1. S

    Pivot table with multiple slicers, need a search box

    Hi, I have a power pivot table with 6 slicers. Date, invoice number, vendor and so on. but I have over 3000 invoices and to scroll takes to long and is hard to do. rather than using each slicer to filter the next and narrow the list. I would like to use the search box to find the invoice...
  2. Bagharmin

    Changes in Timeline don't affect Slicer

    I have a Timeline and some Slicers connected to a pivot table. The pivot table uses data obtained via Power Query and loaded to the data model via a connection only (I'm probably not saying this entirely correctly). Whenever I change the Timeline, the changes are reflected in the pivot table...
  3. D

    Excel Table Slicer - 1 slicer for each subcategory

    Hi Everyone, The short question would be this: Is there a way to insert slicers for each of the subcategories from a Pivot table? To expand the question and give you a bit more details: I'm working on updating the UI for an excel sheet with a long list of columns that contain information about...
  4. S

    Copy slicers

    Is there a quick way to copy slicers to all sheets at once rather than sheet by sheet?RegardsStephen
  5. N

    Create Multiple Tabs based on Slicers

    Hi, I want to use a macro to create multiple tabs based on a slicer. The sheet will have all the other slicers and also graphs based on the particular slicer. I have 3 graphs and 4 slicers - the slicer which I want to use to populate the tabs is countries. So each country has their data on a...
  6. S

    Link Multiple Slicers (into one)

    My slicers are using different tabs for sources, so they won't link in the report connection. I once created a massive slicer that would edit any slicers you attached to it without using the report connection feature. Although, for the life of me, I cannot remember how I did this. Any...
  7. J

    Pivot Charts

    Hi, I am wanting to have 3 pivot charts that change automatically, but all showing different data. So far i have my pivot showing A = Months B = Percentage C = Sales D = SIH (stock in hand) I have a pivot chart working no problem for the first column which is percentage, i have tried...
  8. J

    Slicer changing chart styles

    Howdy, I am an expert in a lot of things Excel, and this is driving me nuts! I create a chart and format it the way that I want. However, when I add a slicer, it changes the chart to a built-in style. I even save the chart as a template but that doesn't work. Is there a way around this...
  9. R

    Looping through all Slicers in Workbook

    Hello all, I have a workbook with about 100 pivot tables (no joke) and I need to change all the slicers associated with them to 'Don't move or size with cells'. When I record a macro to change 2 slicers on 1 sheet attached to 1 pivot table I get this: ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Entity...
  10. A

    Timeline Connection to Slicers visually indicating items with no data

    Hi there, I have a spreadsheet that connects several slicers to pivot tables and their associated charts. Along with the data slicers I have a timeline connected to all of them as well. When a slicer selects one or more field options, other surrounding slicers will visually indicate which...
  11. S

    One Date Slicer for Multiple Date Fields

    I am using Power Query and Power Pivot. I have a list of support tickets with dates opened and dates closed. I want a pivot table to count the number of tickets opened for a month and number of tickets closed for the month. When I create a slicer for each, it has to be two separate slicers. An...
  12. A

    Pivot Table and Slicers COPYING Workbook

    I have a sales program I re-structure every year because the COPY FILE does not work. Copying the file for a new year returns an error saying the data it is looking for is external. I have 5 worksheets with pivot tables and slicers. Sheet 1 contains the data only in a table. For every new year I...
  13. N

    VBA for Slicer Formatting

    I am trying to create a macro (button) to format all slicers to a certain style on the active worksheet. I have multiple worksheets that are nearly identical (copied from a master sheet), but the following code only works on the original sheet. How do I change the slicer name to apply to all...
  14. J

    Slicer Cache

    Running 2016 Pro Plus. Have a large (about 110,000) row table that has also been loaded into the Data Model (no relationships established). Creating several Pivot Tables from the Data Model. Assumed that a separate PT cache was established for each PT. Created Slicers for each PT (using the...
  15. S

    Need help on slicers with OLAP data in Excel VBA

    Hello, I'm very new to VBA so pardon me if I have a glaring mistake somewhere. I am currently trying to activate only one slicer button and deactivate all the other ones based on the slicer's caption. So, basically I would loop through the slicer Items and look for a particular phrase and...
  16. L

    copying pivot table and connect silcers

    Hi I created a pivot table. I inserted slicers for that pivot table. I highlighted all rows and right click and click copy. Then I pasted the table on the same sheet. I changed the row and column of the second pivot table and it is working. But the slicers only work for the first pivot table. So...
  17. P

    Protect Sheet

    Is it possible to protect sheet with pivot table or slicer? Because after I protect the sheet I am unable to click the slicers and error promt on pivot tables. If possible how?
  18. M

    Can I see only filtered (slicer) lines in my pivottable filter?

    Hello, I'm using multiple filters and slicers in my pivottable with more than 200 rows. Ok, so I have filtered in my slicers. Is it possible to see only the filtered lines in my pivottable filters, so I can select individual rows based on my previously made filter? So as an example: I...
  19. L

    Macro for copying filtered slicers data

    I had filters on a Excel sheet and had a macro which would copy across only the filtered data to another workbook. I recently introduced slicers to the data, however the macro now copies across all the data and not just the filtered data from the slicers. Anyone know how I an over come this?
  20. J

    Excel Pivot Table Caches and Slicers

    Using Excel Pro Plus and have a large table (over 100,000 rows and 100 columns) that has been added to the Data Model. I've created several Pivot tables from the Power Pivot/Manage/Pivot Table option and had a set of 16 slicers attached to 10 Pivot Tables. They were all responding correctly to...

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