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    Is it possible to use Solver on multiple problems within same worksheet using VBA?

    Is it possible to use solver on multiple problems in the same worksheet within a workbook using VBA?: I am using MS Excel 2007.
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    problems with Solver

    Hi. I'm trying to use Solver to calculate the least number staff to cover a specified Required staff at half hour intervals. I'm probably using solver incorrectly (!) but the answer it provides is way off being optimized. The data I have is quite simple: Column A: time of day in half hour...
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    Solver does not calculate the minimum

    i have three different ranges: BC1:BH1, contain values (f.e. yields) CI1:CL1, contain some parameter values to start CO1:CT1, each contains (different) formula using above CI1:CL1 parameters. Formula look like CI1+(CJ1-CI1)*(1-EXP(-0.5/CL1))/.... CN1, contains SUMMYXMY2(CO1:CT1, BC1:BH1)...

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