1. S

    Lookup with 3 conditions

    Hi Experts. I have data in sheet1 <tbody> AREA SKU JAN Feb Mar .. A 1001 10 50 10 B 1001 20 40 20 C 1002 30 30 30 A 1004 40 20 40 B 1003 50 10 50 </tbody> Sheet 2 Summary <tbody> AREA MONTH SKU VALUE A Jan 1001 10 </tbody> I need formula in cell D1 for SKU 1001...
  2. A

    Two Criteria to Get one Answer

    Hi There, I could really use some help. I am trying to figure out a way of looking up sale data though it must be for a certain week and certain SKU. The sheet i currently have has the weeks in the columns and SKU in the rows, whilst i have the sales data on a seperate sheet containing the...
  3. T

    Which Function for this excel pickle?

    I've got a spreadsheet with nearly a million rows, I've included a snippet below. Each SKU should have the same cost regardless of warehouse. Also, each SKU should have the same cost multiplier regardless of warehouse. I need to find SKU's which do not abide by this. So, SKU 1343qq1 should be...
  4. S

    increment a number by amount of times a value exists in another column

    Hello, I realize this will likely require an excel macro, but I'm not sure how to write this one... I've got the following kind of data in one worksheet: <tbody> SKU PARENT SKU OB1 PR1 OB1 FR3 OB1 X8 OB1 LT IT1 LT OI4 LT LK-4855 OB1 IT-9855 </tbody> I would like to...
  5. D

    Re-Wring a formula in a Table

    HI Guys I currently have the following formula that checks a SKU then goes off to check Live Data sheet if nothing is found it goes to another sheet Own Stock and it works well. Current formula =IFERROR(INDEX('Live Data'!A:N,MATCH(A1067,'Live Data'!A:A,0),MATCH(B1067,'Live...
  6. S

    Determine Available Inventory - Several Variables

    Hello, I am in need of assistance. I'm working on a spreadsheet to simplify my work life and have run into a wall. At a high level, the purpose of this spreadsheet is to determine the items & inventory available for me to send to a third party weekly. I'm going to try my best to put...
  7. P

    VLOOKUP Stock Spreadsheet issue

    Hi Guys, I am having an issue which a spreadsheet where I have a list of stock <tbody> item SKU TYPE SIZE Starting QTY Running Qty Shirt SS-5XS SS 5XS 8 Shirt SS-3XS SS 3XS 23 Shirt LS-3XS LS 3XS 2 Shirt LS-2XS LS 2XS 25 </tbody> I then have a table which lists all items the...
  8. K

    List of URL Images to export and rename

    Hi I have an excel sheet showing the SKU and image URL i need a way to export these to a folder on my desktop (New Folder) i understand there is a way of doing this with a macro and the ones i have found i can't seem to get to work. The excel sheet is Column A | Column B SKU | ImageURL...
  9. L

    Automatically Create SKU's from Product Phrases

    I am in the process of creating a SKU generator for my Shopify products. I want the logic for the SKU's to follow the below template. Example Product 1: Vendor: Zutter Name: Shirley Brushed Waffle Tunic Color: Light Blue/Red/White Size: X Large Example SKU 1: ZUTT-SBWT-LBRW-XL Example...
  10. J

    FIFO from multiple vendors

    I am looking to automate the purchase and receipts of goods into inventory by day. The catch is that one SKU may have multiple vendors and I would like to utilize a FIFO method so that when I sell a product, I deplete the oldest inventory first and then switch to the next oldest which many be a...
  11. H

    Sumifs on two columns

    Hi all, I am quite new to Power Pivot so please excuse my question - I have two columns: unique basket identifier and volume of SKU transactions. What I would like to do is to sum the volume of all SKU transactions that appear in each basket so that for each basket row the total basket size is...
  12. S

    Pulling first non blank cell per item ID

    <style> <!--table {mso-displayed-decimal-separator:"\."; mso-displayed-thousand-separator:"\,";} Page {margin:.75in .7in .75in .7in; mso-header-margin:.3in; mso-footer-margin:.3in;} tr {mso-height-source:auto;} col {mso-width-source:auto;} br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;} td...
  13. I

    Find Matching SKU and Item Numbers

    Hi, I have an excel sheet that has around 5000 products, i have 2 columns that are Code (C) and SKU (D), I would like to generate a report that tells me what items are duplicate. I would use the SKU to find identical SKU's so i can remove them from our system and i would also look for...
  14. rjbinney

    STDEVIF Function?

    I know I can do this in Pivot Tables. I want to do this with formulas if possible. I have a list of products (about 30) (named "SKU") and how long it took to run each (named "Actual") (some ran two or three times, some ran up to 60 times). I need some information about how "in control" the...
  15. H

    Generate Monthly Sales Data from a Master List of ALL Sales

    Hey Guys, I tried to work this out for myself, but since I'm posting this question here, I guess you can guess how I did! :confused: I have 3 Sheets. Sheet "All_Orders" has several hundred thousand entries and lists all Sales - Product SKU - Date - Number of sales in the order (usually 1 sale...
  16. B

    Help wth formulas

    Can someone help I have the below problem. The first column is the PO, each PO contains a SKU or multiple SKU's There is also columns for expected and received qty's . At the end is a % against the SKU . What I want to do is just to have what the % is based on the PO and if there is a line with...
  17. S

    Combining 2 sheets into 1 (vlookup? array?)

    Before we start, I know I can do this via vlookup but it is massively time consuming. You'll see why. The goal: to figure out when my product will arrive at my assembly centers. The issue: I have a spreadsheet from my freight forwarder. It looks like this: <tbody> PO SKU QTY Depart Date...
  18. J

    Data in added columns getting scrambled upon "Refresh All" of external data

    Hopefully I can make this clear enough. I have a table that is refreshed, appended, and duplicates deleted from a text file and fills data in column A (SKU Number) and B (Quantity Available), and that is working fine. I then added Column C (My Price) and entered my cost of each SKU. If I sort...
  19. L

    Showing in a separate cell a partial match

    Hi, I have group of tickets that are in different statuses. For example: 2018-06-21T13:02:19.639 -> Accepted For me I am interested only in the Accepted and Invoiced data and have it linked to SKU. I want to have those cells with the accepted or invoiced information, matched by SKU. I have...
  20. W

    Copy and fill cell contents to first empty cell and autofill to last row of adjacent column

    I have a large spreadsheet with different columns with varyingnumbers of product item rows below each SKU heading. I have a routine whichcopies the product range and dumps this into column B in Sheets("Dump").This works ok. Set ActSheet = ActiveSheet ActSheet.Range("A" & Product &":" & "A" &...

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