slicer items

  1. A

    Error on VBA Code to Loop Through Slicer Items

    After looking through posts I thought I had good code to loop through slicer items to find the one I want, and make it selected, otherwise deselect it. But I keep getting Error 1004 on the "For Each si" line. Dim sc As SlicerCache, si As SlicerItem Set sc =...
  2. C

    return number based on 3 date entries - but one can have empty values

    Hi everybody, I am using power pivot 2016 on windows 10 enterprise. I have a data model an one of the sheets is a back order list. In this sheet I have the order creation date, the customer delivery wish date and the supplier (to us) confirmed del. date. If the supplier has not confirmed this...
  3. C

    Excel 2016 slicer item now has wrong name but refers to correct item in pivot table? Very strange

    This has to be the strangest bug I've ever seen in Excel. I created 2 slicers that control numerous pivot tables. In VBA, I check who the user is on login and then loop through the slicer names to set their name as the only one marked as true. Simple code right--the same code I have done in...
  4. J

    Using Slicers to Alter a Pivot Table

    Hi all. I was wondering if it was possible to alter a Pivot Table based on a Slicer Selection. For instance, I have a pivot table broken out by region. I would like a macro that would add a sub region if the West Region was selected, and City if the North region were selected, but if the...
  5. B

    Slicer selection based on cell value

    Hi, i have been trying for quite some time to auto select the slicers based on data validation list. for example, i have data validation list in the range I7 : I16 and I used INDEX to obtain the respective values based on selection in I7 : I16. I want slicer to select the values automatically...
  6. S

    Moving filter in PivotTable

    Hi I thought this would be simple but I can not see an option to choose which values diplay in my slicer(not results from slicer). if I have a date slicer and I only want users to be able to select the last 4 months how can I set this? Excel 2010
  7. D

    VBA code size to select slicers

    Hi All, after a bit of help to reduce the number of lines of code due to getting a procedure too large error. I have a slicer that has say approx 70 selectable options. The code basically says when a cell = something then select this slicer, however the code each time is 70 lines long as it...
  8. S

    Slicer - How to change number format?

    Hi, I'm using Excel 2013. I have added a currency column ($1.00, $1.05, $1.10, etc.) to the slicer - which represents the exchange rates that the users are allowed to choose from. The problem is that the items in the slicer revert back to general format (1, 1.05, 1.1, etc.). I would like the...
  9. R

    Pivot Table Slicers. Can I ensure one specific item is always selected?

    I'm using Excel 2013. As in the title, I have a slicer (connected to a pivot table and pivot chart) and I'd like to make sure one specific item in my slicer is always selected whilst allowing multiple others to be selected (and deselected) at will. Hypothetically, lets say the items in my...
  10. E

    Make slicer selection via Userform upon worksheet opening.

    I have a dashboard with several sheets displaying charts in various levels of drill down. While the sheets at the global level are very clear and easy to read, the sheets at the manager level are extremely busy until a Manager is selected in the slicer. Is there a way to have a userform pop up...
  11. H

    Selecting a powerpivot slicer value based on a cell value

    Hello, this is my first post, hopefully someone will be able to help. I'm having some issues in automating a PowerPivot slicer using vba. What I am trying to do is have the slicer update and only select what is in a certain cell. So for example assuming the cell was A3 then whatever was typed in...
  12. K

    Remove Fields from Slicer

    I have a Pivot Table which is driven from an OLAP database. It combines multiple sales databases across mutliple sites. We use a lot of slicers in the various views to make it quite clear what each pivot is showing, however a lot of the slicers contain a lot of old and irrelevant options...
  13. B

    Sliceritem Issues

    I'm trying to create a report that appends branch reports next to each other based on cycling through sliceritems The issue I have is that it is so slow because the pivots refresh everytime you select/deselect a sliceritem My options are as follows 1 Turn off this refresh somehow until I've...

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