1. C

    Help Converting Dates

    I need help in converting dates from this format: YYMMDD 180422 My desired result would be (with slashes): MM/DD/YYYY 04/22/2018 Any takers? Thanks! Eric
  2. A

    Adding numbers in between slashes

    Hi Guys, Is there a formula that can add numbers separated by slashes in a cell? So for example I have 0/2/1/0/3, the desired result is 6. Thanks Asad
  3. C

    Birthdate Textbox

    - Applicants input their birthdate in a textbox on a userform - There are numerous formats and errors an individual can make when inputting a birthdate Questions - I want the textbox to only allow the input or paste of numbers [0-9] and slashes "/" - I want the textbox to be formatted as...
  4. dab1477

    Need help with formula please - Stumped

    In column T (Single Units), I have the following formula; =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("*POT*",M9)),SUM(I9*MID(J9,FIND("/",J9,1)-2,2))," ") where cell M is COMM VARIETY (i.e POT RUS, ,etc); cell I is ORDERED QUANTITY (i.e. 800, 200 or 400, etc.); cell J is PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (i.e. Medley...
  5. J

    Slashes suddenly missing from default dates after upgrade to Windows 10

    Hello! We recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, using our old copy of MS Office 2010. I have noticed that all the spreadsheets I have suddenly had slashes missing. So 5/16/16 now reads as 5 16 16. So, I looked at the number formats, and it looks like the slash has been completely...
  6. B

    concatenate and add "/"'s

    Does anyone know of a way to add /'s to a concatenate formula? For instance column H = 06, column I = 29, column J = 1994, the formula in column K = concatenate(h2,i2,j2) to get 06291994. I would like to have the result be 06/29/1994. Thanks, John

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