1. M

    Problem Solving Crafting

    Hello, everyone. Sorry IF my question is in the wrong section. Today I would like to KNOW about PROBLEM SOLVING personal (!!crafting-way!!) techniques, some kind of notation may be, PLEASE I would like to hear from you, how you guys resolve problems, or something like code interview. In my side...
  2. D

    Solving for 1st Occurrence in a row

    I am trying to display the number in the cell above the row of percentages that 1st hit above a particular percent. <colgroup><col width="64" span="10" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 1.05% (1.01%) 0.90% (0.85%) 1.30% (0.75%)...
  3. R

    Find Unmatched Positive & Negative Numbers In A Column subject to customer ID

    Hi Team, Please help me in solving the following. In Customer ID 5 we have three amount if there is unmatched positive and negative number is there in same amount then result should be true else false. Please help in solving this. Customer ID Amount Result 5...
  4. S

    stuck with problem

    <tbody> 2754 2785 2742 2709 73 0 2636 2719 2696.66425 2712.02986 2662.09163 2595.82745 60.5020826 0 2500.75275 2652.48813 2709 73 0 2636 2719 2696.66425 2712.02986 2662.09163 But I only want to count the absolute numbers that are above 2000 not...
  5. J

    SUM & CountIF functions

    Hey everyone! I am hoping someone can be of assistance with my dilemma. I am currently using the formula below: =SUM(COUNTIF($B$1:$H$13,"Keith T")*0.5)+SUM(COUNTIF($B$1:$H$13,"Keith A")) The problem with the formula above is that it is subtracting the count if I place more than one String in...

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