1. F

    Power BI Visualization export to PowerPoint

    I have 8 visualizations within my Power Bi Tab. I know I can export the tab to PowerPoint which will give me a slide that looks just like the tab. Is there a way to export each visualization on that one Tab into a separate Slide.
  2. E

    VBA Code - Copying and Pasting selected slides (based on selected keywords/criteria in each slide)

    Hi all, Is there any way to automate the copying and pasting of selected powerpoint slides via macro/vba? I have a master deck of 100 slides, however only selected slides are required to be paste into a new clean deck. Is there any way to copy the slides based on an array search on specific key...
  3. A

    Using Macros to Make Powerpoint Slides from Excel

    Hello, I am trying very hard to find a solution to this but so far nothing works... how can I write a code for a macro that takes a chart or table or cell from Excel and uses it to create the respective Powerpoint slides? Anyone have experience with this? Furthermore, I am using Mac currently...
  4. L

    excel vba to copy powerpoint object between presentations

    Good Morning, One of my bosses stared an excel file tat cud be used to copy slide objects from one presentation to another one. Currently something is not working right so i though i would come here to see if anyone has done this before. Currently i have one excel file that has the capability...
  5. K

    How to link a small range of cells to a Power Point slide in Office 2000 and have them update daily

    I have a sheet with 10 ranges of cells 5x5 each. I would like to put these 10 ranges into 10 slides keeping the excel cell formats. But I want the slides to update each day as the cell's data change. I am using Excel 2000, and Powerpoint 2000. I not 100% sure this is the right forum to ask, but...
  6. S

    Excel VBA Copying Duplicate Charts into PPT

    I'm having a problem with my VBA script... I think.... I must be the code, I can't think of anything else I'm doing wrong. I've set up my code to copy specific charts into specific slides... however, this is not the case in Slides 2 & 3 is pastes correctly... then it pastes the chart...
  7. Mississippi Girl

    Excel to PowerPoint to PDF

    We have a file that is generated in Excel, linked in to PowerPoint, and now the lovely folks above all of us worker-bees want to view their specific PowerPoint slides in PDF, but they do not want to have to be bothered looking at anyone else's information. I have the following that saves each...
  8. S

    PowerPoint to Excel

    i have around 40 slides in power-point with excel data , charts , grid and points , how can i export all the slides data in the excel sheets with a macro and like that i have around 70 power-point files which i have to compared with each other can it be done
  9. A

    Running a macro to paste into PowerPoint

    Hi Everyone, I have few tabs in an Excel Sheet with set of data and few graphs. Most of these data and graphs are monthly sales figures formatted on tables to show some trends and percentages. Each month I need to copy some of these tables and graphs into PowerPoint slides. I heard there...
  10. I

    General formatting best practices?

    for me, much of my work is making basic tables using basic formulas to either show right in the Workbook or throw into a PowerPoint deck. typically these tables are viewed by senior management and i constantly struggle (and change) with how to best format these basic tables. i imagine there...
  11. G

    Can I paste into powerpoint to a specific slide based on a cell value?

    Hi everyone, Currently I have a macro which allows me to paste from multiple sheets in an excel workbook to multiple pages in a powerpoint project: Sub PasteMultipleSlides() 'PURPOSE: Copy Excel Ranges and Paste them into the Active PowerPoint presentation slides 'SOURCE...
  12. F

    Set Active Slide

    Hi, I want after I select slide, copy there charts from excel, I have code as below: Set wb = ActiveWorkbook Set ws2 = wb.Worksheets("C2") Dim newPowerPoint As PowerPoint.Application Dim activeSlide As PowerPoint.Slide Dim cht As Excel.ChartObject Set newPowerPoint = New...
  13. L

    Copy slide from one presentation into another VBA

    Hi all. Please could someone help. I have been trying to get a macro to copy Slide 1 from an existing Powerpoint presentation (location known) and then copy it into an already opened 'new' Powerpoint (unsaved). I have searched through loads of forums and have seen loads of different code but...
  14. E

    Rounding millions for financial presetations that must foot.

    Greetings. I have rounding issue. I'm working with whole numbers, and rounding into millions. For example, the whole numbers are (bold is total): <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> (2,339,425) 8,260,205 3,222,786 9,143,566 </tbody> Rounded (using the ROUND function): (2.3) 8.3 3.2...
  15. M

    Time Duration between Slides

    I record our church sermon, our Pastor gives me a copy of his powerpoint presentation which I convert to JPG in order to import them into Final Cut Express. I need to know how long each slide will be (they could vary from a short time to a very long time). what I do is record in a spreadsheet...
  16. B

    Excel export to Powerpoint VBA code

    I have a number of charts that I would like to copy and paste into a powerpoint presentation. In order to do this, I need to know how to advance the powerpoint slides with each new copy/paste action. I currently have code that exports the charts to excel after opening the right powerpoint...

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