1. kelly mort

    ENC file problem- don't know how to open it

    A friend sent me a file to open for him. The file extension has now become like this: Book1.docx.nakw From his end, he inserted a flash drive into his system and all his files got the new strange file extensions. I have come across such situations, mostly when I send an unzipped workbook...
  2. Darth_Williams

    Returning a Value From A Drop Down List

    Good morning all, I have a dependant drop down list working at the moment where the first list shows suppliers and the second shows the items that supplier has. I am trying to work it so that once an item has been selected the value will automatically populate in another column. I thought a...
  3. D

    VBA If Else Help

    Hello everyone! I have a "problem" in a spreadsheet that I believe through VBA I could solve. But I never programmed in VBA, so I have no idea where to start. I have a table with the following information: Project Name, Type, Stage, Value, Adjusted Value. The adjusted value depends on the...
  4. T

    Rounding in CONCATENATE

    Hello, I can´t solve the issue with CONCATENATE and rounding in this function like this screen: I need to round it only to 2 numbers after the decimal point (examlpe: 7.13%, not 7.15615615686164489%) Can anyone help me with this function to solve it? PS: Function is...
  5. M

    VBA to solve for equation based on missing variable

    Hi all, first post here. I've been learning VBA, and I've found the best way for me is to jump into exercises I've never done before. I recently came across a problem and decided to take a shot at it. I'm trying to use VBA to solve for the equation A = (B/C)^D, where any one variable A, B, C...
  6. T

    Solve for 2nd Blank Match

    I have a formula that works to solve and find my first MATCH. It is as follows: =INDEX(E31:E80,MATCH(TRUE,G31:G80="",0)) If it helps to understand, the data is for an auction. The formula looks into column G31:G80 to see what item(s) have not been sold yet. The items price is put into the...
  7. K

    Vlookup not working and it's driving me MAD!!!

    Would anyone be willing to look at it for me and try to solve why it's not working right?? Would be happy to email it for help!
  8. M

    Unstack data , grouping by ID complex problem

    Hello, In my file, for each ID i've got 10-15 rows with duplicate data in diffrent column, i need to insert all the data for each ID to 1 row, i tried in few ways but i don't know how to solve this, could anyone help me with this task, i tried on 2 diffrent forum without results...
  9. A

    Need to solve a mathematical problem and I must use two fonctions to do it.

    Hi, I need to solve this using 2 fonctions (not 1, not 3). You hire an employee to pick up tomatos.If he picks up 8 cases an hour, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, but you guarantee him a minimum of 4 weeks, how many days do you hire him for 1000 cases? I'm really stuck with this one and I cant...
  10. C

    A very Strange ":"

    Dear All, my friend came across a very strange formula, when you imput in any cell=-" :", you get a number:416.666, anyone can tell me why? hope some one can solve my issue. best regards! calvin
  11. Larry Haydn

    Excel Version Compatibility Issues in VBA

    I developed an Excel VBA application on my Windows 10 Office 365 platform. My client is using Windows 8, Office 2016. Additional info: their PC language is English, with Japanese as a secondary language. My application crashed on their system. Symptoms: A formula...
  12. T

    Formulas to check Duplicates and if specific cell value is FHA Loan

    I'm having a few troubles trying to solve a task in Excel. Task 1 - Task 2 - Let me know if you would rather me upload the excel file, but i'd be very grateful if anyone can help me with the...
  13. Y

    Direct Allocation of Expenses

    Hello, i was looking for some help in completing this excel doc. I have been given information in a table that must match each category but the problem i keep running into is that the names don't match the columns. As such, i have run into a problem and was wondering if the community could help...
  14. M

    Meeting Mix Up

    I am struggling to find a way to solve the problem below and wondered if anyone has any ideas on the best way to solve this. I have a number of people, lets say 40 to start with, attending a meeting where there are 4 groups of 10 people. The goal is for the 40 people in the room, each will...
  15. C

    Indirect + cell("address"... stopped working (?)

    Hi, Using the following function among others for my searchable drop down lists: =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(INDIRECT(CELL("address";Forecast!$F$5:$F$1048576));'Master data'!C2));MAX($D$1:D1)+1;0) For some reason it stopped working. I have no previous versions. 'Forecast'!$F$5:$F$1048576 I can see...
  16. P

    Calculating Rounddown Future Value

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to ask a question about a very simple excel problem but I don't know how to solve it, haha. I have a sequence formula like this: <tbody> 1000 5% =ROUNDDOWN(A1*(1+$B$1),0) =ROUNDDOWN(A2*(1+$B$1),0) =ROUNDDOWN(A3*(1+$B$1),0) =ROUNDDOWN(A4*(1+$B$1),0)...
  17. P

    Sort by most efficient combination

    Hi all, Not sure if this is best done via excel solver, formula, or VBA, but I have the below problem: A cell setting a maximum size, set in this example to '25'. A set of numbers, which cannot be split, only combined, to fit into groups equaling 25, e.g.: <colgroup><col width="64"...
  18. A

    Using Excel Solver to find three parameters from MLE

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the use of excel solver in maximizing a cell with three parameters. I am trying to solve a three parameter maximum likelihood in excel. However, every time I tried to solve it, excel said that the solver encountered an error value in the objective or...
  19. C

    Filter issues

    Hi, My filter does not work properly. It just displays a minor portion of all values in the column. I have no blank rows in the table array. How do I solve this?
  20. K

    Help with Arrays

    Note: This was originally posted at I have not been able to get any responses to addressing this. My apologies if this doesn't make sense, I am new to using arrays and have been trying to research this but...

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