1. E

    Setting up a dashboard with a data source that can be updated by copy/pasting data into a different sheet

    Hi! I've essentially built a dashboard that has many slicers, allowing users to select various requirements and view which IDs are applicable to the given selection. I've built this dashboard via a macro, so that the user can just re paste the needed data into a sheet, click a button with the...
  2. L

    VBA Populating SmartArt and demoting nodes

    Hi all! Have to start with a big thank you! I have learnt so much from this forum and wish to contribute in some way in the future! I have been lurking far to long with out creating an account. To the problem at hand: I'm building a tool to follow up activities/tasks I have a table (tabell1)...
  3. Z

    Slicers and relationships not working

    Hi all I need some assistance please, I have a dashboard, where I have a date slicer, which is filtering fine on tables with a date, however, I have a staff list table which doesn't have a date to create a relationship with, but I am using the staff table in order to calculate how many people...
  4. H

    Problem with Pivot tables and slicers..

    Hi, would there be a workaround for this dilemma - I have a pivot-table with a list of customers. To this table I attach a slicer showing the customers names. All work fine when selecting the client name from the slicer - but in certain cases it is easier to filter the pivot itself - and in such...
  5. A

    Pivot Table Recognizes Empty Cells with Formula as with Data

    Hi guys, I have a pivot table in which my filter in it recognizes some cells with formula in them as if they are data (the cells shows nothing with help of IF and "") hence the slicers include an empty box which does not amount to anything. I want to avoid or remove this box somehow this but...
  6. L

    Sorting number of tables via 2 slicers to pull data onto a dashboard

    Good day to everyone on mrexcel i hope you can all help me with a complex issues I have.. I'm trying to create a dashboard, for our CCG and GP. So that they can select which CCG and if they want data on the CCG or GP or both. Via the use of 2 slicers. These slicers then have to filters...
  7. S

    Pivot table with multiple slicers, need a search box

    Hi, I have a power pivot table with 6 slicers. Date, invoice number, vendor and so on. but I have over 3000 invoices and to scroll takes to long and is hard to do. rather than using each slicer to filter the next and narrow the list. I would like to use the search box to find the invoice...
  8. Bagharmin

    Changes in Timeline don't affect Slicer

    I have a Timeline and some Slicers connected to a pivot table. The pivot table uses data obtained via Power Query and loaded to the data model via a connection only (I'm probably not saying this entirely correctly). Whenever I change the Timeline, the changes are reflected in the pivot table...
  9. D

    Excel Table Slicer - 1 slicer for each subcategory

    Hi Everyone, The short question would be this: Is there a way to insert slicers for each of the subcategories from a Pivot table? To expand the question and give you a bit more details: I'm working on updating the UI for an excel sheet with a long list of columns that contain information about...
  10. S

    Copy slicers

    Is there a quick way to copy slicers to all sheets at once rather than sheet by sheet?RegardsStephen
  11. N

    Create Multiple Tabs based on Slicers

    Hi, I want to use a macro to create multiple tabs based on a slicer. The sheet will have all the other slicers and also graphs based on the particular slicer. I have 3 graphs and 4 slicers - the slicer which I want to use to populate the tabs is countries. So each country has their data on a...
  12. S

    Link Multiple Slicers (into one)

    My slicers are using different tabs for sources, so they won't link in the report connection. I once created a massive slicer that would edit any slicers you attached to it without using the report connection feature. Although, for the life of me, I cannot remember how I did this. Any...
  13. J

    Pivot Charts

    Hi, I am wanting to have 3 pivot charts that change automatically, but all showing different data. So far i have my pivot showing A = Months B = Percentage C = Sales D = SIH (stock in hand) I have a pivot chart working no problem for the first column which is percentage, i have tried...
  14. J

    Slicer changing chart styles

    Howdy, I am an expert in a lot of things Excel, and this is driving me nuts! I create a chart and format it the way that I want. However, when I add a slicer, it changes the chart to a built-in style. I even save the chart as a template but that doesn't work. Is there a way around this...
  15. R

    Looping through all Slicers in Workbook

    Hello all, I have a workbook with about 100 pivot tables (no joke) and I need to change all the slicers associated with them to 'Don't move or size with cells'. When I record a macro to change 2 slicers on 1 sheet attached to 1 pivot table I get this: ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Entity...
  16. A

    Timeline Connection to Slicers visually indicating items with no data

    Hi there, I have a spreadsheet that connects several slicers to pivot tables and their associated charts. Along with the data slicers I have a timeline connected to all of them as well. When a slicer selects one or more field options, other surrounding slicers will visually indicate which...
  17. S

    One Date Slicer for Multiple Date Fields

    I am using Power Query and Power Pivot. I have a list of support tickets with dates opened and dates closed. I want a pivot table to count the number of tickets opened for a month and number of tickets closed for the month. When I create a slicer for each, it has to be two separate slicers. An...
  18. A

    Pivot Table and Slicers COPYING Workbook

    I have a sales program I re-structure every year because the COPY FILE does not work. Copying the file for a new year returns an error saying the data it is looking for is external. I have 5 worksheets with pivot tables and slicers. Sheet 1 contains the data only in a table. For every new year I...
  19. N

    VBA for Slicer Formatting

    I am trying to create a macro (button) to format all slicers to a certain style on the active worksheet. I have multiple worksheets that are nearly identical (copied from a master sheet), but the following code only works on the original sheet. How do I change the slicer name to apply to all...
  20. J

    Slicer Cache

    Running 2016 Pro Plus. Have a large (about 110,000) row table that has also been loaded into the Data Model (no relationships established). Creating several Pivot Tables from the Data Model. Assumed that a separate PT cache was established for each PT. Created Slicers for each PT (using the...

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