1. S

    Downloading multiple tables from a site at once

    Hello everyone, I am trying to download a bunch of tables from a site (allowed by the site administrator). I can use the site's filters/search tools and get all my data by year on a web page. However I need 20 or so years worth of data, so I have to click on each year one by one to access the...
  2. J

    Conditional formatting

    just a little help needed. 3 tables on one worksheet that change depending on what is selected from drop downs. is it possible to look up the values from the first table (sales for advisers at a selected site) and then highlight certain fields in the other two tables? so id like it to look at...
  3. J

    Auto Hide Blank Cells

    I currently have 3 different tables on one sheet. a table that lists the standings of sale execs at a certain site. another that has the standings of all the sites a final one that has the standings of all sale execs as the all sale exec table is bigger than the rest i have an auto filter code...
  4. J


    Having a lot of issues trying to resolve this problem. so i currently have 3 league tables. each league table is then automatically changed depending on the options selected from some drop downs. shows the sales of staff at a particular site. You have an option of new sales, used sales and...
  5. B

    Trying to find worst and best measures from a list containing duplicates

    I am trying to do something that should be simple, by my brain is having a dumb block. I have a table of sites showing their ranking for various performance measures. I just want to create a list showing which is their best and worst measures, but I'm getting confused where they may be the same...
  6. S

    Conditional format based on multiple criteria

    hi folks, Struggling with this one and not sure there's actually a solution, but i'd love to be proven wrong (gauntlet, thrown.) I am compiling a Worksheet KPI that reports back a ranked list of performances, based on that areas stock holdings. Each of our stock holding areas hold a different...
  7. H

    vba to open subsite from main site

    hello everyone, I am new to I need help in a macro, I have a site , after logging to site I want to move to subsite in it.. I tried with providing direct subsite url but after entering credentials, page gets refereshes and takes to home page only.. pls help
  8. C

    IP Scheme Excel Sheet

    The company i support has standardized IP schemes, IE the server for each site always ends in the same octet, workstation 1 for each site ends in the same and so on, what id would like to create is a sheet where a user can put in the ip for the server and it figures all the other IPS out, so say...
  9. C

    Excel VBA Create user generated Folder path to use in For Each loop

    I have looked through other answers but it appears that my problems are addressed only partially, as the issues are across multiple issues. BACKGROUND Every month, a workbook is opened with links to external data and reports are run for each site. The file updates as each site is accessed from...
  10. M


    Hello! I’m working on reporting to show the overall impact an agent has on our site. Our site KPI goal is 90%; Agent 1 has 20 surveys averaging 80% Agent 2 has 100 surveys at 80%. Both are obviously not meeting but Agent 2 has a bigger “drag” to our site. Can someone help me with the formula...
  11. K

    How do I rearrange columns based on cell value and not headers?

    Hi everyone, Is there a way to rearrange the columns based on values in the cell and not based on the headers? for example the first rearrange would be Username, Hint, Password, Site, the second rearrange would be Password, Username, Site, Hint. If i'm not being clear enough, please let me...
  12. P

    Final issue using SUM/SUMPRODUCT

    So, received a bunch of help in my other thread on how to set up some formulas to only look and count certain values that we use for tracking maintenance performed at our Job Sites. The only issues i have left is when tracking 200 and 2000. So, i have the one formula that successfully sees...
  13. C

    Get VLOOKUP to return text on N/A and 0 results

    I have a VLOOKUP formula where if the result is "#N/A" or "0" I want the cell to return the text "not provided". I'm sure a nested formula would work, but I can't figure it out. Here's my formula at present: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP([Tracker Site ID],Table17,5,0)),"not provided",VLOOKUP([Tracker Site...
  14. H

    Power Query does not return a table

    Hello, I want to get the table containing currency rates from the following web site: Though Power Query does not return a table, but HTML parts. Is there a way to get the table from the mentioned web site? Best, AH
  15. P

    Auto data move between Tabs

    Hi, From the link to my test spreadsheet, I have 3 tabs, Site 1 and site 2 and site 3 What I am after is that the data of the 3 tabs populate the Main Page tab automatically as I enter data...
  16. J

    Requested Help with changing default Web browser for Macro web site scraping

    I have done many google searches for trying to change macro web site scraping code from using Internet Explorer as the default web browser to an alternative web browser for scraping data. Unfortunately, all I have found is changing the web browser for hyperlinks in an excel cell. Is there a way...
  17. P

    Is there a way to keep the current total when resetting/deleting cells?

    So i have a formula for counting even that have occurred at certain sites. Like different job sites doing different events and a simple one that basically says Job site 1 did this Job site 2 did that we delete everything older then 2 months as the year progresses, just to keep file sizes...
  18. E

    Importing Non-Table Data

    I use a web site to monitor when my son gets dispatched on a fire call I have a macro that works fine on my Windows 8 computer but not on Windows 10 and no one in the world seems to...
  19. C

    CONCATENATE TEXT from the middle of Words & Characters

    Hi all Master, I'm really confused to grab TEXT from words, i already trying used many formula but still <tbody> No. EXAMPLE OF DATA 1 <tbody> XXXXXXX XXXXXXX: 111111_CCCCCCC {SITE NO_111111_BLUE CAR DAYS, SITE NO_111111_RED HOT MOON, SITE NO_111111_THUNDER STORM, SITE NO_111111_GUN...
  20. B

    pasting a table?

    Is there a way I can paste a table into here to show an example of what I want to do? I know I can make a table using the tools here but that involves a lot of manual typing. Alternatively I can show an image, but it seems like we can't paste one or upload it, only link through an external...

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