1. L

    Divide whole numbers across multiple cells with variable

    Hi all, I need to solve a problem of dividing whole numbers in excel based on these variable: Company AA can only sale to company A and the quantity bought and sold is always the same. In this example 44 000. Company A1 can receive 6000 from AA1 and 9000 from AA2 or 15000 from AA1, etc. That...
  2. S

    Macro to produce e-mails based on values in cell

    Hi all, I have a table that is being filled out with risk orders that I have to e-mail to a customer so they can review it. There can be loads of them, so populating all can take a long time. It has to be dependant on the region (F Column) and the Sold to (E Column), so if there are two orders...
  3. M

    Linking two values, then to be able to change one to see how the other is affected

    Hi there, I’ve been struggling to figure this out, and I’d appreciate any help. I have a very basic table. One column is the name of products, the second column how many were sold, and the third column how much money was made off those sales. I’d like to set up away to link the two values...
  4. S

    Minus two values but enter text if one cell is blank

    Been wracking my brains with this one and I suspect there is an easy solution but I cannot figure it out. I'm trying to work out the number of days since a particular item has sold but in some instances, it has never sold and so Excel churns out a reference of 43726. <tbody> REF LAST SOLD...
  5. F

    Match dates to amount vba

    Hi, I'm quite new to excel modelling, and I've been asked to create a model of controlling an employee warrant program. I'm in trouble of solving the following situation: An employee are exercising: 4/6 - 20 warrants 6/6 - 20 warrants 18/6 - 7 warrants When the warrants are exercised they...
  6. J

    E-Bay scrape of completed items sold for a specified search

    Hello, I'm having a heck of a time trying figure out how to extract the data I'm needing. I'm rather new to VBA and trying to read / watch many scraping videos and I'm not getting the output I'm looking for. Ultimately I would like to have a table pulled from a completed /sold search from...
  7. S

    Chart set up

    Hello all, I was wondering if yall could help me with a chart organization problem that I have been having. I am not sure if it is better to set it up my charts as a pivot table or to use an original bar chart. On sheet one, I have in column A = names of employees, column B = Week of (Date)...
  8. T

    Solve for 2nd Blank Match

    I have a formula that works to solve and find my first MATCH. It is as follows: =INDEX(E31:E80,MATCH(TRUE,G31:G80="",0)) If it helps to understand, the data is for an auction. The formula looks into column G31:G80 to see what item(s) have not been sold yet. The items price is put into the...
  9. A

    Forecasting Quantity in Sales

    I have a product for which units sold in May is 12420, Jun is 1200, and Jul is 12400. How can i forecast that how many units will be sold for the next 12 months?.
  10. R

    Alternate column alert

    Hello, I have a data, basically to count product availability per day. I want to put an alert or something like that on the first 2 column for example in column B, that if there's any of the product on any given day is less than 5 then it will list all the dates that are on low availability...
  11. D

    Find most common occurrence and display it.

    Hi Community, Been trying to figure this out all morning. I have a range of data, with column headers. I have computed values based on certain criteria in a range of cells Similar to the following: Lets call it clothing items. Mon 400 Tue 300 Wed 6 Thur 7 Fri 50 I...
  12. M

    Move row from invetory page to sold page with criteria account number

    sorry if this has been covered. I'm trying to move rows that an inventory item has sold to my sold sheet in the same workbook if I enter the account number in column Q. I want the account number to be able to move with it when it's entered.
  13. N

    Formula for Calculating Sales Projections

    Hey all - just a basic question that I'm blanking on for some reason... I have a pivot table that refreshes that shows me how many units I have sold through out the year with the total units sold in cell F75. I have another calculation in cell G76 that shows me what % of the way we are through...
  14. O

    SUM and VLOOKUP (I think!)

    Hi there, I have a sales sheet that I use VLOOKUP for to return an item value for SKU which met my needs until now. The problem that I have is that the current VLOOKUP formula that I have at present will only work out the value of one item as it only references the SKU and performs the VLOOKUP...
  15. T

    IF String

    Morning All, For some reason i cannot get the below IF string to work, keeps bringing up #Value ! error but will work if the Sold cell is blank. Thanks...
  16. F

    sumproduct with 3 criteria - month, year and text

    Hi Many thanks in advance for any assistance. I have a table of assets on a sheet called "Assets" and collating various totals on a sheet called "Mthly Bal & P & L" In the formula below $H$3 and $H$4 are on this sheet and the formula is also stored on this sheet in cell G11. When an asset is...
  17. muhammad susanto

    Counting Data "Sold" Ignore Duplicate Number

    hi all.. how to counting data only "sold" but ignore repeate or duplicate "number document " like this : <style type="text/css"> table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px solid #CCC ; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } .tableizer-table...
  18. S

    How to count Specific name for a Specific Date Range

    hi i have been trying to do this for few hours and i just give up i know you gays you could do it with your eyes closed :) 1) i want to know how many Specific item has been sold in Specific Date Range 2) i want to know total profit in Specific item has been sold in Specific Date Range Example...
  19. S

    Condition query

    If I have a filter in a pivot showing top 5 products - is there a way to see what other top 5 products were sold when those top 5 were sold also?
  20. H

    sumif only filtered area

    Hi, i need to add only filtered area if criteria is met.... I am adding quantity of sales by salesperson. B2 is salesperson name H2 is the total quantity sold in filtered area. This is the cell i need calculated. C13 to C1000 is salesperson name D13 to D1000 is quantity sold for each sale...

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