1. P

    Depletion for expiration date product - multiple batches

    Hi All, I am trying to understand the best combination of formulas to calculate the sell through of products with different expiration dates. All products with the closest expiration date (column c) to todays date (cell E1) by SKU (column a) should be depleted first inline with the weekly...
  2. S

    Search sheet and pull results into a list box based on criteria

    I have a sheet with headers SKU, Name and Stock. I would like to create an userform with 3 textboxes and 3 search buttons below the textboxes to perform a search whatever i enter into each box and place the found results into a listbox for easy viewing. I can write a macro to do a search on...
  3. N

    From API workbook to sales workbook. Automating a sales sheet.

    Hi all, I am attempting to automate my sales info per product order. I am using two workbooks. One workbook is static, pulling info from a marketplace website via APIs. The other workbook is created for each product order. It contains product manifest and product sales sheets. I...
  4. raj2206

    Need SKU of duplicate/same items sourcing from different Suppliers with best price

    Hello All, I need help on getting SKU value of duplicate/same items sourcing from different Suppliers with best price in the column F. Col # Title Column A Supplier Name Column B SKU Column C Model # Column D Count of Model# Column E Price After...
  5. I

    How can i match data from one sheet to another to give me a result

    I have two sheets, I would like to find and match both sku's on both sheets, if the sku from sheet1 matches the sku from sheet2, i want to extract a column from sheet 2. Sheet1: <tbody> SKU QOH 1008 0 1011 0 1013 0 2135 0 </tbody> Sheet2: <tbody> SKU QOH 1008 4 1011 6 1013...
  6. P

    Character Limitation formula help needed

    <colgroup><col><col><col span="3"><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Maximum Length 20 Product Information- User Input Generated SKU Code & Product Explanation Product Category Product Name Attribute1 Attribute2 Attribute3 Product Explanation Generated SKU Code Modified SKU Code SAS...
  7. R

    Total Item Count

    I want to match "Order IDs" and add the "sku items" for a total kit count. Thoughts? Thanks R. Turner
  8. I

    Formula needed to reorganize data

    Hello, I'm a novice Excel user, but know basic formulas, but this need is stumping me. Need to find a formula to automate 100's of product image names based on the product SKU. I have a SKU number, imagename.jpg in 2 columns and need to have that list of individual SKUs in a new column with...
  9. U

    How to add new items from list A to list B

    Hi. I have a sheet where I am working out product sales. In Sheet1 Column A I have all my SKUs. Each week when I product a report I want to store the current sales into Sheet2 so I can look back over time. The problem is, as we add new products, the list of SKUs in Sheet1 will grow. So I...
  10. E

    How do I Paste Value and Update when Changed

    Cells in "SKU" column are the pasted value of cells in "SKU Formula" (concatenate) column. How do I get the "SKU" column (pasted value) to automatically update when a change is made to data in cells shown in SKU formula? <tbody> Collection Prefix Shape Size Supplier Color Code SKU Formula...
  11. G

    Creating a SKU GAP Fill report.

    I need to produce a SKU GAP Fill report and would like to get some help. We have thousands of accounts and 53 SKU's and I need to find out from the sales reports from distributors which accounts are missing key SKU's. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. M

    Using VBA to return data before the last hyphen

    Hello all Thanks again for this great forum. It is such a great learning curve. I am wondering if somebody could help me with a query. The BI dept at work send me on a weekly basis a report of SKU IDs and total qtys, but with the SKU description added to the SKU ID by a hypen. Some SKU IDs...
  13. O

    SUM and VLOOKUP (I think!)

    Hi there, I have a sales sheet that I use VLOOKUP for to return an item value for SKU which met my needs until now. The problem that I have is that the current VLOOKUP formula that I have at present will only work out the value of one item as it only references the SKU and performs the VLOOKUP...
  14. M

    Mark earliest date in series of sequential dates by criteria

    Hello all. Thank you again for this great forum and the opportunity to learn from the many questions and answers. I have a question, which I hope will make sense. I have been given a reporting task on a daily transaction log where, for example, in Column A of the spreadsheet I will have many...
  15. N

    Error in formula

    Hi, I have quantity and i want convert as per SKU size.i m using below formula but not getting proper result. Please help on this. <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Qnty SKU Formula Reqd Value 100 120 =INT(A2/B2)&"."&A2-B2*INT(A2/B2) 0.100 245 120...
  16. S

    Macro no longer working with new computer

    Hi, I have the below macro and just got a new work comp. New comp is unable to run my macro now. I think it might be a Windows 10 issue? I'm also running Office 365. Can anyone please help? I essentially need to have a macro look up a number in column E, find the corresponding jpg in a...
  17. E

    Excel Formula Working for all Cells Besides 1

    Good Morning, I need help getting an excel formula working. This is the formula I'm using: =IFERROR(AVERAGEIFS('Master SKU Tracker'!$E$2:$E$3922,'Master SKU Tracker'!$B$2:$B$3922,Scorecard!$B5,'Master SKU Tracker'!$C$2:$C$3922,Scorecard!$L$1),"") This formula is working perfectly for the...
  18. A

    match index vlookup

    I have a sku that i want to look up in a range and i want the find the amount of a certain supplier attached to that sku in the range, Does anyone know how to do this
  19. S

    Lookup with 3 conditions

    Hi Experts. I have data in sheet1 <tbody> AREA SKU JAN Feb Mar .. A 1001 10 50 10 B 1001 20 40 20 C 1002 30 30 30 A 1004 40 20 40 B 1003 50 10 50 </tbody> Sheet 2 Summary <tbody> AREA MONTH SKU VALUE A Jan 1001 10 </tbody> I need formula in cell D1 for SKU 1001...
  20. A

    Two Criteria to Get one Answer

    Hi There, I could really use some help. I am trying to figure out a way of looking up sale data though it must be for a certain week and certain SKU. The sheet i currently have has the weeks in the columns and SKU in the rows, whilst i have the sales data on a seperate sheet containing the...

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