45mins) to refresh. Table size: 252 fields/columns, 11,000+ rows/records of various data types in a single table. There are no additional calculated fields in the table. Pivots/PivotCache using the...
  8. T

    Excel formula(s) look at 2 non adjacent cells in same row, see if in another tab

    Hi I require a little help (scrub that change little for a lot of) please, trying to write a formula where is looks at 2 non adjacent cells in one tab, and looks in another tab to see if it can find the same info, if it does then to put from the 2nd tab another cell value. So in (tab1)W1 IF...
  9. M

    How would I combine multiple workbooks/files in order to create a single workbook?

    I have multiple financial budgeting excel workbooks that I would like to combine into a single workbook in order to cut down on the number of files I have to open. How would I go about doing something like that?
  10. P

    How to select the correct table for VLOOKUP to read from? (Payroll Taxes)

    Help! I have been developing a payroll environment in excel for my business to use. After overcoming several hurdles, I find myself stuck at one last one. In the workbook I have an Employee Info sheet wherein I contain indicators for their tax bracket (Married or Single) and the number of...
  11. btadams

    Dashboard closes upon certain slicer selections

    Hope you are all having a great day! I have a dashboard with 6 slicers. Some combinations of slicer selections have very little data and when I make those selections, Excel simply closes down (and it doesn't have any list of recovered files when I re-open Excel.). I don't think my customers...
  12. P

    Excel Issue

    In a Cell the value stored is 00.00 n the number_format is text. But when i try to replace " . " with space it results in single 0. My requirement is that I should get this 0000 when I replace dot with space Plz help
  13. B

    "Select " in filename on DoCmd.TransferText

    I have code to import a .txt file into a table. I'm running into an issue where the filename begins with "Select " (note the space after Select). If there is no space after "Select" the code runs properly. This is clearly an issue with how the DoCmd.TransferText is processed and not the code...
  14. E

    Will this single line VBA command delete empty cells?

    Hello Will this command delete empty cells in that range? Range("A1:A10").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeBlanks).Rows.Delete Shift:=xlShiftUp
  15. Yongle

    Single string from dynamic named range

    Is there a formula (array or otherwise) that can be used to generate a single string from all the values in a single column dynamic named range. I want each value delimited by CHAR(10) TEXTJOIN would do the trick (Excel 365) but need it to work with earlier versions of Excel Already have both...
  16. J

    EXCEL form not opening for other people the way it is supposed to

    I have a form i created that is protected so that the supplier can only fill out certain areas that i want them to. when i send it out to the suppliers they are reporting that the single page document opens in 4 pages. how can i stop this so that everyone can open it the same way?
  17. G

    Transposing multiple rows into single column

    Hi, I need help to convert multiple rows of data into single column question is, here data varies from row to row Row 1: a b c Row 2: 1 2 3 4 Row 3: a b c d e Result needed: a b c 1 2 3 4 a b c d e
  18. I

    Internal workbook link checker?

    Hi I have hundreds of links to other sheets in the same workbook and I'm looking for a quick way of identifying broken links without me having to click on every single one. I've searched the forum and I'm only able to find code for checking external hyperlinks. Hope you can help? Thank you!
  19. T

    Select the cell behind a shape

    Hi everyone, I would like to have a macro that when I click on any shape in sheet "Data1" it select the cell Behind it, The page is set in such a way that every picture is within a single cell. Please help if you can Thanks Tony
  20. czarpogi

    Copy Data from multiple workbook with multiple sheet into single sheet in a single workbook

    Hi MrExcel, I am doing a report for my organization to consolidate data from multiple excel files into one report. I need help in combining the data from a multiple workbook with multiple worksheet, and put in is a single sheet in a single workbook. Thanks! Czar :)

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